Vera Mona Color Switch | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

  I’m going to tell you right now this review is a NO BRAINIER! Of course I love this product by Vera Mona because it’s about keeping your brushes clean and neat for quick makeup changes. 

I’ve always hated powder buildup on a brush. You know you’re going to have a quick eyeshadow change and what you would end up with sometimes is a murky colored mess that you know is going to take even more time to fix!! And I’m funny about using brushes just cleaned out of a cleaning solution and using it directly from my clients eyes.

Color Switch is single handed resolving that issue in one swirl in the pan!! I love that it’s in a tin pan that you can easily cover and take with you in your set bag.

 So here is my gift from Vera Mona! After corresponding with them about the product in a flash Color Switch was ringing my bell! Hello Beautiful!

Thank you Vera Mona for my Color Switch gift. you know I like to keep it neat and clean!!! ❤️💛💚


Here you have Color Switch Solo & Color Switch Duo. I use the Solo for face powder and the duo only for eyeshadows.


Now let me be clear this is a dry product. The black cleaning sponge (which is really a stippling sponge) is dry at all times. How it works is the powder gets pulled off by the many tiny curved holes in the sponge. The remaining powder falls to the bottom of the pan. The only liquid involved is when you add liquid for saturated color with the Color Switch Duo. 

Cleaning your brushes for quick makeup changes just got easier!

  The shop prices are as follows:

  1. Solo $16.99
  2. Duo $19.99
  3. Color Switch ProBand $34.99

Video #1 How to use the Color Switch Duo

Video #2 How to use the Color Switch Armband

Here’s your link to the Official Vera Mona Website