Fuji Film Instax | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles


So how does it work? Simple with wifi connection and your cell phone or tablet. I think for Pro MUA I this is great as a hard copy for your work and is instant! Like the “Vintage” Polaroid film that we used for our continuity books in film and tv projects. I used to use the smallest instant Polaroid camera Polaroid used to make called The Captiva! I loved that camera! It was my go to all throughout Thee 90’s when I was on tour and all my music videos.

Trust me this is the updated even more mini version! I’m such a gadget geek and always have been. I love to see what’s new and innovative in the tech industry as it can change the way my work as a Makeup Artist looks and even functions visually. I tell all the young and upcoming MUA’s we all have to learn a little bit about photography , technology, camera and especially lighting and editing techniques.


It’s small enough to be on your makeup station without taking up a whole lot of space. I still use my Cannon Selphy because it’s also small and tabletop. 

You can also purchase the printer and film on Amazon.


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