The Mall Haul Sephora & Kiko Milano | Product Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Look, I’ve never considered myself a “Mall Girl” but this past week I needed a reprieve from a bought of sadness. And I thought that I would go and get myself some personal treats (which I hardly do because most of what I shop for is usually for my kit) and a few items for my Pro Kit. Well, today was my treat to myself a kind of therapy even. My first stop was in Sephora then the Kiko Milano Boutique. So I got a few things I just can’t do without in my personal cabinet and travel bag.

  1. Fresh Rose Floral Toner (I spray it on my face all day long, like almost every hour or so). Rose water has always been one of my secret fountain of youth treatments.
  2. Caudile Divine Body Oil Spray and Perfume (a new discovery of mine but now a must for my travel bag)
  3. Kat Von D liquid ink eyeliners ( I discovered her liners about 2years ago and it’s the only eyeliner found in my Pro Kit for its long wear)
  4. BECCA Glow on the Go a new find for me…I like it but next to Tom Fords highlighters no one can really hold that trophy but this is a cute thing because it’s small and portable with a lot of punch in color deposit.

So this BECCA Glow on the Go! Rung a close and tight third in my book of popular highlighters. My personal go to is Tom Ford BUUTTTTT this BECCA highlighting duo is close and far more affordable. It goes on like a champ and stays on like a champ! For $20 at Sephora found in their “In the Fly” section of the store. Not bad at all and yes I give it a serious thumbs up. And for this little number SIZE DOES MATTER!! 

Now let me blow the roof off al this “Strobing” , “Highlighting” phenomenon. For the Pro’s this will not come as a surprise unless of course you know nothing about lighting for makeup. But for my makeup enthusiasts and beginner MUA’s all strobing and highlighting is, is a play on light and where it hits the makeup when we are using a beauty light aka. “Ring Light”. When you are using a ring light it usually, without provocation highlights the rings of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the cheekbone and sometimes the forehead and upper lip. There was a time where lots of powder was used to anti-shine those glowing points on the face. But if left as is the look can create a beautiful healthy looking glow to the face that you didn’t necessarily plan while doing the makeup.

In this era it’s been blown up and is now the hottest trend but not necessarily good on all forms of film I.e. Film and television…it has to be modified for the 4HD film so it doesn’t look like the subject is pouring sweat on their faces in a scene that does not require sweat. Contemporary makeup on 4HD film for movies and TV takes a special hand and eye to master this modern makeup effect. So proceed with caution or skilled artistry.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore Kat Von D Ink Liners!! Honestly I have put all the other eyeliners away because they just don’t compete. Again as I stated in my comments above its about the long wear I get from the liner. The brand literally is a 24hour wear to it. The only other one I’ve seen that acts like this is believe it or not the Sephora brand liquid eyeliner that also literally stays on for 24hrs until you make an effort to take it off.

I got these trio of minis at Sephora “In the Fly” section for $18!!! Ummm trust me I thought about going back and scooping up like 4 more of those for my stash! Yes it’s always best to buy in bulk when these brands are on sale because you never know when they will discontinue the very item you love because it’s a limited edition or something. Anyway go and pick you up some (but be sure to leave me some okayyyyy!) LOLOL!

I’ve been a longtime Kiko Milano eyeshadow fan. So whenever I have a chance to go and get some with a coupon code trust I’m in there! So I went in the shop and picked up 7 of these shadows and can I tell you how glorious these are? The pictures do them no justice in how richly pigmented the colors are and how they blend so easily. My only drawback with these gorgeous shimmery colors is that their in that baked format!! Ugh!!! I hate that because I haven’t yet found and effective way of depotting the shadows without breaking them and having to put them back together again.

You see just like pressed powder does not have the same effect when you use a brush as when you use a puff or a sponge is because of the way it’s constructed molecularly. That’s why even if you do have a pressed powder that breaks up and you put it back together again in the pan it is designed to best work with a tool that has similar or equal amount of pours density. That’s why when you use a puff for a loose powder the powder really becomes ineffective because loose powder is designed to be light and airy and for movement inn certain spots. Now that’s not to say you can’t use it in a pressed way but it has to have a sealing agent to get it to stick and congeal. (Sorry I got scientific on you, but makeup brands are scientific and getting even more scientific in this era to get a better product).

So these two beauties are Color Sphere Mat & Pearly Duo shadows and when I say those highlight colors are high beam…trust me they are unapologetically high beam! And check the price….are you ready?….$6.90!!! Yessssss!! Great for highlighting those inner corners. The photos dots do it any justice because it was shot in low light but trust me that eye will be on blast with the best lighting.

This shadow is a multicolored shimmery black. This one is really gorgeous and can go over a deep matte black and make that black pop! It’s sickening how gorgeous this black diamond eyeshadow is. I love it and yes this one comes in a pan so it’s easy to depot for your palette.

All 4 of these colors 16, 18, 30 and 29 are all great and hands down glorious as face highlighters the only drawback is there is shadow fallout. But you can overlook it trust me because the color payoff is AMAZING!!! And these Color Spheres are priced at $12 a piece which I think is great considering the amount you get in the powder and the color payoff. Trust you will have these colors for a long long time if you are one to take care of your products.

So this concludes my review I hope it was helpful and like I did shop till you drop until next time!


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