2015 Makeup was SCARY!!!

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Honestly 2015 really did scare me with makeup!

Some things were meant only to be for photos, fashion shoots, Film and TV, NEVER was it to leave those realms! So What happened? How did all of this get so out of hand and become a craze? The look of American styled makeup is being ruled by Instagram and where’s the individuality? All I see is cookie cutter makeup on everyone AND…the oddity of it all is everyone thinks they’re unique!!!!!! 

So fashion makeup is always unique in a way that it can be aired down to the everyday 9-5 lady, style conscious ladies or to working mums. So why was I seeing so much of the crazy Instagram looks being worn on the streets? Most of those looks are ok for photos with a certain lighting of course but way toooooooo cake face for just walking down the street or grocery shopping, or laundry day. It’s like wearing 4inch Leboutins on a cobblestone street…it just ain’t makin’ it kid!!

Runway fashion looks can be avant grade however you can always modify it to make it work for your everyday wear if you are a makeup wearer/lover/enthusiast.  Here you can see some of the 2015 runway looks. One thing with all this Instagram and YouTube Beauty Vlogging one thing I’ve seen desperately neglected in it all is the serious desire for simply beautiful skin!!! Skin that could go without the cake. A lot of the look on 2015’s runway was flawless illuminated skin with a great stron lip or a strong eye with a no lip look.

I love makeup and always have loved it’s amazing ability to transform and give its wearer a sense of aesthetic freedom. Working with Models, Musicians and Actors affords me as a Makeup Artist to be able to go in and out of wearable day makeup, fantasy fashion makeup and even special effects makeup. I have to say I’m always watching what’s going on out there in everyday wear and people on the streets, they are a Pro Artists muse for the next projects perhaps. Some of the Instagram looks were fun but the truth is where is the everyday girl going with all of that on? Even in film and tv that much cake will not transfer well on film and too many adjustments would have to be made to accommodate the makeup which then changes the dynamic of how the show, movie or shoot will look overall.

Some of the looks are lovely but after a while this self indulgence will play itself out and the truth is its all the same cut crease eyeshadow, big lash, eyeliner and overdrawn lip on everyone’s posts! Here Jackie Ania (who I find to be hilarious) pokes fun again at last years looks in the everyday street wear makeup trends. But you know what scares me a lot more is to have to recreate that look on a set and have to make it work and translate on film. One thing I will say this era has definitely carved out a distinct look that represents itself  though it is a more angular precision updated 80’s-90’s influenced look. If you do the homework you’ll see what I mean.
Year end 2015 looks the same as 2014…

Year end 2014

 The other thing that really got scary in 2015 was the CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHTING thing!!! OMG!!! Enough already…it was not supposed to be like this…what did we start when we Pro Artist start giving the general public tricks that were only meant to be for film, tv and backstage?!?!?!? It was a wicked trade off it seems…you become a famous MUA but now people’s interpretation of your work gets misused in some cases and misconstrued in other cases. Some Artists were genuine in their sharing of the art form and others merely wanted to be household names leaving millions of women feeling ovewhelmed to keep up with celebrities and other women. MMMMMmmmmmm  

See here’s where the whole contouring thing takes on another life and is just once again misinterpreted and borders scary and the scariness of it all really is that it’s way too much and just who has time to just sit there all day and ring their eyes with liner all day and use their beauty blender just blending for hours? Does anyone go to work??? Hahahahahahaaaaa…I’m just saying. It’s so scary yet tragically funny at the same time. No real working professional MUA has the time to do all of this all the time unless it’s on the faces of others on a set somewhere. So is the question who has the best looking contour grid guide or the best finished product?

The other thing in closing is how in 2015 the consumer really clearly dictated to the beauty industry their want for more colors and contour palettes!!! Just about every major and non major brand on the market had contour palettes!!! JUST MASSIVELY CRAZY!!! Ok I’m done. Oh clink the link below for more 2015 madness.



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