What Time Is It?!?!?!?!? (part 1)


Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

I can’t tell you how much I love this app FA REAL!!! I’m like why didnt we have something like this years ago! I recall many times all of us MUA’s & Hairstylists standing around in the trailer/ in holding/ or on set debating our hours like WHAT TIME IS IT?!!! MEAL PENALTIES?!??!?!? OVERTIME?!?!!
Now with this app it takes all the guess work out of the picture! I tell you there are times I wrestle with technology and other times I’m like Thank God!!

I was on set just yesterday and had the blessed opportunity to share with my other MUA colleagues the wonders of this amazing app! It brought so much joy to my heart to share this info and the looks on their faces was priceless! Because the truth is sometimes you’re like a deer in front of headlights on this topic…why?….because it’s about money….and most Artists seem to have trouble talking about money to others and even to themselves! This is just one more efficient step in taking your freelance business game to the next level.

The publisher of the app describes it this way:
“Wrap Time is an application designed specifically for film industry crew members to keep track of your hours, pay, meal penalties and job information right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even email your in and out times to yourself or to production, moments after wrap is called.”
~Red Pipe Media


Okay the first step after youve downloaded the app is to start on entering your first project into the apps page. This is what the main screen will look like (with a few additional information lines). And there is room for you to add notes about the project. I usually add the departments heads and the productions mailing address and phone number.


Now heres the screen for the actual time card. You fill in your call time, wrap time, meal times and kit rentals/kill fees/ parking prices etc.


This screen is also part of the first page where youve entered the projects name, your position and such. This portion of the page is where you type in your day rate, guaranteed hours (flat rate or hourly rate, you slide the red meter to flat or hourly). There is also a meter to choose overtime or not. Just click the calculate button and it calculates your general flat or guaranteed hours in an instant!!!


This is your MAIN SCREEN. Here is where you begin. Here’s where you will manage one or multiple projects you may be working on. And if you need to edit or make corrections on the project you can always go back in and edit it! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP!! And it seems like others in production do too.

Here are some of this apps reviews:

“This app is perfect for keeping track of daily times and wages”

“I work in TV/ Film production and this app suits me perfectly”

“helping me maintain an accurate record of my crazy work days”

“This app has been great since I started using it a year ago”

“Easy to keep track of payroll and know who hasn’t paid yet”

“A HUGE factor in figuring out how much money you’re making”

“Now im just trying to convince the rest of them”

“What an awesome app for people in production”

“It helps me to keep track of my work time”
“I give them 5 stars for customer service”

2 thoughts on “What Time Is It?!?!?!?!? (part 1)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this application ! It keeps track of your whole day in minutes! Updating and editing information is easy and convenient! It keeps me on track without the hassle of trying to memorize all the different call times and meals etc. this is PERFECT for anyone who works on set!

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