How to…”Just Say No.”


Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Im sure you in your career you’ve had to decline, pass, or just say NO to a situation, project, person or client. Oh, you haven’t had that experience yet? If you’re in this business for any length of time for certain you will learn it!!!

For some of us it can be really difficult. When in serious doubt, I’ve always found it best to confer with others who have vast experience, knowledge, savvy and wisdom about handling some of the most difficult life and career speed bumps.

In saying NO, ask the questions and weigh the variables. Will this be an asset or liability? Am I closing the door on something or Am I opening the door for new opportunities? Is this a growth opportunity or am I just breaking even?


Has there ever been a time that you had to say NO because you simply were not into the project, something was off, you’ve overbooked, you got a better offer on another project or you simply don’t want to do it!! How do you bow out graciously without burning a bridge or maybe you do want to torch the bridge so you wont ever have to work with those individuals again? “NO.” is the word.

I’ve had to recently turn down 2 projects. Honestly I didn’t feel passionate about either of those projects in the first place so, it was easier for me to turn my head and put my hand up!


For those who are just continuously saying YES to everything that comes your way know this…you are lacking faith for the project that is greater! Yes, I used the word FAITH! Because the truth is you’re on this career path purely by faith! And yes you can say no without fear of reprisal you simply have to stand by your decision, know your worth or just have to honor the wisdom and courage in saying no.

I recently was speaking with a colleague of mine and she was telling me how her 2 1/2year old son says no, he says… simply…”I DON’T HAVE TO.”


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