Set Etiquette * MUA & Hairstylists | Mind Yo’ Damned Manners!!

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Set Etiquette ….who want’s to talk about it? I mean really you think something’s okay and turns out it’s really not?! What do you do if you just don’t know the unwritten rules of engagement?

Unfortunately in today’s culture being well mannered is taken for wimpy or either being manipulative. But where I come from proper manners are just a way of life. But the beauty and entertainment businesses has a language and rules all on it’s own.

So without further delay, here is a simple walk through on “Set Etiquette”:

1) Try not to be too touchy feely. You don’t want to offend anyone or have what may be a friendly hello interpreted in an unsavoury way.
Also a lot of companies have insurance policies in place for potential harassment cases on set.

2) Try not to be on set complaining about your day rates.

3) Try to avoid gossip and drama on set. It’s just bad manners and can cause a lot of trouble.

4) Social Media. Confidentiality agreement …bad mouthing the production, actors or colleagues

5) Try not to pass out your business cards to producers or actors. It can be offensive to some and be misinterpreted and it’s just bad form.

6) Try not to hang out at the directors monitor. It makes them feel crowded and we don’t want to disturb their creative flow. Also try to avoid coffee clutch hanging out chit chatting on set, it can make the department look bad.

7) Don’t go in too much or too little feel out your surroundings. We are a necessity to the shoot but they don’t like to see us too much.

8) No drinking or drugs ;insurance policies acting silly, partying, unprofessional

9) Flirting or dating on set; wait till the show is over, or DLdating

10) Set wardrobe ; proper professional dress, wear appropriate clothing

11) Have each others back…OKAY??!?

12) Don’t discuss too many personal problems or illnesses or how much money you have.

13) Inappropriate jokes; can make people uncomfortable; racial, sexual, sexual preference, religious etc,etc.

Here’s a great site to learn A-Z

Paint On, Curl On viZionaire,



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