Brydge Keyboard | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles 

So, this week has been pure geek week for me! All about the gadgets I’ve stumbled upon to help me work smarter not harder!! And if you are like me I coordinate all of my gadgets in color and finishes. And for me the optimum color, tone and finish is GOLD! And I was looking for a lightweight keyboard for my iPad Mini 4 and yes I found it!! Its manufactured by Brydge Keyboards ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have had my keyboard for 2 weeks now and I absolutely ❤️it!!! BIG YES  to Brydge Keyboards! Not only does it match my iPad but it’s the same size and is really lighter than my actual iPad! The keyboard is easy to read and handle. 

I also know exactly when my caps are on because I push the button and a little green light goes on in the backscreen of the keyboard. The keys are light and spring back easily. The backscreen has a 3 level light setting which you access by the lightbulb key and each time you press it it goes dim, medium and bright!!❤️❤️❤️

The brand even has a larger one made for your new iPad Pro! I can’t sing the praises of this keyboard enough. Only thing is I’m mad because I wasted my money on another keyboard before I found Brydge! Do you think I can return the other one? Mmmm maybe it’s too late it’s been months! Anyway I’m in love with this brand (and no I’m not getting paid to review this product, I purchased it on my own).

So, I love this product so much that I wrote them a letter and guess what they responded!! OMG! I totally did not expect that but WOW talk about customer service then!! They are so spot on to reply so quickly!! I mean I’d already paid for and been using the keyboard when I got a response from them.

Now guess what??? They were so happy I reached out to them with my review that they gave me a a code to give you so you can purchase one too!!!! Unreal huh?

Well here’s the code:

All I can tell you is I’m please with mine and you need to get one too. Why? Because I’m one to share my good news and not be selfish and keep the goodies all to myself.

Okay I’m out!



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