Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

For centuries women have always had multiple makeup (natural, neutral, day, work, night and glam) or no makeup options. 


Sorry I don’t mean to burst anyone’s marketing/branding bubble right now but, uh yeah,…NO! Not an original thought or idea worthy enough to be called a movement sweetie. 

Now if you had said this movement is about getting healthy, clear skin and skincare just in general then I would say “Okay way to go! This is about taking care of yourself and one of the largest organs of the body…YOUR SKIN!” But in lieu of that you tell me you just ain’t wearing no makeup? What does that do for me personally or anyone? That’s more about you and your personal journey and epiphanies (which everyone has dear heart).

How about taking us on your skincare journey? Talk about how you got to a place where you are now comfortable with wearing no makeup after having battled with massive problems with your own skin and how many treatments it took to get to this place and feeling good in this place you’ve not been before with your skin.

See as a professional Makeup Artist I have seen all types of skin and skin disorders (to recreate if need be for special effects makeup). And my motto is always start with a clear canvas if possible so the makeup stays on all day and simply looks great without harming the skin underneath with the makeup. Most of the YouTube videos I’ve seen have been of women yes piling on makeup trying to be these great makeup guru’s but forgetting the main frame…SKINCARE!!!

Here I am with NO MAKEUP on at 48yrs old! True I have no wrinkles or major blemishes, or hyperpigmentation, just freckles and 5 beauty marks and Rosebud Lip Salve on my lips.

As we look at all these celebrity women who have acquired some modicum of success and money, somehow, the world will compare them to the women we see daily walking down the street. And the truth is it’s simply unfair to compare them!
Those women can afford spa treatments, expensive beauty regimens, luxurious facials and skin treatments and in some cases surgical procedures. I scoured the Internet for photos of famous women without their makeup on and you know what I found? 

I found the website http://www.withoutmakeup.net and saw women who are just like you and I! Did I think they were any less or more?…not at all. I realised that we are all arbitrarily entered into a beauty contest by people we don’t even know nor probably would ever speak to or spend time with!!!!

What about all of the women who have had unfortunate experiences? Women suffering from Cancer or have somehow been disfigured? A pimple or freckles can’t sit next to burns, deep scars, etc! Those women look to the simple joy of applying makeup, buying that limited edition lipstick collection or that nail Color that is just jumping off the shelf with the color you’ve always wanted to try.

Every woman’s reason for glorious adornment or non adornment is different. Who are we to tell other women not to do all it takes to feel good about you in a world that lacks true female appreciation or appropriation. I’m never going to say simply be an object to ogle at because we all have more to offer.

So, the question I pose to you is who are you beautifying yourself for? 

The Power of Makeup

Hugs & Kisses,




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