Emmy Nominations for Makeup & Hair…How do you get nominated?

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

I’m so excited for all my colleagues in the industry who are currently nominated. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! It’s an exciting feeling to have been nominated by your peers for work you have done and they thought was excellent and worthy of praise via awards. Yes, it’s a lovely feeling of accomplishment and humbling because there are so many who are equally as talented. But ask most nominees and they’ll tell you they just wanted to do a great job and really don’t give it much thought during the process of working on the project.

Ahhhhh, but when excellent work makes viewers take notice and speak on it then you know you’ve done something special. Take a bow, smile and thank everyone who worked with you to make the dream work. CONGRATULATIONS!! The Emmy’s and other award shows where people like the crew are recognized for their outstanding work is nice to see and let’s the general public take a peek inside a production. To see the people who are behind the scenes making the production come to life.

Okay, so how does the process work in getting an Emmy or Emmy Nomination? MMmmm, well I’ll try to explain it as well as I can to you as it was explained to me via one of my colleagues. 

  1. The production applies to the Television Academy for every department available on a production.
  2. The production sends the Department Heads paperwork for submission to the productions office and they then submit it to the Televison Academy election committee for review.
  3. The Department Heads are required to write a brief essay pertaining to the work they did on the production and the work of their team of Artists. They also submit photographic work or video to the election committee.
  4. The election committee are a group of selected peers in their category who review the submissions and also vote.
  5. There are votes that not only come from their respective departments but overall Television Academy Emmy Membership are allowed to vote in each category.
  6. The production company usually takes care of Emmy Membership Fees for any department they are submitting for review. The Emmy Membership fees are as follows: Active Membership $185, Associate Membership $110, Film Group $75.00
  7. Each Active Member is sent all material that pertains to Emmy Nominations (i.e. DVD’s of all shows listed as nominees, promos, commercials, swag etc., etc.)

For Full and complete Emmy procedures, memberships, categories listing, breakdowns etc., etc. click on this link http://www.emmys.com/