Elell Dual Output Power Bank*Photo Shutter | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles 

I❤️this product!!! When they said EXQUISITE, that is the truth. This power bank is a beautiful sight for one who likes fine items. What’s the big deal about having a power bank anyway? That’s what you’re thinking right?

The big deal is…I’VE BEEN CAUGHT OUT THERE WITH NO PHONE!!! Yes, no phone! Why? Because the phone died (because I’m on it all day!) Not only did the phone die but ummm we’re on location with no outlets anywhere to be found! We’re going to be out here for a minimum of 10 hours shooting on set today. 

Has this ever happened to you while you were on set? Have you ever gone into a store a bought a quickie charger (what a waste of money!) they’re flimsy and don’t charge up worth a darn! 

You’re spending more time charging up the charger to charge up your phone! It’s senseless and I simply put an end to the nonsense and invested in a real solid power bank!

You can’t even tell if the power bank you bought is charged up or when it’s dying!! Not this one! And I’m glad I got it! The color of the crystal on top of the power bank changes colors to let you know when the bank is in use. 

  1. Red (1-25% charged)
  2. Orange (30-50% charged)
  3. Green (50-100% charged)
  4. Blue (self timed photo shutter)
  5. Clear (charger is off)

It only takes an hour to charge up your phone (which would be let’s hypothetically guesstimate on 1-3%), now if your at 50% you will be up and running at 100% in about 20-30 minutes!

I bought 2 and will be getting 2 more!!!


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