Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles 

Today I’ve been reflecting on Michael Jackson. He was truly an Artist in every sense of the word.

In my previous post about Michael Jackson and Makeup Artistry, I focused in on how his early love for SPFX Makeup really inspired me as an Artist. 

It’s still baffles me after all these years; even after numerous articles and demonstrations of Michael Jacksons Anti-Gravity dance move. It still mystifies me.

Yes, I know about the special shoes he invented just for this particular move. Which I think is absolutely genius of him. No other entertainer and in particular dancer had ever come up with this shoe concept or dance move!

He wasn’t just the King of Pop but he was A King of Popular Dance. Why because everyone copied not only the outfits but the effervescent dance moves. With a flick of his wrist or a smooth walk on the moon we followed!

Gone are the days of epic movie like music videos! Michael Jackson and his choreographer Michael Peters gave the world the blueprint for popular formation dance. And that style of dance has been copied by so many Artists it’s too many to mention!!

Why because Michael did it first in grand style that was never seen before! Not in the music world. Michael fashioned his longform music videos in the style of vintage movie musicals similar to the Zeigfield follies, Esther Williams swim in formation mini vignettes.

He bought legendary dance moves and mixed it with popular dance moves and created his own lane!! There will never be another Artist like Michael with his level of vision and ground breaking.

Thank You Michael…


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