COPY THAT!! | Working on your communication on set

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

As the PA’s (Production Assistants) run around on set all day with their radio’s and headsets we recognize they are in communication all day long until the shoot day is completely over (and for them its never really over). We all can take a lesson watching or hearing them all day.

PA Captain:
“Uhhh, we need talent on set in 5!!! COPY?!”

1st PA:
Reply…”COPY THAT…standby….they’re in wardrobe now changing for the next scene. I’ll let wardrobe know. We will try to get them down in 5…COPY?”…

PA Captain:
Reply…”COPY THAT! I’ll let the AD (Assistant Director) know that we’re on it! They need them in 5 for rehearsal….OUT!”

I believe, no I know that our levels of communication has reached a zenith our predecessors only imagined. I mean there was a time when shows in the 60’s like “Get Smart” and “Star Trek” had the earliest blueprints that I could see of modern Walkies, Bluetooth’s and Cell Phones! Cell phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are designing communication devices that border on scary.

So, what’s my point?…the point is there is no excuse for anyone to say I couldn’t get in touch with you. While we are on set we have the luxury and truly new way to talk to each other, give instructions from the set to the trailer via texting! Texting is the millennials walkie-talkies.

While working on a project and developing a solid GlamSquad™ is to have amazing communication. Strong, accurate, detailed information, and communication is the key to a winning department on set.

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