Male Grooming & Pro Men’s Grooming Kit

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Oh how I love the men!! Male grooming on set has to be one of my fave moments,UNLESS….unless you get a diva acting male client, which can become a nightmare! Now, most of the time working with men is easy breezy work. The work with the gentlemen consists of mostly creating clear skin (unless you are doing a special type of makeup, i.e. Special Effects), highlighting, contouring, manicure, beard, brow, ear, nose and moustache grooming.

Aaron Merino I absolutely love him!!! He keeps it real for men and, Ladies we can learn from him so we know more about how to care for the men in our lives. YAAASSSSSSSS!!!

This guy and his male grooming is way too much for my tastes in everyday male grooming. Fine for a photo shoot but daily wear…not so much.