The Wonderful World of Apps for Artists

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™


  What you have in the palm of your hand determines a lot of how you live your life these days and the placement of things that are important to you. Getting straight to the point…I’m referring to the use your “SMART PHONE”. But are you really using your smartphones to do smart things? I’ll tell you quickly MY smartphone IS NOT for doing dumb things!! I use it as an effecicentcy tool in my life. 

I choose to use it for organizing my world while I’m away from home or on the go. I’ve got a lot of apps on my phone its true BUT, I do use all of those apps daily and for organizing information. Our lives as Artists can get pretty messy so, it’s up to us to take charge of the direction of our lives and how we move in the world.


When I do apps regarding my Financial Life I try to set everything up in the order of what I condsider important. Banking, Credit Report Monotoring, Life Budgeting, Reciept Filing (especially for my business), Insurance Info, Square Up (sales tracking for my Artistry) etc., etc.

My top apps are:

  1. CHASE
  2. Bank Of America 
  3. Karma Credit
  4. Money Monotor
  5. Forceipts 
  6. Neat Receipts 
  7. Met Life
  8. Western Union
  9. Square Up

I love these apps because it has created order and discipline in my financial life. It has reduced the amount of paper pileup in my home. Once I incorporated myself I was taught to keep record of everything I purchase for tax purposes.

Whooo does it feel amazing to have things especially your finances in order. There’s a sense of freedom in knowledge of where exactly you stand. Trust we all are always a work in progress in this area (yes even the excessively weathly have to monitor their assets). So don’t feel guilty or down on yourself just simply make a start! 😉

  Okay next set of apps have helped me organize the way I do my daily makeup business. That is to get my updates from my Union’s website (where I find leads for my next projects and such), Union Pension and Welfare Funds, Project Timecard Management, Advertising my services, Project Script and Character Management, Printing Photos for Continuty, Scanning and Filing important documents.

This area of organization is A MUST for a “WORKING PRO” MUA/ Hairstylist. Keep track of your hours on set, doing continuity, all make up how we work in our industry. This kind of management separates the real practitioner from the enthusiast.

My top app picks are:

  1. Wrap Time
  2. IMDB Pro
  3. Doddle Pro
  4. The Film Industry Terms List
  5. Synch On Set
  6. Cannon Selphy WiFi Printer Setup
  7. iScanner

And of course there are other apps on the Apple App Store that are related but these are the ones I’ve found to be most effective when I need to get the job done!!

  Next up is SOCIAL MEDIA….Ughhh! A must! This can be dangerous in how you choose to use this area though. Because we now have this “new” way to socialize we must be wise in our choice of methods to get the word out on our latest and previous work.

I use this platform mostly to brand my Artistry! I’m not the one spending my whole day video chatting, tweeting or texting. This is business for me! As a solopreneur I’m always looking for new ways to update and market my brand.


  1. Facebook 
  2. Facebook Manager
  3. Facebook Messenger 
  4. LinkedIn 
  5. LinkedIn Jobs
  6. LinkedIn Finder
  7. Twitter
  8. Email 
  9. Skype
  10. Instagram (not pictured)
  11. Pinterest (not pictured)


In my lifestyle section of apps I mostly have apps that pertain to cosmetic shopping and personal shopping. I think this section is pretty self explanatory.

My favorite makeup playtime apps are 

  1. Glamzy (I liked the original one better)
  2. Makeup Genius (your face is scanned and then you can try on various makeup looks and get makeup referrals and even purchase those products (all by L’OREAL) 
  3. Polyvore (not shown in this screen shot) I love building my own sets in polyvore. I had to stop for a time because I’d never get anything done if I sat there doing that all day!!!

  As Freelance Professionals we spend a lot of time traveling. We travel to various locations for shoots and use various modes of transportation, planes, trains, automobiles, busses, and even by boat.

I have several apps that help me get to the next destination safely efficiently and on time. Maps and world clocks are also part of these selection of apps I have and more that are on the following pages. You may find yourself traveling to another country 7 hours ahead of US timing and you may have to use local transportation (I also have a translator app in this section as well)

The one app I thought was or rather is, is the Mobile Pass app. It’s kind of like your personal passport ID. You enter your passport number and info and you take a selfie as your photo for the pass and as you make your way through the airport to board you can actually use your app as your passport. 

The one app I wished was even more efficient was the Metrotimizer app! I wished it was an app that allows you to somehow refill your metro card! It’s a great idea because it does give you a breakdown of how many rides you get based on your potential purchase and the bonus rides. 

Well in conclusion , I don’t know if this post has helped you in some way or at least got you to think about the apps you have on your phone. I’d love to hear about some helpful apps you may have on your phone (please post your comments in the comments box below). Sharing is caring!

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