Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Have you heard these words before…”No, we’ve already found someone else.”, “Thank you for your interest.”, “We’re sorry…”? (And sometimes they’re lying, okayyy)

Ughhhhhh! Don’t you hate that?!

Here’s a question for you, “How do you respond to “rejection”?”

Well, rejection coming at you can be perceived for your good depending upon how you choose to perceive it. I know that sounds crazy but, hear me out. In my tenure as a Pro MUA I have learned many things and, one thing I have learned for sure is this; Not every job, project, circle of people or personal desire may be right for you AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME or EVER. And you know what…it’s okay.
You were living before and you WILL live after. 

That revelation may be a disappointing reality to someone who may be reading this right now. But here’s something positive to think about…perhaps if you’d gone there, did that project or was with that person ; it may have taken a turn for the worse for you or may have created a deeper setback or detour! 

So you see it’s not always a bad thing. And sometimes the refusal can drive to to improve your pro skills. Or maybe to reassess what you really want and not what you “think” you want or to take something on just to pay bills.

Planning for the possibility that things may work out when you have your heart and mind set on something can leave you feeling empty right but if you change the way you choose to see it everything is usually for the better…really it is.

Here’s one I live by and maybe it can help you to remember in just those moments where you feel any form of rejection “God can turn those scars into stars.” 

And for those of you that are like aww come on this one is for you “Trust I do subscribe to and moveon!.com. And I do keep it moving and never look back lest I turn to a pillar of salt!”

Paint On viZionaire!


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