Summer Beauty | 5 Tips to keep Your Makeup Fresh

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Summer is right upon us and now’s the time to peel back all the winter layers. Winter was the time you did all your skin prepping for summer right? Now is the time for the big reveal…FREEDOM!

So I’ve got 5 tricks to keep your Summer Makeup Fresh! If you read in my previous blog 7 Tips to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdowns! you’ll learn a few tricks in makeup melt prevention. Take it from me who’s done makeup on tour with sweating dancers who still managed to maintain beautiful makeup even in hot costumes and lights!!

1) Always begin with a good skincare regimen. Giving yourself a mask once a week will promote healthy regenerating skin cells, smooth surface skin and a glow because you got rid of all the dead cells.

2) Always use a primer. It neutralizes skin discolouration and acts as a barrier between you, your skin and the sun (if you use a primer with SPF in it).

3) Always go for less is more during summer months. Just think its a time to let your skin breath and enjoy the summer too. It’s okay to have dewy fresh looking skin in the summer.

4) Always opt for waterproof or water resistant makeup. Those are usually cream blushes and shadows.

5) Always carry a spritzer to hydrate your skin during those summer months this helps your skin stay hydrated, look dewy and yes even set the makeup you have on. I always personally prefer Rosewater.


I love a warmer climate always, guess its in my Caribbean blood. I always like a shimmery liquid Bronzer on the body something about the way the light reflects off of the skin. Just looks like a healthy glow.

When I’m back at home in the Caribbean (US & British Virgin Islands) I take que’s from the sun and water. The summer sun is all about less being more. I use the sand as my body and foot exfoliator, then treat my skin with Coconut Oil or Manoi Oil.


Summer Nails

Orange Lip

Bronzing Shimmery Oils, Lotions & Sticks

Rosewater Spray (refreshing hydration for skin)