Day Playing MUA`s

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Where do I begin with article well, according to all Pro Union MUA’s (working card carrying Union working MUA sources and, I do have a few that have all agreed) half the job we do besides the actual makeup while being a Day Player on a project is….SCHLEPPING!!!! 

This means moving your bags from one place to another on a continuous basis. And its the constant packing and unpacking and moving your kit from one location to another…i.e. different set locations.


Yes, most of the jobs we go to and from we are schelpping heavily loaded makeup bags on just about every form of transportation to get from one location to another (trains, planes, boats, caravans, automobiles). Oh and then you set up your makeup station (15 minutes or so) then you get to eat breakfast (quickly) then you get to play! MAKEUP!!!!

What is a “Day Player” you ask? A Day Player is an independant contractor/freelance Makeup Artist that comes in on a project for a day, a couple of days out of the week or may be on for  a month or months at a time but are not bound by legal contract as a permanent Artist for the project.