My Amazon PRIME Gadget Haul | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

One thing you will learn in today’s world is that everything has to be portable and lightweight. We’ve got smartphones and tablets that perform in every capacity to help Artists create. I love GADGETS and taking pictures. In fact I consider myself an amateur photographer and tech lover. 

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks in working with some of the most famous photographers in the world. And you’ll be surprised at how even the most famous use simple things to achieve great things. Lighting techniques I still use to this day that I’d learned from Photographers like Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Marcus Klinko, Annie Leibowitz, Ruven Alfanador, Daniella Federicchi, Wayne Mazur, Steven Meisel, Eric Johnson, Marc Baptiste, just to name a few.

Watching them work in the studio was always an amazing trip. I would watch the film crew set up the lights, camera and audio on just about every set that I have ever been on. Fashion shoots, Music Video shoots, Film & TV shoots all work differently yet still have similar shooting elements to them…EQUIPMENT!!! 

So as a Makeup Artist how does the way THEY work effect the way YOU work, you’re asking yourself? 

Well, it most certainly effects everything you do in makeup! Because if you don’t know what the lighting is on a set or the colored gels the DP/Photographer is using; can really alter your makeup on a client. For example: anytime you are working on a hot set and let’s say the DP/Photographer is working with a primary colored gel. 

A primary colored gel like RED, BLUE or YELLOW. And no other light source to counter those colors…be prepared for your makeup to look like a black and white film!!! All colors will be washed out and fall into the category of varying gray and black tones. BOOM! Betcha didn’t know that but, if you did good on you and now you’re on your way to understand film lighting. 

Lighting is a very important element in how your makeup will read on film, any kind of film. There was a time in makeup where the makeup had to be done with a certain technique by the Makeup Artist that was readable for film, TV and even daylight. When you see most people on the Red Carpet you are seeing them in raw daylight along with what may be camera flashback and no filter or gels on the paparatzzi’s  cameras light.

One lighting technique that has always been used to create beautiful and timeless looking beauty makeup is what is called a RING LIGHT. A ring light is usually put before a subject to distribute soft even lighting that can give the skin and makeup the look of a perfect finish and fresh glow. It also is known for creating a halo look in the eyes that makes it look bright and clear.

Here some gadgets I recently purchased from Amazon to heighten my portable filming experience. I always like to test the makeup first before I send my client out to perform. So I take test photos so I know where to tweak the makeup and see it in various lighting set ups. So I purchased:

  1. A beauty light selfie stick that has a mirror attached to it so you can check your subject or yourself before you shoot the picture.
  2. A mini ring light that has a camera lens and clip to attach to your smartphone or tablet the lens is a zoom lens that can be adjusted
  3. A set of interchangeable camera lenses in combination lens, wide lens and micro lens. All are amazing!
  4. A mini handheld photo shutter and smartphone charger in one! You can use the shutter to take continuous snapshots on your phones camera. And when you’re done with that if your gadgets batteries are running low on power you can easily plug them in and keep it moving!
  5. A mini microphone to record great sound on your memo’s, YouTube voice overs, Skype and FaceTime. The mic has a mini stand and even a clip to latch onto your phone or tablet for recording.
  6. A portable photo studio. Yes it’s got a fold up portability if you are taking photos of product in your home studio and can fit on your tabletop. It’s even got its own lighting to shoot your subject with perfectly even lighting. It also has interchangeable backdrops. 
  7. Mini Duel Plug Outlet Charger that I can take with me to set up at any station I call mine while in the makeup room or anywhere else I may go.
  8. 64G USB Flash Drive for both your computer and your smartphone! If you’re like me and have loads of pictures on my iPhone and iPad I use this baby to back up my files…who needs a damned iCloud??
  9. Solar Panel Smartphone Charger just in case you really get caught out in the woods somewhere shooting on location! You never know what challenges you may have to face while shooting on location. Trust me it’s happened to me before and it’s a lesson learned. The lesson…BE PREPARED!!


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