68th Emmy Award Nominee for Makeup | The Wiz Live!

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

I can’t tell you the sheer joy I had in knowing there was a plan to bring the play The Wiz back into production. You know there’s a gift (well, I’d bee given several gifts actually) that I’ve had ever since I was a little girl and two have always worked for me has been foresight and the ability to speak things into existence!

I knew in my spirit that this play would be revived at some point in time. I thought it would be much sooner than 2015 though! This play is so special to me personally because I was there at the very first performance and the very last when it was on Brodway with the original cast.  This was the first play I’d ever seen on Broadway and it shaped the way I would move in entertainment. The singing, dancing, costumes and of course MAKEUP!!

I always loved the Wizard of Oz but when The Wiz premiered it was the soulful adaptation with a Dorothy that I could visually relate to and her voice was so incredibly melodic and it was LIVE! Stephanie Mills the original Dorothy in The Wiz (also the Aunt of one of my dearest and oldest friends). I felt like I could reach out and touch the stage. It was magical…the dances I felt warm almost made me feel like I too could dance like that (of course I was dreaming, and took several dance classes to try my hand at it).

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved this millennial spin on The Wiz. I read that 11.5 million people tuned in on that Thursday night! And I can tell you I ran home from work quick fast in a hurry so I wouldn’t miss not even a commercial!! According to Nielsen, roughly 269,400 people sent 1.6 million tweets about “The Wiz Live!” on Thursday night and 6.4 million people saw those tweets a total of 128.9 million times!!

The production more than tripled the number of tweets for either “Sound of Music” (449,536) or “Peter Pan” (474,735). And according to social media analyst company Canvs, “The Wiz” drew four times as many reactions per minute than “Peter Pan” (792 vs. 178) and more than three times as many as “Sound of Music” (238).

It was the very next day that I was on set with two of the Makeup Artists that worked the show my dear heart Christine Dominecki, my spirit sister Stephanie McGee and Bjoren Rehbein. And here we were together working side by side doing “disco 80’s drag makeup” for this new TV show. We pulled out all the stops on makeup that day. But those three really pulled some stunts the night before on The Wiz!!! I couldn’t stop praising them for their great work and as I was saying it…saying, how much I loved their work….in my spirit I heard they’re gonna win! Huh? Gonna win?? Win what??? Oh, yes ratings for the show, right yes, I’m sure they will have great numbers coming in from this performance.

Well, I now think that spirit voice I heard was more referring to The Primetime Emmy Awards!!! I’m rooting for everyone on the team. And I do hope that little voice in me was right! This will mean so much to many who loved the show. Cheering my friends on for their great work is easy…now to send them off to LA for the actual ceremony!!! Yay!!! Here’s a look at their awesome Makeup Work!

The cast of The Wiz Live!

Prosthetic Makeup created by Department Head Makeup Artist for Saturday Night Live Louie Zakarian.

Makeup Artist Debi Young – Makeup for Mary J. Blige as Evilline

Makeup Artist Stephanie McGee – Makeup for Amber Riley as Aderappearl. Pictured here with The Flying Monkey’s from Cirque Du Soleil and Emerald City Citizen.

Makeup Artist Christine Dominecki pictured here with Elijah Kelley as Scarecrow.

Makeup Artist Bjoren Rehbein and his Makeup for Queen Latifah as The Wiz.

Mary J. Blige as Evilinne, Queen Latifah as The Wiz, Amber Riley as Aderappearl

***Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)***

The Wiz Live! • NBC • Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment

Cookie Jordan, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist 

Matiki Anoff, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist 

Debi Young, Makeup Artist
Stephanie McGee, Makeup Artist

Bjorn Rehbein, Makeup Artist 

Christine Domaniecki, Makeup Artist 

68th EMMY AWARDS Nominations for Makeup & Hair

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

It’s awards season for prime time TV and the nominees have officially been announced!!

I’m so excited for all my fellow Makeup & Hair colleagues. CONGRATULATIONS!!! To all who worked so hard to put on a great show and display excellent Artistry again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

So, here’s the list of the official nominees…

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

Game Of Thrones • Battle Of The Bastards • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360 Television and Startling Television
Jane Walker, Department Head Makeup Artist Kate Thompson, Makeup Artist

Nicola Mathews, Makeup Artist

Kay Bilk, Makeup Artist

Marianna Kyriacou, Makeup Artist Pamela Smyth, Makeup Artist

The Knick • Whiplash • Cinemax • Cinemax Entertainment in association with Ambeg Screen Products, Anonymous Content and Extension 765

Nicki Ledermann, Department Head Makeup Artist Stephanie Pasicov, Key Makeup Artist
Sunday Englis, Key Makeup Artist

Tania Ribalow, Makeup Artist

Rachel Geary, Makeup Artist
LuAnn Claps, Personal Makeup Artist 
Penny Dreadful • Glorious Horrors • Showtime • SHOWTIME Presents in association with SKY

Enzo Mastrantonio, Department Head Makeup Artist Clare Lambe, Key Makeup Artist
Caterina Sisto, Makeup Artist

Lorraine McCrann, Makeup Artist

Morna Ferguson, Personal Makeup Artist

Vikings • Yol • HISTORY • An Octagon and Take 5 production in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for History

Tom McInerney, Department Head Makeup Artist Katie Derwin, Key Makeup Artist
Ciara Scannel, Makeup Artist
Vinyl • Pilot • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Paramount Pictures, Jagged Films, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions

Nicki Ledermann, Department Head Makeup Artist Tania Ribalow, Key Makeup Artist
Sunday Englis, Key Makeup Artist

Rachel Geary, Makeup Artist

Michael Laudati, Makeup Artist Cassandra Saulter, Makeup Artist
Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
Dancing With The Stars • Halloween Night • ABC • BBC Worldwide Productions

Zena Shteysel, Department Head Makeup Artist Angela Moos, Key Makeup Artist

Patti Ramsey Bortoli, Additional Makeup Artist Sarah Woolf, Additional Makeup Artist

Julie Socash, Additional Makeup Artist Alison Gladieux, Additional Makeup Artist

Grease: Live • FOX • Paramount Television

Zena Shteysel, Department Head Makeup Artist Angela Moos, Key Makeup Artist
Julie Socash, Additional Makeup Artist

Alison Gladieux, Additional Makeup Artist
Key & Peele • Y’all Ready For This? • Comedy Central • Cindylou, Monkeypaw Productions, Martel & Roberts Productions, Principato-Young Entertainment, Central Productions

Scott Wheeler, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Suzy Diaz, Key Makeup Artist
Jason Hamer, Key Makeup Artist

Natalie Thimm, Key Makeup Artist

Michael Blake, Key Makeup Artist

Saturday Night Live • Host: Ryan Gosling • NBC • SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video
Louie Zakarian, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Amy Tagliamonti, Key Makeup Artist

Jason Milani, Key Makeup Artist

Daniela Zivkovic, Makeup Artist

Melanie Demitri, Makeup Artist 

Margie Durand, Makeup Artist 

The Wiz Live! • NBC • Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment

Cookie Jordan, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist 

Matiki Anoff, Co-Department Head 

Makeup Artist Debi Young, Makeup Artist
Stephanie McGee, Makeup Artist

Bjorn Rehbein, Makeup Artist 

Christine Domaniecki, Makeup Artist 

Outstanding Makeup For A Limited Series Or Movie (Non-Prosthetic)
All The Way • HBO • HBO Films in association with Amblin Television, Tale Told Productions, Moonshot Entertainment and Everyman Pictures
Bill Corso, Department Head Makeup Artist

Francisco X. Perez, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist 

Sabrina Wilson, Key Makeup Artist
American Horror Story: Hotel • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television, FX Productions

Eryn Krueger Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Kim Ayers, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist 

Michael Mekash, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist 

Silvina Knight, Makeup Artist
James MacKinnon, Makeup Artist 

Sarah Tanno, Makeup Artist

Fargo • FX Networks • MGM Television, FX Productions

Gail Kennedy, Department Head Makeup Artist
Joanne Preece, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist 

Gunther Schetterer, Key Makeup Artist

Danielle Hanson, Key Makeup Artist
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story • FX Networks • Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions

Eryn Krueger Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Zoe Hay, Department Head Makeup Artist
Heather Plott, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist 

Deborah Huss Humphries, Makeup Artist

Luis Garcia, Makeup Artist 

Becky Cotton, Makeup Artist 

Roots • Night One • HISTORY • An A+E Studios Production in association with Marc Toberoff Productions and The Wolper Organization

Aimee Stuit, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Christa Schoeman, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Niqui da Silva, Key Makeup Artist
Paige Reeves, Key Makeup Artist

Marike Liebetrau, Makeup Artist 
Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or Special
All The Way • HBO • HBO Films in association with Amblin Television, Tale Told Productions, Moonshot Entertainment and Everyman Pictures

Bill Corso, Special Makeup Effects Department Head 

Francisco X. Perez, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist 

Sabrina Wilson, Key Makeup Artist
Andrew Clement, Prosthetic Designer
American Horror Story: Hotel • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television, FX Productions

Eryn Krueger Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist 

Mike Mekash, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist 

Bradley A. Palmer, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Bart Mixon, Special Makeup Effects Artist

James MacKinnon, Makeup Artist
Kevin Kirkpatrick, Makeup Artist

David Leroy Anderson, Prosthetic Designer 

Glen Eisner, Prosthetic Designer
Game Of Thrones • The Door • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360 Television and Startling Television

Jane Walker, Department Head Makeup Artist

Sarah Gower, Special Makeup Effects Assistant Department Head 

Emma Sheffield, Key Special Makeup Effects Artist

Tristan Versluis, Key Special Makeup Effects Artist

Barrie Gower, Prosthetic Designer
Penny Dreadful • And Hell Itself My Only Foe • Showtime • SHOWTIME Presents in association with SKY

Nick Dudman, Special Makeup Effects Department Head 

Sarita Allison, Key Special Makeup Effects Artist
Barney Nikolic, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Paul Spateri, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Dennis Penkov, Prosthetic Designer 

The Walking Dead • No Way Out • AMC • AMC Studios / Stalwart Films, LLC / Skybound / Circle of Confusion / Valhalla Entertainment

Greg Nicotero, Special Makeup Effects Department Head 

Jake Garber, Key Special Makeup Effects Artist
Gino Crognale, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Kevin Wasner, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Garrett Immel, Makeup Effects Artist Kerrin Jackson, Makeup Effects Artist Carey Jones, Prosthetic Designer 

Here’s the 68th Emmys Full List of Nominations from The Hollywood Reporter

Here’s the 68th Emmys Full List of Nominatons from Variety Magazine 

Continuity Issues : Try the Sync on Set App


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ok, so this weekend I took a “live training session” with a Sync On Set representative, Greg was his name. The training session was held at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply on 29th Street and 8th Avenue here in NYC, one of my favorite one stop shop spots for Pro Artists supplies. I’m just going to say this now…,I LOVE THIS PROGRAM AND IT’S LONG OVERDUE!!!

Sync OnSet is a new software program and mobile app tailored to the needs of the Costume, Makeup & Hair Departments that mostly work on TV shows, Movies and I might say Broadway. With Sync OnSet, the whole staff can digitally manage script breakdowns, fitting notes, continuity photos, inventory, and much more.

It’s really an amazing program that can assist you in keeping absolutely everything in your department in order. For example when you upload the script (best in a PDF file) it automatically sets up the program making all the script brake downs by the scenes numbers, scene days, script days, characters names and pages.


All additional information you would go to the website and manually add your details to the breakdown. These are your notes to be shared interdepartmental, so everyone is on the same page about the details and frequent updates of your department. If you have to make changes, changes are easily done just by typing info in directly from your PC or Mobile Device and the two can be synced immediately.

Sync OnSet allows multiple users of your choice (because you can select who can view your departments notes from you selected crew members i.e, Director, Producer, UPM’s, Department Assistants) to collaborate in a new and exciting way and to share notes via mail or by messaging.

Sync OnSet’s mobile app gives the user the flexibility to take photos from your iPhone or iPad and take notes anywhere and instantly share them with the rest of the team! Example: the Department Head and Key may be on set in a location far from the trailer where you may have an Assistant stationed working on your continuity books, onset changes and updates can immediately be photographed detailed and synced upon set or emailed to your Assistants Mobile Device and instantly added!

As you can see in the picture above taken from my iPhone you can see how Sync On Set has a listing set up so when you click on each listing it will take you to that area of the program. You can tag photos from the Photo Gallery and email the look to whomever you’d like within your department or to the Director. This program is fast becoming the industry’s first “digital continuity bible”!

Ok, so here are further breakdowns of the software program listed below by department.

Costume: Easily manage your costume breakdown, track inventory and upload fitting and continuity photos.

Makeup: With Sync OnSet, you can upload continuity photos, face charts and detailed notes on the products used so everyone can see what’s going on as the action happens.

Hair: Your entire team can track looks with continuity photo galleries, and detailed maintenance, tool, and hair ornament notes.

Props: Add photos and track props from scene to scene or character to character all within one application.

“With our large costume team,
it allows us to collaborate and share
information seamlessly.”
– Joseph LaCorte & Virginia Patten

“This program is genius! It’s easy to
use, saves me hours and hours!

Boardwalk Empire, HBO

“This is long overdue!”
– Catharine “Fletch” Incaprera
Anchorman: The Legend Continues

“It is the wave of the
future for continuity and inter-
departmental communication”

– Kristin Burke
Insidious: Chapter 2

“Enables me to calmly present information to other departments… a huge asset!”
– Erika Lilienthal
Turn, AMC

“Gives me more time to focus on the important parts of my career & home life.”
– Pattie Hendersen
Reasonable Doubt

“Allows me to quickly breakdown
14 episodes in half the time!”

– Tamika Jackson
The Heart, She Holler,
Cartoon Network

There are more additions to be made to the software and to the mobile app but it’s all pretty easy once you get the jist of it and the software will have it’s updates made. Greg said they’re working on more details for the program but I tell you they’re off to a great start!!

To learn more and get started, please visit: http://www.synconset.com

A “WICKED”…journey

20130927-180804.jpgA “WICKED”…journey

Have you every just felt so incredibly blessed? Like you are impervious to all things that could possibly deter your next prepared place. The place you belong in even if it’s only a moment or even a lifetime!

There are several times in my life where I’ve felt like that…things I’ve said, thought or consciously or unconsciously prayed for, ALL of these are really prayers.

Have you ever wanted something but weren’t quite sure it was attainable but went for it anyway? You went for it and you really weren’t attached to the outcome good or bad, you just wanted to see if you could do it?

There’s an old saying that says: “Be careful of what you wish, because you just may get it.”

Well, here’s one of my “getting what you wish for” stories. It was the beginning of Spring 2005, you know when it’s still a bit chilly and mostly rainy. It was a dark day out and I was at my then home office and I was on the computer. Then all of a sudden I had a flood of old Broadway tunes come into my mind.

I had a recollection of me as a little girl attending some of those marvelous plays that were out when I was a child and had the privalge to attend. The Wiz, Dreamgirls, Cats,and A Chorus Line. I loved them all but I have to say seeing The Wiz (3x by the way; opened 1975 and Starring Stephanie Mills, who went on to be a popular R&B singer with several hit records)was the closest to my heart. The music from the play was so brilliant and rhythmic much like Black life, complex and melodic. I should have known one of my favourite songs from the play ” EVERYBODY REJOICE” was written by Luther Vandross in 1972 and originally recorded by his then group called “Change”


As a little girl and even as an adult I have always loved the story of The Wizard of Oz. In fact it’s still in my Top 10 fave movies!! Yes, right up there next to Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany, The Ten Commandments, The Matrix and more.

The story of Oz captured me as a child because my mind could see all the colors and characters. I thought about Dorothy and Toto (who was a really brave cookie through all that craziness). My Mum would buy me everything that pertained to the film and that included coloring books, Colorforms©™, comic books, Let’s Pretend Albums©™, dress ups and yes even the dolls!

I’ve always been one with a vivid imagination and saw the world my world in technicolor and I still do. I bought that same technicolor to my Makeup Artistry. But up to this point in my career all that Color and imagination was only reserved to Artists in the music industry, where I’d done amazingly well in a brief amount of time.

So now, back to my thoughts in my office. I was thinking about Dreamgirls as a movie (little did I know that there were plans indeed to turn the successful play into a film starring Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce’, Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose and a host of others). Guess my Prophetic Vision is greater than I give it credit for. I made several phone calls to try and get on that picture as Makeup Artist especially because so many of the Actors were musicians (ie Beyonce’ one of my former clients with Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Hudson).

I thought about The Wizard of Oz…”Mmmm maybe they’ll do another updated version of the classic or even “The Wiz” (I can’t tell you how many times I saw on film Starting Diana Ross (who later on wound up being a client of mine), Michael Jackson, Ted Ross (the original Lion from the Broadway play), Lena Horne, Nipsy Russell)

When I got no call backs for Dreamgirls my heart sank no it tanked!!! Then I remembered a song I’d heard on a commercial “LOOK AT HER SHE’S WICKED!”. Wait am I tripping out or what!! Yes there was another version of The Wizard of Oz….a play, a play called WICKED!!! Only it wasn’t like any of the other movies or plays I’d seen about Oz. But I still had a burning feeling in my chest that there was going to be another Wizard of Oz movie…could that be possible? Yeah, my instinct is never wrong…shoot sometimes I feel like a Pop Nostradamus!! I’m always right.

I looked everywhere in every trade and industry magazine and heard nothing of an Oz movie. However they sure were buzzing about Dreamgirls!!! I cried like a baby because I wanted to work on that movie so bad. For me that was a dashed dream! Oh well,…keep it movin’ sista!!

Yet, there was no buzz about an Oz film so what was this feeling I still had about this Oz project?!?? Well, I went to the Broadway website to find out about this play WICKED and which Theater it was playing in. I found the phone number to the stage!!! When this happened and happened with ease I took it as a sign.

I remembered in my Makeup Artists Union Member book a section for Broadway Makeup & Hair Artists. I found the Makeup Department heads phone number and I called him (guts right)!!! He answered (I’m shocked)! I give him my credentials,…he said come in for and interview and that they have a list of “Swing MUA’s” and if I was good enough he’d put me on that list.

What was happening?!? Shoot!!! And it was all happening so fast! He asked me to come in the next day for the interview and bring nothing but my makeup brushes. I came in the next day we talked and then he asked me if I worked with prosthetics before, I said yes but minimally. He asked if I knew how to paint I said yes. He asked me then to work on the masks he had all lined up and labeled on the shelf.

He said “Here are the colors and a sponge I need these repainted. Go!!!” I said in my head first “What?!!! Go!…I paused, Im not ready for this!” then i said out loud “So wait you want me to paint these, now?” He said “Yes now please.” So I went for it! He timed me on top of it and he was quietly impressed.

He said “Ok! That’s great!! Now, I’m going to have you come with me to the dressing room to meet our lead actress. There you can see the Makeup I put on her step by step. I suggest you take notes because it all happens quickly.”

Now, the negators voice came into my head saying “What in the blazes have you gone and done! Are you sure you can do this? You’ve never done this before. You’re not good enough to pull this off! What made you think you could do this?”

Then the positive voice like wiped away all those negative thoughts and said ” NZINGHA , you are one of the best and you have been prepared for this, that’s why it’s happening this way. You will do well you are truly the Artist I made you to be, now go.”

I followed him up the narrow staircase to the dressing room. He introduced me to Dee (who was charming, gorgeous skin and lovely smile, polite and my goodness had a serious collection of stuff in her room) and then began the process….

Actress Dee Roscoili

During the process I asked like 100 questions…because after all Broadway was different from the music biz. Well, the actress Dee seemed to like me enough and, we laughed and she asked me a heap of questions about all the musicians and music videos I’d done. She even rattled off a couple of cd covers I’d done. I was shocked!!! We got along fine.

So, the MU Department head asked me if I got everything and would I be able to come tomorrow and the next 3 days to learn the show (all paid days). I said yes!!! I came in the next day early as requested to recreate what he’d done on Dee last night. And I did it!!! To perfection and quickly. He said “Gosh your fast and good! Wow! Ok so it time to do Dee and the rest of the cast, let’s go!”

Things were moving so fast players everywhere getting into their costumes the band I could hear warming up though the house was not open yet. I was nervous…the negator came back to tell me “Quit while you’re ahead honey, you’re out of your league this ain’t the music biz!”

Humph…I shook that mess of and plowed right on ahead! Dee was happy to see me, “You made it! You’re here!! Awwww this is gonna be fun. Don’t worry I’ll help you.” I began to do her makeup step for step as I’d remembered him doing it (I’m a quick visual learner) Dee was floored and so was he. They looked at each other and it was a beat of silence…., then came busting in the room wardrobe and hair!!!
Backstage at WICKED

There was so much going on backstage and props moving and dancers twirling and singing and we rush past them all to run upstairs to do makeup for the Shiz, Fiyero, Tinman and Lion (last two all prosthetics) the makeup was laid out in each room. Everyone had expected me and greeted me with love and respect still asking me about all the Artists I’ve worked with. Two of the well known actors in the show during my time there were Ben Vereen as The Wizard of OZ and Rue McClanahann as Madame Morrible. They were both loving and helpful toward me…made it easier and calmed my butterflies.

The Cast of Characters

I had indeed started to doubt myself again thinking had I bitten off more than I knew how to chew? Again NO SHAKE IT OFF GIRL!!! During all of this I’d been taking notes…it wound up being 11pages of notes!!! (If you’d like to see my notes I’d gladly email them to you)

Remembering songs, remembering when I had to be in position for the quick change of the other players (the Monkey Masks and Dr. Dillamond, run upstairs to do all the prostetic makeup wearing actors Timan, Lion and Wizard, and ultimately Elphaba’s Makeup change.

Elphaba’s Makeup change was a bit more dramatic than the initial Makeup in the first act but, honestly it was to me “alright” Makeup… HONEY…the fashionista in me wanted to take it to a whole other level but alas I was firmly “Not Allowed To Change The Makeup In Anyway OTHER THAN ITS ORIGINAL DESIGN!” The Makeup was designed by a M.A.C Makeup Artist Joe Delude. I still say it needs the “ZING!” on it however I am one to follow the rules and simply give another Artist their respect.
Then after the 3day crash course in WICKED Makeup and staging the show was all mine!!! Only one person…solo, no assistants prepping for the change just you a huge theater several players and trust me a pair of sneakers!!!

I worked matinees and evening performances (2 weeks) it was I think the hardest work I’d ever done in my entire career (26yrs). But from this area of Makeup Artistry, I was stretched…I’d grown and challenged my own Artistry and my own dreams!! I dared to dream I dared to go into the unfamiliar and I did it!!! I wasn’t just the music and fashion Makeup Girl, I’d grown up in those 2 weeks. I grew as an Artist!

Alas WICKED and I parted but it’s forever imprinted in my repertoire of Makeup Artists adventures. Who knows I may join the Broadway ranks again!

Moral of the story is…follow your instincts and dreams, sometimes they do come true!

Oh and P.S… I was right (remember I was feeling like it was going to happen in 2005)!!! There was a film in the works!!! An adaptation shot in 2011 called,…OZ The Great & Powerful!!! Stellar Makeup work on that one!!!


Makeup for the performance…(from the official website)

Actress Alexia Khadime

Actress Idina Menzel