Madame Madeline | Product & Site Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles


Okay so I’ve reviewed the site and the site is soooo incredibly dedicated to THE LASH!! Unreal Lash Mega Store!! I can’t wait to write about the brand. And tell my Pro “working” Artists colleagues and makeup enthusiast alike.  

So this review took me a while to write. Why so long? Well truth is I had to try the lashes out a couple of times to see how they actually hold up. Each one of the brands I chose were really great! And yes I will be purchasing them and some other styles again. But more over I’m going to talk about the website or should I say MEGA LASH SITE?!?!!!! This website has so many different brands of eyelashes you can’t imagine! The site is and yes they are Pro Artist friendly!!! They have friendly customer service and get to you immediately and in safe secure packaging. In fact you can use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!


Okay so let me get into the actual lash brand review. First up is ModelRock Lashes. I got the Double Layered Lashes in “Smokey Velvet”. I was shocked at how thin the lash band was for these beauties! What a pleasant surprise. I think these are gorgeous and performance ready! You know me I LOVE TO STACK LASHES! Depending on the look I’m going for in a shoot I will for sure do a double, sometimes triple stacking of lashes! Yes I’ve even gone so far as a 5 stack!!! Lol it works perfectly for stage and video work. So these definitely get the thumbs up from me and they definitely are going in the permanent use Pro Kit!

Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!



Next up are the lashes by bullseye called “Hayley” and these are like my regular Demi-Wispy faves. The Demi-Wispy is one that is good for a “neutral” look and easily stackable to make them a bit more risqué and glam. I usually use an eyelash curler on all my lashes, yes even the falseies. Curling the lashes always makes them have a more authentic blended look for the makeup. Not like they’re just this long lifeless eye appendage! Lashes are supposed to add to the eye makeup look almost like a finishing touch. So far this brand I do like and they are lightweight which is great because lashes can get a little heavy on the eyelid especially if you’ve not worn lashes before or are not a regular lash wearer. 

 Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make! 

Last but not least are these beauties by VLuxe by i ENVY…100% Virgin Remy Hair.  The lash I chose is called CHLOE. I think these are my FAVORITES so far of the 3 brands I chose. Why? Because they are super, super light on the lash line yet have the fullness in lash to give awesome impact!! Now in the pictures below I didn’t get to curl them but I’m positive they would look amazing curled!!! These are light and fluffy on the inner corner of the eye then towards the middle they get big and fluffy!!! I LOVE THESE!!! YES!!! Not only do I love the lash but the case is really cool and pushes out like a drawer and is made of a heavy acrylic and has a modern pod-like shape to them so you really don’t mind keeping them or any other lash in this case. This brand I will be ordering again by the dozens!!! 5 thumbs up and definitely goes in the Pro Makeup Kit!!  

Use My Pro Artist Code: MUA11 and get 11% off any purchase you make!

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