Life before the Internet, Social Media or Photoshop.


Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™
Have you ever thought about how Makeup Artists work looked before Photoshop was even invented?
Yes,there was life before computers and the Internet! How did those Artists handle their business? The business of getting their work seen on the level of entertainment? How did they get their work in print, video, broadway or movies? How did they do it without the internet, social media, websites or photoshop?
I’ll tell you this, it was all about who you knew (it still is). Here’s a list of things you had to keep up with in order to get your work seen and maintained.
1) Perfecting the art of d wow oing flawless makeup (before retouching, picture perfect)

2) Portfolios (an actual physical book of pictures many people had custom made portfolios made by a company called “House of Portfolios”)

3) Comp Cards

4) Listing in Reputable Makeup, Hair & Photography Books (Le Book, The Black Book, The Green Book, 411)

5) Agencies
6) Messenger Services

7) Writing Letters & Thank You Notes
Certainly times have changed and technology has elevated the industry by leaps and bounds. Truthfully no one has to work that hard anymore! And to me that’s dangerously LAZY!!
The advancement in technology is not just how people socialize but, by high tech camera equipment, newly formulated makeup made for the eye of high tech cameras, makeup artists networks and beauty shows. 
Now everyone’s portfolio is online – no need for messenger service, comp cards or for some..even agencies (although I do feel that if you’re with a reputable agency its a good thing).
Now your 

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