IMATS 2014


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Walk smarter not harder…


Every year I make it a point to attend ALL trade shows. But this trade show is very near and dear to my heart. Dunno why but ,perhaps it’s always the fact that its specifically geard toward the working professional Makeup Artist, that I get to see new and upcoming brands, or the trade show pricing on all the items I’d been looking for or just seeing some of my Makeup Artist colleagues.

Whatever the lure is its always love! I love going and seeing the Makeup Museum at the show, last year was especially great with all of the makeup memorabilia. I love seeing the work of my fellow film and TV Makeup Artists.

Now, I will say this to all who’ve never attended before…WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!!! Why because you will find yourself running up and down the isles like it was the last day on earth!! Lololol! All the pretty colors and shimmering items for a makeup junkie is like eye candy on steroids!
And for those of us who are pro’s at trade shows come with a game plan. A strategy how to get the most and best products for your kit out of the show. I always suggest going to the demos to learn something new from other Pro Artists and not just to shop till you drop.

The Makeup Artists world is slightly different than that of the “Beauty Industry”. The beauty industry is more product focused in opposition to being Artist focused. The two do go hand in hand however if there were no Artist the product would just sit! It takes a visual demonstration to really get anything on the shelves to move. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE IMATS!! It’s Artist focused.

Here’s the schedule of events and guest Artist demonstrating at the show


Here are some my pictures of last years 2 day jaunt at IMATS 2013.

The line was round the corner and down 3 NYC BLOCKS!!!

Yassssssss I’m a Gold Card holder guess its one of the perks I’ve earned after 25+ years of being a working Makeup Artist in the entertainment business.

Here are pics of the various demos and products.



The Makeup Museum. Loved this exhibit last year!! Featuring the work of some incredible Artist working on Broadway, Film and TV. Vintage Makeup and Hair products.

Here an offering to the Makeup Museum by the Makeup Artist for the film “Lincon” is a gigantic bust hand sculpted by the Artist Kazuuhiro Tsuji. There was an accompanying film created and produced by MUD taking a retrospective look at Kazu’s journey in makeup. The film was shown at the Pro Night opening of the IMATS show.

Here photos from my FAVORITE demo last year from the Makeup Artists who worked on OZ the Great and Powerful.


Okay now shop till you drop!!!