The Skinny On Phat Lashes (Part 2)

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ok this post is the follow up to The Skinny On Phat Lashes (Part 1) and this one was a bit difficult to compile because there were so many questions regarding mascara and the use of it.

I’ve seen so many makeup faux pas regarding this area of makeup. I mean lets face it when people look at anyone’s face the first thing really see is a persons eyes and the whole eye area. Truly this is where you have the most space on your face for artistic expression through color.



The Skinny on Phat Lashes

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Finding your mascara
There’s always talk about mascaras…but two things I find most important in finding, purchasing and using a “good masacara”.

1) A good formula*
You want a good formula, one that gives the richest color deposit (shouldn’t be dull in color), long lasting (wears all day without flaking), eyelash conditioning (gel mascaras or silkening mascaras) and in some cases ones that are truly waterpfroof.

2) It’s always about a good brush*
A good brush begins with knowing how your lashes grow (the texture, length and how often you shed). If you don’t know your own lash you are liable to pick the wrong mascara expecting amazing results.

The bristles on the brush varies from brand to brand. You want to find the right brush for your lash type (short, medium, long, super curly, sparse, full, too straight, curl under…etc…I’ve seen them all).

20140402-200710.jpgAlso there are no rules when it comes to getting what you personally want from a mascara. The real question for you is..”What do you want the mascara to do for your eyelashes?” Have you just ever stopped before you shopped and asked yourself that question before making that $30 purchase?

Or have you just splurged because its a designer brand and you had to have it and now you’re angry and want to take it back because its not working for you? Don’t be mad at the brand be angry that you didn’t ask the right question before the purchase!

What the Pro Makeup Artists recommend

Every Pro I know will recommend 7 brands that we all know of
1) Great Lash by Maybelline
2) Definicils, Extencils by LANCOME
3) Voluminous by LOREAL
4) Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin
5) Georgio Armani by Armani
6) Cle De Peau by Cle De Peau
7) MAC Volumizer by MAC

My personal fave mascaras…
1) Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara
2) Loreal Voluminous
3) Benefit They’re Real
4) butter London

*Rule Breaking Tip*
Let’s say you have one brands formula you like better than another but, you like another brands brush better for your personal lash….(here’s the tip)… buy both and simply switch out one brush for another provided the brush will actually fit in another brands bottle!

I’m going to give you another piece of advice (and this is for free)…invest in a good lash curler!

Why? Because it really does make a difference in how your lashes look and how your mascara will finish your look.

My personal favourite is the “Individual Eyelash Curler” (pictured bottom left). This curler gets into all the places that the big contraption ones don’t get (the inner and outer corners of the lashes)! I’ve found over the years that the contraption one curls the lash into an “L” shape (follow me ok) and the individual one curls the lash into a “C” shape.

You want a “C” shape curl so that the lash has a natural bend that lasts longer than your “L”…get it? Hope so.;)

Oh, and P.S. be careful using the heated lash curler on synthetic false lashes…honey they’ll crumble up like potato chips (you’re forwarned)… Moving on…
Healthy Real (your own)Lashes

20140402-221643.jpgOkay so we’ve talked all about the products and tips and tricks now, lets talk real talk.


You can add all the amenities you want to but the truth is it all starts with you, a healthy diet and common sense. Think about it like this. Your eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair on your head are ALL HAIR!

So just like you care for the hair on your head by getting treatments and moisturizers, the same goes for the hair on your face (lashes & brows). Does that make sense? Sure it does. So lets go ahead and get you started on a regime that’s all natural and just simply works…trust me on this!

Now, lets start by getting a plastic mini travel squeeze container (with a flip top). Plastic disposable mascara wands. A bottle of Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.

To the plastic container you will add a 1/3 of each oil making sure to leave a bit of air in the top so when you’re placing the mascara wand in your tube you won’t have spilling.

Use this oil just like you would your regular mascara, only you are now deep conditioning and treating your lashes with care.

Trust me on this, in a matter of days you will see growth and even prevent lines around the eyes naturally. Why? Because its moisture. I usually do it overnight or during the day running errands with my UV sunglasses on. It’s all about eye care and skincare.

Here’s another tip for lashes…Vasaline! Stay tuned for my next blog on this age old product…trust me in 3 days you can see a great difference with Vasaline and a mascara wand or just your fingertips.


So, I know this was a long one but well worth it.

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