The Artist In You…

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Life is full of surprises some very pleasant surprises. Sometimes life reminds you as an Artist to continue to create. CREATE!!! You’re not just a one dimensional Artist you are multi-faceted!!

I find that if you are an Artist in one way you usually are gifted in other areas as well. Those other gifts may surface in many other ways in other venues.  

My thought for today as I’m writing this post is this…when you as an Artist find that you have a little free time/down time/hiatus or simply struggling MAKE IT COUNT!! Find yourself discovering new things about yourself. Do something or go somewhere where your creative juices are sparked and inspired. Maybe you have a writer in you, a therapist in you, or maybe another TYPE OF ARTIST lying dormant in you!


So, Sunday I was invited to an impromptu paint session with Pinot’s Painting!! The instructors were amazing and helpful…great cheerleaders!! What was so amazing was how each person interpreted the original painting. 


I was invited to join my dear friend and colleague @tamaradelbridge_mua who’s rendition of the original was AWESOME!!! We laughed, listed to music (the best hip hop, r&b and pop from the 70’s-90’s), and painted away. We were the only Makeup Artists that were present. Most of the others seemed to be in finance, fitness or computer based professions.

Tamara and I at the event.


My rendition of the original painting.


One of the ladies said she saw a dancing lady and a friend of mine said he saw an Angel in the waters reflection. What do you see? Perception the heart of all interpretation of art.

Guess what,…I totally did not intend to illustrate a person or Angel on purpose!!! It just appeared like that. Im just painting away not thinking of anything but my brush strokes. 

When we were all done and the instructor called time we were asked to all come up with our pictures for a group photo. It was then that a lady in the group said “look you’ve got a dancing lady in yours!” And Im totally oblivious to it because I just wanted to paint more!!!

So here’s the question for you. What other gifts do you have? Are you nurturing those gifts and even sharing them? Let’s go on a journey together to explore our other gifts and most of all share them in 2015! I’m challenging myself and you!!!

Watch out now!!!

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