YSL Touché Eclat Anything!!!!! | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

I really don’t know where to begin this review. Uhhh okay, so  let’s start with a question. I think this is a great way to lay down the tracks for this post. 

Sooooo, let’s say you’re a Professional Makeup Artist. And you’ve been in the entertainment and beauty business for close to 30yrs.You’ve used every brand of makeup (unknown brands to designer brands) in your makeup kit for your clients in every medium from print to film. So, what kind of makeup do you wear personally? I mean do you even wear makeup?

Answer: Well, I have to say there are days that I wear makeup and days where I just simply don’t give a rip!! But when I do wear makeup you can be rest assured I hold no punches on the beat!!! Hahahaaa!!! I have to say I have a few staples that are in my personal makeup kit and one brand I totally stand by is YSL!!! Tried and true. I know exactly what I’m gonna get with this brand and its perfection!! And honestly for me it all started with the Touché EClat Pen. Can I tell you how that pen has always given my work life on set! And yes, I then started using it for myself as well.


Honestly in the early days of YSL they really did not have my color foundation available at the time but I would wear the mascara and the lipsticks (which I loved). For me like most women the packaging is a classic and this brand is definitely a classic upscale brand that exudes style and taste. Now when I say classic I mean more mature women but how would that classic translate to millennials? Well trust me it has translated well!!!! The brand has gotten some new chemists or something and definitely have awesome package designers and product developers.



Oh and YES THEY HAVE MY COLOR NOW!!! Thanks YSL my classic beauty brand on full display.  

SEPHORA Cosmetics | Review


Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

You know the feeling of going into a Sephora store, it’s kind of a crazy high like when you buy a new pair of shoes. Sephora just has a great branding on beauty items. In fact it has become THE number one go to beauty shops online and in stores! Pretty impressive huh? I’d say so.

But dare I say I’d been guilty of actually being in the store and unconsciously passing by the Sephora Cosmetics brand makeup and accessories (and I LOVE ACCESSORIES) ?! I mean really who does that??? I’m sorry Sephora 💋💋💋let’s makeup okay? 💃💃💃💃because today is my day here on this post to talk about SEPHORA!!

I guess you can say this is a SEPHORA HAUL (though I’m not personally a user of that word “haul”, cause its sounds well, just weird like a fanatical fan frenzy type thingy).

Here are the items I’ll be reviewing:

1) Sephora Lip Balm

2) Sephora Glossy Gloss to Go

3) Sephora Things are Looking Up Eyelash Curler

4) Sephora First Look (disposable mascara wands)

5) Sephora Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder

6) Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Trio (01 Light)

7) Sephora Charcoal Blotting Papers (100 sheets)

8) Sephora Sponges : The Painter (airbrush sponge), The Perfector (airbrush sponge)

9) Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

10) Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation (Light, Fawn, Tan, Deep)

11) Sephora Primers ( Foundation & Ultra-Smoothing)

12) Sephora Smoothing & Brightening Concealer (Light 02 & 03,Medium 05,06 & 08)

13) Sephora Rouge Infusion ( Beige01, Magenta04, Fushia05, Coral06, Orange09)

14) Sephora Jumbo Liner 12hr Wear Waterproof ( Black, Dark Brown)



20141001-000824.jpgThese are truly lovely stay true colors that don’t move in fact they are lip stains for the lips. And can I tell you how much love the Beige 01!!! That one is a beautiful creamy nude (and its my favourite). These have a very light scent to them and they don’t bleed or settle in the fine lines in your lips.


20140930-154227.jpg I like this lip butter and I have seen it work instantly to moisten even the most extremely dry lips. It’s smells like malted chocolate and comes in this easy to open tin. The only drawback to this butter is that if you put too much it can get milky looking and get gummy in the corners of the mouth if you apply too much so a little goes a long way.


20140930-154239.jpgThis gloss is to me like any other gloss. Yes, it stays on long and has nice colors but truth is there’s nothing particularly special about this gloss other than its cute and portable.


20140930-163037.jpgWhen I first saw this product I did the total “side eye” on this one. But let me quickly say this…I love this product!!! It’s quick application, water resistant and the colors read well on film they also blend and are buildable. It comes in a 2.5oz can…YES CAN!!

Be sure to shake up the can first for easy spraying. Yes it does have that aerosol kind of scent coming out of the can BUT the product itself is odourless. Just like an airbrush machine can give you a light to full coverage finish so can this product and the colors are totally realistic!! Love this one and it comes in 9 shades. Two more shades on the Deeper shades and this line is total perfection!!!
PRICE : $28


20140930-225934.jpgI don’t know what to say about the concealer, contour and brow craze that’s happening all over and I certainly don’t want to add to the madness however I went and got the Sephora Brightening Concealer. And as you well know I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs’ The Remedy Concealer Pen because its just…well, GENIUS!!!

And I’m still a fan of YSL’ Touch Éclat (the original of the liquid fabulous concealers…LEGENDARY STATUS!!) but I think I might have to go on ahead and add a Bronze winner to this genre of concealer!! It’s lightweight, blends nicely and lasts all day. I mean seriously Sephora is killing it with longwear in their product line and I’m in shock that I’d not gotten into the brand sooner. BRAVO Concealer! 👏👏👏👏