Uuuh Clean It Up or Get Rid Of It!!

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Okay, those that know me well and those that are getting to know me know I HATE DIRT AND MESSY KITS!!! I love order. It’s just another form of beauty to me, an extension.

One of the things all women and beauty professionals would do best in their daily grooming habits is to clean the items that assist you in your daily grooming and application to clients. We don’t always pay attention to or make time to clean our sponges, puffs, makeup brushes and the like. Not really recognising that we may be the key in contributing to our own skincare problem!

In most of our sponges, brushes and wash towels lies a breeding ground of bacteria. So, knowing that bacteria can grow in moist and damp places it’s best to clean them frequently.

With each use, your makeup brushes , sponges , towels, mitts and puffs become coated with more than just makeup product. They all pick up body oils, dead skin cells and airborne dust and dirt. All of your makeup assistants need regular TLC and buildup prevention.


There are several biogradeable beauty items that have long use and can stave off bacteria. Using paper towels and other disposable set towels are great for keeping your general workspace clean as most MUA’s like to spot clean their brushes while on set by using the set towels.

Some of my personal favorite anti bacterial bamboo towels and mitts are made by a company called Hollywood Face. The towels and mitts are plush and extremely soft. I use the mitt for clients who may perspire heavily. The mitt absorbs the perspiration yet doesn’t alter the makeup during touch ups.

I usually clean these types of towels and mitts immediately after use. I buy them wholesale so if one gets soiled I immediately replace them. I usually keep 2 in my actors set bags. I wash these beauties in my FAVORITE delicate laundry wash by TOCCA.



Here’s a selection of top brands of solid form brush cleaners. Honestly my absolute fave is by London Brush Company (vegan). Also it was the ORIGINAL brand to create the format of solid brush cleaners.

20140531-114835.jpgThe beauty of the solid brush cleaners is that you can clean the brushes or sponges right in the container it comes in and simply rinse it out and allow it to air dry. It’s basically a hard soap in a tub. However of all the solid cleaners London Brush Company is that is graded by the FDA so it’s super clean and even food grade clean! 😉


Give each of your brushes a good swirl in the tub and leave them to dry. NOTE: When washing your brushes with water be sure to not allow too much water to get into the ferrule as this can loosen the glue binding the bristles of the brush and cause “fallout”. Allow your brushes to air dry flat or upside down and squeeze them back into their original shape (because the brush can loose its original shape if not shampooed and air dried properly….., see picture below).

This Brush is an example of what can happen to a brush that is not cleaned often ,cleaned with the wrong cleansers and has lost it’s shape.


SEPHORA’s Brush Cleaning Pad

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mitt

Here are a few Spray Spot Cleaning brush cleaners. I use spot cleaners inbetween the times just before I give my brushes a good shampooing. Spot cleaning is great for instant cleaning and disinfecting. My absolute fave cleaner is Cinema Secrets…why?…because it leaves my brushes scented in vanilla!!! Only drawback with this one is it may slightly stain your all white brushes. I do not use these types of cleaners on my sponges. Oh, and I have to say this cause its a pet peeve and just out nasty and germy to me is when I see MUA’s blow on their makeup brushes!!!! Ugh! Are you serious…ok saliva all on the brush…REALLY PEOPLE STOP IT!!!

Now my preference for cleaning my sponges is normally liquid cleaners/shampoo. I rarely use the solids for sponge cleaning. And honestly I don’t like Beauty Blenders solid to clean their own brushes!!! How crazy is that?! I like their liquid cleanser best for the Beauty Blender in fact it trumps all other liquid cleaners for the Blender outside of the world famous Dr. Bronner’s. I use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender, Rose or Baby Scent.


I use all of the shampoos for cleaning my makeup brushes as well. elf is very affordable ($3) and works well, love the simple black packaging. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is also a fave, obviously for its detangling properties, especially for long hair brushes.

In closing if you keep your tools in good shape you’ll have them for years which equals to me less $$$ spent annually on replacing these pricy items! It just makes sense.