The Makeup Show Holiday Pop-Up Shop : Review

 Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles


 So every year for the last 4 years now I have always been in attendance at all of the Holiday Pop Up Shops that The Makeup show has presented. I guess you would say I’m a loyalist to the beauty industry. But this year was a bit different for me with this Pop Up Shop. 

I’ve matured as a shopper (meaning I’m less of an impulse shopper and more of a focused and neccessity shopper with purpose and direction) I am a more seasoned shopper and a Pro MUA (not the novice or MU enthusiast). when I make a purchase guaranteed I will be using it for work on some show the next day!
So  okay I went with a plan as I usually do  to most of these shows  so I’m not aimlessly walking around dazed by all I see then winding up getting items I eally dont want or need. then they have the nerve to give you a free drink ticket (I didn’t endulge, only causes more brainless shopping!!! LOLOL!!!). So I remained sober! And was even more super sober when I finally added up my purchases at the end of the evening.

I went in with a specific budget and proudly didn’t go over it at the show. However I did reserve two big ticket items that most definintely were on my list but not in the budget at that time (but I wound up getting those items later for a special show price still being honored by the vendor).

The Official Makeup Show For Spring 2016

MAY 1-2, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Monday, May 2, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dates for The Makeup Show NYC have been set. Mark your calendars for May 1-2, 2016. Register to Get Updates to be notified as exhibitors and presenters are announced and when tickets go on sale.


The information below is from our The Makeup Show NYC 2015.

AJ Crimson Beauty Limelight by Alcone

Alcone Company Lit Cosmetics

Amika Hair Care London Brush Company

Armour Beauty MAC Cosmetics

Ashunta Sheriff Magnolia Makeup

Auraline Beauty Inc Make-Up Designory

Beauty Addicts MAKE UP FOR EVER

Beautylish MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy

Beauty So Clean Mario Badescu

Bdellium Tools Mehron

Besame Cosmetics MG Hair and Makeup

Billion Dollar Brows Michael Marcus

BlackUp Model in a Bottle

Blinc Inc Model Launcher

Breakups To Makeup MustaeV

Bodyography Naked Cosmetics

Cinema Secrets Nars Cosmetics

CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Nigels Beauty Emporium

Cosmix Inc. Nurturing Force

Crown Brush NYX Cosmetics

Dante Disposables Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Dermalogica Parian Spirit

Elementwo Pinnacle Cosmetics

Ellis Faas Pür Minerals

Embryolisse USA Ricky’s NYC

EVE PEARL Beauty Brands Rouge Bunny Rouge

Eye Kandy Cosmetics Senna Cosmetics

Face Atelier Sephora

Flutter Lashes Smashbox Cosmetics

Frends Beauty Supply Static Nails

Glamcor Stila Cosmetics

Gleam by Melanie Mills Surratt Beauty

Graftobian Makeup Company T3 Micro

Grande Lash MD Temptu PRO

Gripless Beauty The Knot

Hakuhodo Usa The Makeup Light

I Make You Beautiful The Powder Group

Inglot Cosmetics Tweezerman

Kat Von D Beauty Veil Cosmetics

Kett Cosmetics Velour Lashes

Kevyn Aucoin Violet Voss

Kimiko Beauty Vincent Longo

Kiss USA Yaby Cosmetics

Lady Moss Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Lashes In A Box Z Palette


On The Road Again…. (Part 1)


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ahhh to be on a concert tour!!! Honestly there’s no other high like that in the world. The exhilaration of working on the road on what is one of the hottest acts in music or musicals is one you simply can’t duplicate! Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug you see no reason to simply be stagnant in one place. Or at least I never did.

Those who have never worked on a tour or simply on consistently different locations be it for a Film, TV, Broadway or Concert tour will never understand the mind or lifestyle of a “roadie”.

My very first music your in 1993 was with none other than Janet Jackson on the tour simply titled “janet”. On that tour is where I truly got my feet wet in the upper echelon of the music industry. I was working with music business royalty! This is where my makeup game was put into full gear and and I had to learn quick, put up, shut up or pack up and go home.


On the road/tour the cast and crew become your family away from your blood family. You work, eat, sleep, travel and have down time with all of these people who at one time you never even knew! Now you all are one, there to help create the bigger picture which is to help entertain millions of people all across the globe!! Who knew my gift for makeup would have me in this position?! I never even saw it coming. And I had to be EXCELLENT in every capacity, it was expected of me and I wanted to give 200%!!

I met and worked with some of the biggest names in music entertainment. I worked side by side with my friend Kevyn Aucoin, lived beyond my wildest dreams and doing my passion…MAKEUP!!

Little did I know wasn’t just about me having fun all over the world and making people pretty. I was about to learn what being on a big ticket music tour really entailed (thank goodness I did have some legal knowledge because of my time in college with my minor being law, I knew somewhat about contractual law);

1) Contract negotiations, negotiating per diems, etc.
2) Confidentiality agreements.
3) Learning Tour Etiquette.
4) Preparing a huge Makeup Kit that would last me for at least 6months out of my years contract.
5) Working within a set budget
designed for the Makeup Department.
6) All the makeup to be done for rehearsals and full costume rehearsals, videos, photo shoots, tour books, CD packaging, magazines, on air interviews live in studio, any and all live appearances and more.
7) Leaving home and never being home.
8) Living out of a suitcase for about a year and a half.
9) Living on planes, private jets, tour buses and in hotels.
10) Learning to live on a set budget for myself on tour and once the tour was over until my next gig.


Here’s a clip shot by MTV (who’s hosts Bill Bellamy at that time followed us everywhere we went on tour) for the New Years Special at Madison Square Harden in New York.This was part of the finale with the song “IF”.

After this whirlwind tour with Lady Janet ;who knew the next tour and client that would be ringing the phone was going to be none other than The Queen of Hip Hop R&B Lady Mary J. Blige! Mary’s and my first photo shoot together was for the cover of the Source Magazine. I remember her saying to me after seeing her makeup fully done for the shoot “What’s your name again? Mmm I ain’t $&@#*£! Wit nobody but you and Sam!” The very next day I got a phone call requesting my services for the next 3months for Mary’s Promo Tour of “My Life”.


Wished GLAMCOR Illumination Makeup Studio was around when I was on some of my promo tours with Mary, Lil’ Kim, Tweet, Brownstone, Angie Stone, Faith Evans and a few other Ladies. Those GLAMCOR Classic Light Kit and studio makeup cases would’ve been perfect for those 3-6month promo tours!

Here’s a clip from our first European tour for the CD “My Life” on the the popular UK TV Show WORD! Mary sitting next to Simon LeBon and the band Duran Duran (who I was a fan of and loved their music).

We stopped in Washington, DC where the BET studios used to be on the Donnie Simpson video show. Mary was so shy around Donnie (cause honey he was hot with those big ol green eyes staring at you). All the Ladies loved Donnie.

In closing up this post all I can say is this if you’re going to go out on a tour just be prepared. Learn how to pack your personal cases and your Pro Makeup Kits be they small cases or large trunks learn how to organize. Learn from seasoned people in the industry about all that a tour entails and just what your role is as part of The Glam Squad.

In parting I wish you “Love, Peace and more Hair Grease, Paint On viZionaire!”