Static Nails Pop On Manicure | Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Working on TV and film with contemporary styling requires a bit more effort and watching the latest trends. Well how does a manicure play into your being a Makeup Artist? Honey you have to have everything in your Pro Kit!! If you can get the kitchen sink in your kit , put that in there too! No seriously, I have a kit that is solely a manicure kit! Yes a mini manicure kit!! And in that kit I keep over 80 mini bottles of nail polish in contemporary shades as well as traditional shades. So you can imagine my glee when press on nails can be used!

But the drawback with most press on nails in the stores is that they all require you filing them into the latest stylish nail shape….ad right now STILETTO and designs with rhinestones and, LaBoutin is the heat! One brand kills in the department of contemporary styled press on nails and that is Static Nails. They are definitely THE BEST on the market right now and they have a variety of styles to choose from. They fit perfectly into my Mini Mani Kit!!! 

I first stumbled onto Static Nails while browsing the isles at The Makeup Show. They only had one style left because all the enthusiast had swiped them all up! Yes, I did get the last pair of black leather spiked nails. the weren’t super long and just a bit over the natural free edge of the nail. They were simply scrumptious and I didn’t even have to work heard to get them to look good! They stayed on all day while shooting and never budged or needed any nail glue. 

Of course if you need to size them to your clients nail beds then the kit has a file included for you to get the perfect fit. I absolutely love that there’s no nail varnish smells or having to wait for the nails to dry into a perfect gloss! All the intricate handiwork is already done so I can concentrate on doing the makeup! The Static Nails brand definitely is a permanent choice in my Pro Makeup Kit