Polaroid Travel Foldable LED Light Box @ Amazon | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles 

I absolutely love this product!

 It’s lightweight and everything is included. No major assembly is required. 

The backdrops are made of a heavy grade plastic so, I don’t see having to replace them for years to come. 

There are 3 different international plugs. 

The LED lights are amazing and light your subject fully without having to use any additional lighting (unless you choose to). 

You can put it up on a tabletop or chair and what’s even better is you can fold it back up and take it with you like a briefcase/portfolio. 

I think the price for this item ($49.99) is great for what you’re getting. I give it a total of 5 stars!!

My Amazon PRIME Gadget Haul | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

One thing you will learn in today’s world is that everything has to be portable and lightweight. We’ve got smartphones and tablets that perform in every capacity to help Artists create. I love GADGETS and taking pictures. In fact I consider myself an amateur photographer and tech lover. 

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks in working with some of the most famous photographers in the world. And you’ll be surprised at how even the most famous use simple things to achieve great things. Lighting techniques I still use to this day that I’d learned from Photographers like Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Marcus Klinko, Annie Leibowitz, Ruven Alfanador, Daniella Federicchi, Wayne Mazur, Steven Meisel, Eric Johnson, Marc Baptiste, just to name a few.

Watching them work in the studio was always an amazing trip. I would watch the film crew set up the lights, camera and audio on just about every set that I have ever been on. Fashion shoots, Music Video shoots, Film & TV shoots all work differently yet still have similar shooting elements to them…EQUIPMENT!!! 

So as a Makeup Artist how does the way THEY work effect the way YOU work, you’re asking yourself? 

Well, it most certainly effects everything you do in makeup! Because if you don’t know what the lighting is on a set or the colored gels the DP/Photographer is using; can really alter your makeup on a client. For example: anytime you are working on a hot set and let’s say the DP/Photographer is working with a primary colored gel. 

A primary colored gel like RED, BLUE or YELLOW. And no other light source to counter those colors…be prepared for your makeup to look like a black and white film!!! All colors will be washed out and fall into the category of varying gray and black tones. BOOM! Betcha didn’t know that but, if you did good on you and now you’re on your way to understand film lighting. 

Lighting is a very important element in how your makeup will read on film, any kind of film. There was a time in makeup where the makeup had to be done with a certain technique by the Makeup Artist that was readable for film, TV and even daylight. When you see most people on the Red Carpet you are seeing them in raw daylight along with what may be camera flashback and no filter or gels on the paparatzzi’s  cameras light.

One lighting technique that has always been used to create beautiful and timeless looking beauty makeup is what is called a RING LIGHT. A ring light is usually put before a subject to distribute soft even lighting that can give the skin and makeup the look of a perfect finish and fresh glow. It also is known for creating a halo look in the eyes that makes it look bright and clear.

Here some gadgets I recently purchased from Amazon to heighten my portable filming experience. I always like to test the makeup first before I send my client out to perform. So I take test photos so I know where to tweak the makeup and see it in various lighting set ups. So I purchased:

  1. A beauty light selfie stick that has a mirror attached to it so you can check your subject or yourself before you shoot the picture.
  2. A mini ring light that has a camera lens and clip to attach to your smartphone or tablet the lens is a zoom lens that can be adjusted
  3. A set of interchangeable camera lenses in combination lens, wide lens and micro lens. All are amazing!
  4. A mini handheld photo shutter and smartphone charger in one! You can use the shutter to take continuous snapshots on your phones camera. And when you’re done with that if your gadgets batteries are running low on power you can easily plug them in and keep it moving!
  5. A mini microphone to record great sound on your memo’s, YouTube voice overs, Skype and FaceTime. The mic has a mini stand and even a clip to latch onto your phone or tablet for recording.
  6. A portable photo studio. Yes it’s got a fold up portability if you are taking photos of product in your home studio and can fit on your tabletop. It’s even got its own lighting to shoot your subject with perfectly even lighting. It also has interchangeable backdrops. 
  7. Mini Duel Plug Outlet Charger that I can take with me to set up at any station I call mine while in the makeup room or anywhere else I may go.
  8. 64G USB Flash Drive for both your computer and your smartphone! If you’re like me and have loads of pictures on my iPhone and iPad I use this baby to back up my files…who needs a damned iCloud??
  9. Solar Panel Smartphone Charger just in case you really get caught out in the woods somewhere shooting on location! You never know what challenges you may have to face while shooting on location. Trust me it’s happened to me before and it’s a lesson learned. The lesson…BE PREPARED!!

Brydge Keyboard | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles 

So, this week has been pure geek week for me! All about the gadgets I’ve stumbled upon to help me work smarter not harder!! And if you are like me I coordinate all of my gadgets in color and finishes. And for me the optimum color, tone and finish is GOLD! And I was looking for a lightweight keyboard for my iPad Mini 4 and yes I found it!! Its manufactured by Brydge Keyboards ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have had my keyboard for 2 weeks now and I absolutely ❤️it!!! BIG YES  to Brydge Keyboards! Not only does it match my iPad but it’s the same size and is really lighter than my actual iPad! The keyboard is easy to read and handle. 

I also know exactly when my caps are on because I push the button and a little green light goes on in the backscreen of the keyboard. The keys are light and spring back easily. The backscreen has a 3 level light setting which you access by the lightbulb key and each time you press it it goes dim, medium and bright!!❤️❤️❤️

The brand even has a larger one made for your new iPad Pro! I can’t sing the praises of this keyboard enough. Only thing is I’m mad because I wasted my money on another keyboard before I found Brydge! Do you think I can return the other one? Mmmm maybe it’s too late it’s been months! Anyway I’m in love with this brand (and no I’m not getting paid to review this product, I purchased it on my own).

So, I love this product so much that I wrote them a letter and guess what they responded!! OMG! I totally did not expect that but WOW talk about customer service then!! They are so spot on to reply so quickly!! I mean I’d already paid for and been using the keyboard when I got a response from them.

Now guess what??? They were so happy I reached out to them with my review that they gave me a a code to give you so you can purchase one too!!!! Unreal huh?

Well here’s the code:


All I can tell you is I’m please with mine and you need to get one too. Why? Because I’m one to share my good news and not be selfish and keep the goodies all to myself.

Okay I’m out!


Static Nails Pop On Manicure | Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Working on TV and film with contemporary styling requires a bit more effort and watching the latest trends. Well how does a manicure play into your being a Makeup Artist? Honey you have to have everything in your Pro Kit!! If you can get the kitchen sink in your kit , put that in there too! No seriously, I have a kit that is solely a manicure kit! Yes a mini manicure kit!! And in that kit I keep over 80 mini bottles of nail polish in contemporary shades as well as traditional shades. So you can imagine my glee when press on nails can be used!

But the drawback with most press on nails in the stores is that they all require you filing them into the latest stylish nail shape….ad right now STILETTO and designs with rhinestones and, LaBoutin is the heat! One brand kills in the department of contemporary styled press on nails and that is Static Nails. They are definitely THE BEST on the market right now and they have a variety of styles to choose from. They fit perfectly into my Mini Mani Kit!!! 

I first stumbled onto Static Nails while browsing the isles at The Makeup Show. They only had one style left because all the enthusiast had swiped them all up! Yes, I did get the last pair of black leather spiked nails. the weren’t super long and just a bit over the natural free edge of the nail. They were simply scrumptious and I didn’t even have to work heard to get them to look good! They stayed on all day while shooting and never budged or needed any nail glue. 

Of course if you need to size them to your clients nail beds then the kit has a file included for you to get the perfect fit. I absolutely love that there’s no nail varnish smells or having to wait for the nails to dry into a perfect gloss! All the intricate handiwork is already done so I can concentrate on doing the makeup! The Static Nails brand definitely is a permanent choice in my Pro Makeup Kit




PRTTY Peshaun | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Th first time I used PRTTY Peaushun was working on the set of the Starz Network TV show POWER season 2. I like to think of myself as a bit of a body glow expert. I’ve got everything from sprays to lotions. I usually like the sprays better BUT the only problem with that is the potential for the tiny oil particles to get on the DP’s camera lens!!!  


The Mall Haul Sephora & Kiko Milano | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Look, I’ve never considered myself a “Mall Girl” but this past week I needed a reprieve from a bought of sadness. And I thought that I would go and get myself some personal treats (which I hardly do because most of what I shop for is usually for my kit) and a few items for my Pro Kit. Well, today was my treat to myself a kind of therapy even. My first stop was in Sephora then the Kiko Milano Boutique. So I got a few things I just can’t do without in my personal cabinet and travel bag.

  1. Fresh Rose Floral Toner (I spray it on my face all day long, like almost every hour or so). Rose water has always been one of my secret fountain of youth treatments.
  2. Caudile Divine Body Oil Spray and Perfume (a new discovery of mine but now a must for my travel bag)
  3. Kat Von D liquid ink eyeliners ( I discovered her liners about 2years ago and it’s the only eyeliner found in my Pro Kit for its long wear)
  4. BECCA Glow on the Go a new find for me…I like it but next to Tom Fords highlighters no one can really hold that trophy but this is a cute thing because it’s small and portable with a lot of punch in color deposit.

So this BECCA Glow on the Go! Rung a close and tight third in my book of popular highlighters. My personal go to is Tom Ford BUUTTTTT this BECCA highlighting duo is close and far more affordable. It goes on like a champ and stays on like a champ! For $20 at Sephora found in their “In the Fly” section of the store. Not bad at all and yes I give it a serious thumbs up. And for this little number SIZE DOES MATTER!! 

Now let me blow the roof off al this “Strobing” , “Highlighting” phenomenon. For the Pro’s this will not come as a surprise unless of course you know nothing about lighting for makeup. But for my makeup enthusiasts and beginner MUA’s all strobing and highlighting is, is a play on light and where it hits the makeup when we are using a beauty light aka. “Ring Light”. When you are using a ring light it usually, without provocation highlights the rings of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the cheekbone and sometimes the forehead and upper lip. There was a time where lots of powder was used to anti-shine those glowing points on the face. But if left as is the look can create a beautiful healthy looking glow to the face that you didn’t necessarily plan while doing the makeup.

In this era it’s been blown up and is now the hottest trend but not necessarily good on all forms of film I.e. Film and television…it has to be modified for the 4HD film so it doesn’t look like the subject is pouring sweat on their faces in a scene that does not require sweat. Contemporary makeup on 4HD film for movies and TV takes a special hand and eye to master this modern makeup effect. So proceed with caution or skilled artistry.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore Kat Von D Ink Liners!! Honestly I have put all the other eyeliners away because they just don’t compete. Again as I stated in my comments above its about the long wear I get from the liner. The brand literally is a 24hour wear to it. The only other one I’ve seen that acts like this is believe it or not the Sephora brand liquid eyeliner that also literally stays on for 24hrs until you make an effort to take it off.

I got these trio of minis at Sephora “In the Fly” section for $18!!! Ummm trust me I thought about going back and scooping up like 4 more of those for my stash! Yes it’s always best to buy in bulk when these brands are on sale because you never know when they will discontinue the very item you love because it’s a limited edition or something. Anyway go and pick you up some (but be sure to leave me some okayyyyy!) LOLOL!

I’ve been a longtime Kiko Milano eyeshadow fan. So whenever I have a chance to go and get some with a coupon code trust I’m in there! So I went in the shop and picked up 7 of these shadows and can I tell you how glorious these are? The pictures do them no justice in how richly pigmented the colors are and how they blend so easily. My only drawback with these gorgeous shimmery colors is that their in that baked format!! Ugh!!! I hate that because I haven’t yet found and effective way of depotting the shadows without breaking them and having to put them back together again.

You see just like pressed powder does not have the same effect when you use a brush as when you use a puff or a sponge is because of the way it’s constructed molecularly. That’s why even if you do have a pressed powder that breaks up and you put it back together again in the pan it is designed to best work with a tool that has similar or equal amount of pours density. That’s why when you use a puff for a loose powder the powder really becomes ineffective because loose powder is designed to be light and airy and for movement inn certain spots. Now that’s not to say you can’t use it in a pressed way but it has to have a sealing agent to get it to stick and congeal. (Sorry I got scientific on you, but makeup brands are scientific and getting even more scientific in this era to get a better product).

So these two beauties are Color Sphere Mat & Pearly Duo shadows and when I say those highlight colors are high beam…trust me they are unapologetically high beam! And check the price….are you ready?….$6.90!!! Yessssss!! Great for highlighting those inner corners. The photos dots do it any justice because it was shot in low light but trust me that eye will be on blast with the best lighting.

This shadow is a multicolored shimmery black. This one is really gorgeous and can go over a deep matte black and make that black pop! It’s sickening how gorgeous this black diamond eyeshadow is. I love it and yes this one comes in a pan so it’s easy to depot for your palette.

All 4 of these colors 16, 18, 30 and 29 are all great and hands down glorious as face highlighters the only drawback is there is shadow fallout. But you can overlook it trust me because the color payoff is AMAZING!!! And these Color Spheres are priced at $12 a piece which I think is great considering the amount you get in the powder and the color payoff. Trust you will have these colors for a long long time if you are one to take care of your products.

So this concludes my review I hope it was helpful and like I did shop till you drop until next time!

Madame Madeline | Product & Site Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles


Okay so I’ve reviewed the site and the site is soooo incredibly dedicated to THE LASH!! Unreal Lash Mega Store!! I can’t wait to write about the brand. And tell my Pro “working” Artists colleagues and makeup enthusiast alike.  

So this review took me a while to write. Why so long? Well truth is I had to try the lashes out a couple of times to see how they actually hold up. Each one of the brands I chose were really great! And yes I will be purchasing them and some other styles again. But more over I’m going to talk about the website or should I say MEGA LASH SITE?!?!!!! This website has so many different brands of eyelashes you can’t imagine! The site is http://www.madamemadeline.com and yes they are Pro Artist friendly!!! They have friendly customer service and get to you immediately and in safe secure packaging. In fact you can use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!


Okay so let me get into the actual lash brand review. First up is ModelRock Lashes. I got the Double Layered Lashes in “Smokey Velvet”. I was shocked at how thin the lash band was for these beauties! What a pleasant surprise. I think these are gorgeous and performance ready! You know me I LOVE TO STACK LASHES! Depending on the look I’m going for in a shoot I will for sure do a double, sometimes triple stacking of lashes! Yes I’ve even gone so far as a 5 stack!!! Lol it works perfectly for stage and video work. So these definitely get the thumbs up from me and they definitely are going in the permanent use Pro Kit!

Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!



Next up are the lashes by bullseye called “Hayley” and these are like my regular Demi-Wispy faves. The Demi-Wispy is one that is good for a “neutral” look and easily stackable to make them a bit more risqué and glam. I usually use an eyelash curler on all my lashes, yes even the falseies. Curling the lashes always makes them have a more authentic blended look for the makeup. Not like they’re just this long lifeless eye appendage! Lashes are supposed to add to the eye makeup look almost like a finishing touch. So far this brand I do like and they are lightweight which is great because lashes can get a little heavy on the eyelid especially if you’ve not worn lashes before or are not a regular lash wearer. 

 Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make! 

Last but not least are these beauties by VLuxe by i ENVY…100% Virgin Remy Hair.  The lash I chose is called CHLOE. I think these are my FAVORITES so far of the 3 brands I chose. Why? Because they are super, super light on the lash line yet have the fullness in lash to give awesome impact!! Now in the pictures below I didn’t get to curl them but I’m positive they would look amazing curled!!! These are light and fluffy on the inner corner of the eye then towards the middle they get big and fluffy!!! I LOVE THESE!!! YES!!! Not only do I love the lash but the case is really cool and pushes out like a drawer and is made of a heavy acrylic and has a modern pod-like shape to them so you really don’t mind keeping them or any other lash in this case. This brand I will be ordering again by the dozens!!! 5 thumbs up and definitely goes in the Pro Makeup Kit!!  

Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!

Like/follow their social media pages (whichever platforms you participate on):

  1. https://www.facebook.com/madamemadeline.com
  2. https://www.facebook.com/madamemadeline01?ref=hl
  3. https://twitter.com/madamemadeline
  4. https://plus.google.com/u/2/+MadameMadeline-FalseEyelashes/posts
  5. http://www.pinterest.com/madamemadeline/
  6. http://instagram.com/madame_madeline_lashes/

Artist Spotlight Hairstylist : Kim Berry * PRINCE’s Hairstylist (part 1)

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Prince’s hair always SLAYED!!! Why? Because when you have a great GlamSquad you never let them go or walk away!!! You know and understand the value that they add to your VISUAL ARTISTRY!!! Kim Berry was very instrumental to Prince’s visual artistry. Kim was Prince’s Hair Designer for 25 years!!!!

There’s something Prince said to his former manager once “These days people not only want to hear the music they want to see it!”. How profound is that? Price had foresight about the future on many levels and one was the coming age of music video’s and even motion pictures for musicians in a way that would change the landscape of music and he was right!

Look at what Beyonce is doing with her music/videos. I wonder if Prince told her that that was going to be the next way to do music? Not just as a disc or digital but audio/visual digital download!! It’s genius! And something that certainly sounds like he got wind of long before anyone else did ; in his early days that not even the music industry would take notice of!

One thing for sure Prince surrounded himself with like minds…visionaries…people who had vision…and people who were experts at their gifts; the gifts he recognized in them! 

Just look at all the amazing designs she created for Prince and each one is different and made a statement. Of course always executed with perfection! Literally not a hair out of place.

(This portion of this post is excerpts from another post)

Berry went on to work for her stylist sister in-law, then built her own clientele in a commission salon before renting her first booth. Then came what she now calls the “holy hookup.” She was friends with a bodyguard for Prince. Through him, she became friends with Prince’s stylist. Whenever the entourage arrived in L.A., they’d call Berry to join the party.

More than a great time to party, this was a place to learn. “I started studying her table. Whatever was on it, I read it, I started buying what she had,” said Berry. After all, this was the personal hairstylist to one of the greatest performers of the generation. Then, Prince’s stylist left. “I’d studied everything she had, I duplicated it, so when she left, I was ready. My kit was already built.”

Berry recalled walking into a club after Prince returned to L.A., having just learned that he needed a new stylist. “I was waiting for him. I met him at the club, put the portfolio on the table.”

Not long after that, she got a call. “Can you travel? … the plane leaves in an hour. We’re sending a car to pick you up.” All the way to LAX, she was screaming with excitement. She was in Minneapolis for Christmas, Miami, then New York, Atlanta and back to Los Angeles.

That was about the time that Prince did “Purple Rain.” Said Berry, “I ended up travelling the world with the artist for 25 years … he became my brother and my friend.” One thing leads to another and Berry has in that time done hair for other stars. 

I loved this interview Kim gave news show 20/20. Her story is so very similar to my own experiences in being an aesthetic visual Artist you always want to be excellent at all times so you can give your clients the very best. And when your clients are the best so are you! Clearly Kim is one of the best, at the top of her game…EXCELLENT.

Here’s the 20/20 interview 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


I have reached out to Kim for an interview. I hope we can chat up so I can share more of Kim’s beautiful work and career journey with you in a Part 2 Artist Spotlight here on TheGlamSquadFiles.

Sigma Beauty | Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Sigma Beauty is a brand that first exploded on the beauty market with what would be coined as “The Makeup Brushes To Have”! The brand started small and mostly by word of mouth! I think that’s the best marketing strategy any brand can have. Oh and of course an excellent product.   Not only has Sigma Beauty become a huge name in the beauty industry but it’s become a friendly name for Pro Makeup Artists and Makeup Enthusiats nationwide! I must say my initial contact with Sigma’s representatives was also a pleasant surprise! They win in hands down in customer service, being Pro Friendly (especially when many brands are hostile towards Pro Artists due to the over saturated market being flooded by faux Makeup Artists) and efficient packaging and shipping!

  With Sigma Beauty, I’ve found them to be really innovative in the beauty tools department. Honestly these Spa Mat/Spa Glove Brush Cleaners is one of the best cleaning methods out here voted Best Product by Beauty Insiders. And so far I have to agree! I’m a girl who loves her gadgets and yes so far I’m loving it!

I have the Spa Glove and have put it on the list of items that I actually put in my Pro Kit for work especially when I know I have doubles of a certain brush and maybe one or two got super dirty while on set; just using my favourite brush cleanser (London Brush Company) and a couple of swirls with water and I’m all set again!!

  So, now for beauty products by Sigma Beauty. This is relatively new for the brand since they started out only with their brush collections. I received this beauty right here called Lip Switch! And can I tell you it’s THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIPGLOSS I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED!!! It’s holographic and reflects almost every color in the spectrum yet the base color is pink!!! 

The photos I took in this post can’t possibly do justice to this color lipgloss. It’s a color that has to be seen in person because it reflects off the light much like glitter does. And we all know glitter is hard to capture it’s true beauty just in pictures but is stellar to see live! Same with this lipgloss!!! This one stays FOREVER IN MY KIT FROM NOW ON!!!!

Now let me talk a bit about the liquid eyeliners the colors are brilliant and vibrant! I used the purple one called “Inscription” to fill in my eyebrows. Yes hunni you’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos below. Pink is the signature color for the Sigma Beauty brand and when I tell you how much I 💝 the color of this liner…I can’t even….


So yep, you know me eyeliners  have  always been my friends. I’ve used them in every possible way you can think of. And the technology of makeup right now is so amazing it’s science + technology + beauty = innovative beauty for all!! These gel liners are creamy and easily spreadable. 

Of course if you know anything about me as an artist I take the unconventional and make it work as beauty (always have played a lot with color in my painting on clients). So I used the gel liner “Standout Peacock”(it’s a navy blueish emerald greenish mix) as my dramatic lipstick choice as well as using it to line my eyes (see pictures below) I event topped it off with my Sigma Lip Switch lipgloss “Pink Lotus” for even higher impact!! In person the color is INSANE! 


Last in the gift box was the set of Sigma Beauty Makeup brushes!!!! 💝em!!! Yep it’s official!!! I used all of the brushes to execute the makeup looks below. Beautiful blending yet they are clearly set firmly in the ferrule of the brush which means they will hold up with the roughest use and constant cleaning that they will take from me! What am I saying….I’m saying these are well constructed brushes indeed!!!

Okay so I’m done with the review and I’ll let the pictures take it from here. All I can say is I can see a beautiful partnership in the future with Sigma…I just feel a beauty soirée coming on!! See you next time😉!  


Vera Mona Color Switch | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

  I’m going to tell you right now this review is a NO BRAINIER! Of course I love this product by Vera Mona because it’s about keeping your brushes clean and neat for quick makeup changes. 

I’ve always hated powder buildup on a brush. You know you’re going to have a quick eyeshadow change and what you would end up with sometimes is a murky colored mess that you know is going to take even more time to fix!! And I’m funny about using brushes just cleaned out of a cleaning solution and using it directly from my clients eyes.

Color Switch is single handed resolving that issue in one swirl in the pan!! I love that it’s in a tin pan that you can easily cover and take with you in your set bag.

 So here is my gift from Vera Mona! After corresponding with them about the product in a flash Color Switch was ringing my bell! Hello Beautiful!

Thank you Vera Mona for my Color Switch gift. you know I like to keep it neat and clean!!! ❤️💛💚


Here you have Color Switch Solo & Color Switch Duo. I use the Solo for face powder and the duo only for eyeshadows.


Now let me be clear this is a dry product. The black cleaning sponge (which is really a stippling sponge) is dry at all times. How it works is the powder gets pulled off by the many tiny curved holes in the sponge. The remaining powder falls to the bottom of the pan. The only liquid involved is when you add liquid for saturated color with the Color Switch Duo. 

Cleaning your brushes for quick makeup changes just got easier!

  The shop prices are as follows:

  1. Solo $16.99
  2. Duo $19.99
  3. Color Switch ProBand $34.99

Video #1 How to use the Color Switch Duo

Video #2 How to use the Color Switch Armband

Here’s your link to the Official Vera Mona Website http://www.veramona.com/