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FOCUS….When Working From Home

Most people think that when an Artist says they’re working from home that they’re sitting around watching TV, got their feet up doing nothing or sleeping all day and waiting for a hand out. You may even hear from non-creatives, 9-5ers, suits or just plain NEGATORS …”Get A Job”!!

Keeping your brand together and in order IS A JOB!!! It’s a 24hr ,7 days a week JOB!!! If you are a freelancer (even if you are part of a Union or an Agency you are still a freelancer) you still have to market your services, brand your services, find the projects, send resumes out, make cold calls, emails, messages, inbox messages, the book the project, negotiate rates for the project, forward Booking Conditions & Deal Memos, seal the project deal, work the project, book/hire Assistants if needed,close the deal and complete the project with Service Invoices. THEN START THIS PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN DAILY!!!

Working as a freelancer is a non stop self motivated daily lifetime project! It is not to be taken lightly.

Sadly most who are not FREELANCERS/ ENTREPRENEURS don’t realize that your gifts and creative abilities as an Artist has added beauty, pleasure and calm to their otherwise mundane, drone like, hamster on a wheel lives!! 

Ignore the chronically untalented and keep your eyes on the prize!! Focus!! Remember you are the ones who bring light to their lives even if they’re even too dense to appreciate your presence and your gifts! FOCUS ON YOUR END GOAL!! 

Now I will admit that there are a few Artists that just don’t get it and they ARE sleeping all day and they ARE getting high all night but they unfortunately don’t realize they are creating a brand through the their artistic gifts. When you realize that you are the brand for your art you will take yourself and your art form seriously! And when you do this you will see and feel success!

Now in your operations (daily) from your home office you have to create an environment conducive and comfortable enough for you to work in and really get some things done. These are a few things I’ve done throughout my career that have really helped me stay on track while I have had to prep projects, in the throes of a project or even had “DOWNTIME“.

Sometimes my home office was done guerrilla style on the move (with me at times being mobile) or makeshift (when I had to have a lap desk or just me and my smartphone). I never use my smartphone as a dumb phone doing stupid non productive stuff!! If you are a freelancer, self employed, DYI’er trust your work is never done!

  • Make A Daily To-Do List:

This is called a schedule. A daily goal/task list to complete. Setting hours of operating just like anyone else who was a 9-5er would. My home office business hours are set from 10am-7pm (considering West Coast time because I live on the East Coast) and yes I take an official lunch break and 15 minute mini breaks in between (once in the am and once in the pm) this increases my productivity and I’m actually able to complete some of my daily goals without being scattered and all over the place getting nothing done!

  • Get A Desk:

Though you are a creative one having a desk creates in ones mind a sense of order. It’s a symbol of a place where you can get your financial, schedule, practical, family life buisiness in order.

  • Keep the Desk Clear:

Keeping a clear desk makes you zone in on what is most important and your eyes are not jotting all over the place

  • Turn On Music:

Light music like instrumental classical or jazz lend a more serene and peaceful environment  

  • Have Snacks Nearby:

Just in case you get the muchies and are on a roll and don’t want to leave your desk light and healthy snacks keep you going.

  • Turn Off Phone:

Notices, pings,dings are all annoying noises happening throughout your day.

  • Reward Yourself:

After you’ve completed daily goals in your home office seek to reward yourself for a days work well done! Decide on what you will reward yourself with a glass of wine, a facial, a warm bath and pampering session (you get the picture).



FOCUS!! While You Are Doing Field Work

What do you mean doing “Field Work”? Well in the paragraphs above I spoke to you about how I set up my “Home Work” (working from home) now I’m going to talk to you about how I handle “Field Work” (working outside on projects).

  • Call Sheet:

Your call sheet is basically a timed breakdown of your day given to you by production. This breakdown tells you what we’re shooting that day, your clients/actors/models who you will be responsible for during that shoot day.

  • NDB / Non Deductable Breakfast:

This is where the Makeup & Hair department get a 15m-30 minute break before we actually get to work or during the morning set up. There usually isn’t an NDB in the evening shoot schedule. Why? BECAUSE IT ONLY PERTAINS TO BREAKFAST! You will not be financially penalised for having breakfast. In fact if you don’t have breakfast the production company can be penalised via “Meal penalties”. This is usually when I take the time to read and fill out my START PAPERWORK.

  • Prep Station:

You are given 15 minutes to set up your Makeup/Hair station. Your station is where you set up your makeup or hair kit.

  • Client Service (30-1hr session):

This is the time you are given to actually perform/apply your makeup or hair skills

  • Prepping Set Bag:

10minutes to get your kit ready to go on set to do touch ups. Pack all you need in this mini to-go MUA/Hairstylist kit/set bag

  • On Set Touch-Ups:

This is the time you are given to got on set where you actually refresh melting makeup or drooping hair (usually you don’t have much time to do this because this is done while live shooting is happening so, YOU HAVE TO WORK QUICKLY AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!)

  • Wrapping Out/ Clocking Out:

This is the time when you are back at your Makeup/Hair Station cleaning up and packing up your kit to go home. This is also the time where you finish up your paperwork (completing your time card and reviewing your START PAPERWORK )


Remember part of being able to focus is being able to compartmentalise your day and really all the things and even people in your life. Sometimes due to situations and circumstances the order of your life and focus may go blurry and lack focus but trust me if you get to a place of calm you can focus and get clarity by getting CALM (simply breathe, release all, unapologetically remove negative elements via separation, tunning it out or serving notice)

Be Encouraged! FOCUS!! You can do it.

Paint On, Curl On viZionaire,



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