Your Fears…

  Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Some people are governed by FEAR. Some people are governed by FAITH.

The truth is if you have chosen to move forward with this career path as an MUA (professional) you have chosen the FAITH PATH! You like myself have chosen to be governed by faith and faith is believing in the yet unseen things. Just as FAITH is a belief system FEAR is also a belief system.

Be careful of fear because the very thing you fear will happen!

Children are amazing in this way they don’t know fear the way adults do and even if they fall they brave it and try again! Unfortunately some adults have experienced many falls and don’t get back up , simply give up or blame someone else for the fall.

FEAR for an Artist = tired, burned out, loss of vision, feeling vulnerable and your love(passion to paint) is gone.

And when this happens you CAN’T SEE!!! AND WHEN YOU CANT SEE YOURE BLIND!! And when you’re instantly blinded you become AFRAID!!! And when youre AFRAID…YOUR PERCEPTION IS OFF!!!

And a visionary that cannot see has no vision!! A visionary is a world changer by influence…influence by the vision that he/she is divinely given. Artists are world changers, because through their art peoples perceptions change, grow and evolve. When people sit in your chair you not only do their makeup or hair you become their therapist, their sage, their advisor, and in some cases their voice of reason!!! You are in an influential position though it may seem like nothing to someone else who thinks their lifes purpose is bigger than yours. BUT you ate an INFLUENCER.

Visionary…when your world is noisy you cant hear the still small voice of wisdom and truth. Everything is turned up too loud!! Dont loose your ability to hear that voice. The noise of success, the noise of fame, the noise of ambition, the noise of having to prove yourself (to people you dont even know). Sometimes you have to tune out the consistent murmuring WHITE NOISE.

When you feel drained its the feeling that youre sending and giving out your very best and no one or nothing is pouring back into you. When you are tired you are vulnerable and not at your best!

Im speaking to you visionary, influencer…potential leader and leader….this message is for you.

“If you speak to leaders you speak to millions!”
~TD Jakes

Hear Me…
Success could be the death of you. Winning can introduce you to problems you’ve never seen before. How do you deal with success? Everyones got a book on HOW to become successful, how to be a better Artist by looking at theirs/someone elses art, but I’ve rarely seen books on how to maintain success. Success looks different to everyone but the truth is…


You defy the natural laws when success happens instantly. For some when they become instantly/progressively successful they may become a public figure. Some by accident and others on purpose. Publicity will eat away your person hood! Its exhausting and then what can happen in this sudden publicity is FEAR (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING TO BE REAL). False appearance of your situation. FEAR of what you ask?

Fear that I could loose it all
Fear that someone else will take my place
Fear that if I go away to heal or grow someone else will take my place
Fear of loosing my relationships (family, marriage,friendships)
Fear of what’s in your past
Fear of loneliness
Fear of trusting other people
Fear of your own humanness (keeping up your public persona)
Fear of letting anyone come close
Fear of being a disappointment



3 thoughts on “Your Fears…

    • Thanks Sade! Fear is an intense emotion that lies to us and clouds good judgment that we all have yet if fear is present in any way we meet self imposed and sometimes universal roadblocks!

    • Glad it spoke to you please check out Rejection and Trust the Timing of your Life…”Downtime”.

      Tell me what you think about those as well. And if it’s good to you please feel free to share it!


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