Sigma Beauty | Review 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Sigma Beauty is a brand that first exploded on the beauty market with what would be coined as “The Makeup Brushes To Have”! The brand started small and mostly by word of mouth! I think that’s the best marketing strategy any brand can have. Oh and of course an excellent product.   Not only has Sigma Beauty become a huge name in the beauty industry but it’s become a friendly name for Pro Makeup Artists and Makeup Enthusiats nationwide! I must say my initial contact with Sigma’s representatives was also a pleasant surprise! They win in hands down in customer service, being Pro Friendly (especially when many brands are hostile towards Pro Artists due to the over saturated market being flooded by faux Makeup Artists) and efficient packaging and shipping!

  With Sigma Beauty, I’ve found them to be really innovative in the beauty tools department. Honestly these Spa Mat/Spa Glove Brush Cleaners is one of the best cleaning methods out here voted Best Product by Beauty Insiders. And so far I have to agree! I’m a girl who loves her gadgets and yes so far I’m loving it!

I have the Spa Glove and have put it on the list of items that I actually put in my Pro Kit for work especially when I know I have doubles of a certain brush and maybe one or two got super dirty while on set; just using my favourite brush cleanser (London Brush Company) and a couple of swirls with water and I’m all set again!!

  So, now for beauty products by Sigma Beauty. This is relatively new for the brand since they started out only with their brush collections. I received this beauty right here called Lip Switch! And can I tell you it’s THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIPGLOSS I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED!!! It’s holographic and reflects almost every color in the spectrum yet the base color is pink!!! 

The photos I took in this post can’t possibly do justice to this color lipgloss. It’s a color that has to be seen in person because it reflects off the light much like glitter does. And we all know glitter is hard to capture it’s true beauty just in pictures but is stellar to see live! Same with this lipgloss!!! This one stays FOREVER IN MY KIT FROM NOW ON!!!!

Now let me talk a bit about the liquid eyeliners the colors are brilliant and vibrant! I used the purple one called “Inscription” to fill in my eyebrows. Yes hunni you’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos below. Pink is the signature color for the Sigma Beauty brand and when I tell you how much I 💝 the color of this liner…I can’t even….


So yep, you know me eyeliners  have  always been my friends. I’ve used them in every possible way you can think of. And the technology of makeup right now is so amazing it’s science + technology + beauty = innovative beauty for all!! These gel liners are creamy and easily spreadable. 

Of course if you know anything about me as an artist I take the unconventional and make it work as beauty (always have played a lot with color in my painting on clients). So I used the gel liner “Standout Peacock”(it’s a navy blueish emerald greenish mix) as my dramatic lipstick choice as well as using it to line my eyes (see pictures below) I event topped it off with my Sigma Lip Switch lipgloss “Pink Lotus” for even higher impact!! In person the color is INSANE! 


Last in the gift box was the set of Sigma Beauty Makeup brushes!!!! 💝em!!! Yep it’s official!!! I used all of the brushes to execute the makeup looks below. Beautiful blending yet they are clearly set firmly in the ferrule of the brush which means they will hold up with the roughest use and constant cleaning that they will take from me! What am I saying….I’m saying these are well constructed brushes indeed!!!

Okay so I’m done with the review and I’ll let the pictures take it from here. All I can say is I can see a beautiful partnership in the future with Sigma…I just feel a beauty soirée coming on!! See you next time😉!  



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