7 Tips to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdowns!


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ooooo there’s nothing worse than seeing women who suffer from summertime makeup meltdown! And I’m going to be honest with you…I get a feeling, this summers gonna be a scorcher! It’s great when you’re in your house in the cool of your powder room applying your lovely makeup for the day. It’s great when you get to the office and there’s ample air conditioning to keep that makeup pristine but, what’s gonna happen when you’re out in the street dealing with the heat?!

You see what I’ve learned is that my professional 9-5 ladies can have it bad if they’re having to wear full dress suits and full sleeve button up shirts. Company rules no short sleeves or open toe shoes and short shorts. You must be professionally dressed at all times. These are company rules! How do you comply yet still remain as lovely coiffed? I’ve got a secret from the Caribbean that will save the day and help your skin stay lovely and supple.

Being a Caribbean Lady and being accustomed to living in climates that are high heat you learn little actedotes for beauty. Okay so lets keep it all the way real…ask the question “Just how do women in high heat countries and islands keep their makeup on when its over 70 degrees and rising?” Keep reading 🔽

Makeup melts not just because of heat and sweat, but because of natural body oils. Your skin produces more oil in the summer months, so be sure to grab an oil-preventing cleanser, use masks once a week, carry a water spritzer (rosewater my personal fave) and blotting papers throughout the day.

1) Try using a clay mask once a week to reduce your skin’s oil production. Also try a clay based foundation the clay has a cooling effect and keeps pores closed so less oils come through for longer makeup wear.

2) Apply foundation only where you need it – and if you can, skip it altogether! Especially in the summer, do not over-apply. Sometimes less is more!

3) Light, sheer coverage is best – choose a tinted moisturizer and use concealer only where you need it.

4) If you can’t skip foundation, use a primer first (most women who live in the Caribbean use a thin layer of Noxema to stave away melting, yes Noxema, old trick the menthol, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and peppermint are all cooling agents to the skin and keep the skin smooth, conditioned under the makeup ), and then apply the foundation with your fingertips. This will warm it up and when you hit the summer sun, it won’t be such a shock.

5) Heavy, oil-based cosmetics do not wear well in hot weather. Light, shear and waterproof makeup will stay in place longer. Please take note, everyone’s skin type and texture is different just be patient in finding a method that works best for you.

6) Set with translucent mineral powder.

7) Use an eyeshadow primer (NYX White ,White Pearl or Skin Tone my personal faves)- it helps keep your color vibrant and keep it from sliding or creasing. Cream and pressed powder eyeshadows are best because they’re less likely to move. Silicone-based are also good choices.

*Tip :
When using eyeshadow primers; eyeshadow primers neutralize the natural tone on the skin of your lid so whatever pressed powder colors you choose will go on looking just like the color in the pan!

And cream eyeshadows can also act as your eyeshadow primer! If you can get a pressed eyeshadow Color the same as your cream eyeshadow you have a winning combo! My fave cream waterproof eyeshadows are by Makeup For Ever and my fave waterproof liquid liners are by Makeup For Ever and Stila. My fave waterproof eyeliner pencils are by Makeup For Ever…I’m just saying!

Remember when applying eyeshadow always firmly press it into the primer, in opposition to wiping it on with a brush the fluffiness of the brush will automatically begin to blend the eyeshadow and you won’t get the full eyeshadow color you want.

This old-school face wash deep-cleans and removes makeup without drying skin. It’s best for oily or acne-prone skin, but the heavy fragrance is not for everyone and can be irritating for sensitive types. You’ve been informed…hope this helps.