Miss America :Women of Color who have donned the title.


Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams


In 1984 Vanessa Williams then Miss New York had now won the title of “Miss America 1984”! Not only did she have the new title of “Miss America” but she also had the title of “THE FIRST” African American woman to covet the crown. There was pride and a whole lot if cheering happening! We won!! Finally!!!

And no matter what Vanessa Williams will always still be the first African American winner of the Miss America Pagent. That is a fact and chronicled as such.

I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa on a music video for the movie “Panther” on a song called “Freedom” written and produced by singer/songwriter/producer Angie Stone also known as one of the cast members of R&B Divas: Atlanta. Angie is also one of my clients.

The evening of that video shoot was right after the Grammys Awards (I worked the Grammys as well) so all the female Artists were able to come out for the video and I alone was the Makeup Artist for over 60women!!! So I asked that some come camera ready (mostly those singing in the choir) and I’d be responsible for the lead singers as they came in or were available to shoot both in LA and in NY.

Miss America 1984 Suzette Charles


Miss America 1990 Debbye Turner

I don’t know what it was but I was especially teary eyed when Debbye won. I guess it was because I never thought I would ever see another Miss America winner be an African American. I was extremely happy and proud, not to mention the fact that she was a medium brown complexion, like me!!! A lot of young girls like me. I remember Barbie created a Debbye Turner doll in limited run.

Miss America 1991 Marjorie Vincent


Miss America 1994 Kimberly Aiken


Miss America 2003 Erika Harold


Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap


Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron


Miss America 2013 Nina Daviluri



Miss America Winners of Color
Oh the thrill, joy and tears of winning the crown. It’s serious business and truly life changing for all it’s participants. For the winner good or bad circumstances life will never be the same again.


1) Vanessa Williams (Miss New York in 1984)

2) Suzette Charles (Miss New Jersey in 1984)

3) Debbye Turner (Miss Missouri in 1990)

4) Marjorie Vincent (Miss Illinois in 1991)

5) Kimberly Aiken (Miss South Carolina in 1994)

6) Erika Harold (Miss Illinois in 2003)

7) Ericka Dunlap (Miss Florida in 2004)

8) Caressa Cameron (Miss Virginia in 2010)

9) Nina Daviluri (Miss New York 2013)