Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles

Let’s see…2016…Mmmmm so far I get the feeling that this is going to be a most BRILLIANT YEAR!! I have felt it for months the build up of a REIMERGANCE, REAWAKENING, REPOSITIONING, REALIGNMENT and most of all RESTORATION!!!

With every New Year that any of us are blessed to see comes with it great promise and incredible expectations. As you know I’m not the Lady that goes on about resolutions and such but, I am the one to go on about REDIRECTION. You see you can press the RESET button at anytime in your life without anyone’s approval or permission. And for that I’m thankful to GOD and GOD alone! As you may well know that when you move into a new season of life the old one tries to hold onto you the moving object that will not be stopped (okaaayyyy!)

Let me say this to the old year and some of the people in it that worked for the other team..NEXT!!! Who cares what you think that time is over!! I’m RELEASING you to God for Him to handle you and trust me it’s on now!!!

Also 27 days into the New Year, this year seems like it’s also about the #CLAPBACK!!! No more disrespect!!! No more acceptance of low frequency belligerence. Oh and please I don’t want to hear anymore about someone’s niece or cousin being a Makeup Artist as if  they’re playing in Mum’s makeup kit can sit next to the close to 30years of time, hard work and recognition that I’ve earned!!! It’s disrespectful!! Yeah…stop that! Just because everyone is playing in makeup now does not constitute them being a Professional Makeup Artist whose sole income comes from/them working at perfecting their craft and even paving the way in major ways for other serious young MUA’s to come through and eventually shine.

Yeah the #clapback is real and unapologetic this year.

So, just to show you how old things have passed away…sometimes you will literally look those old ideas, people, places , situations, circumstances right in the face and know that that will be the last time you have to look at them! 

The irony of it all is that it all seems to think it has power that it can exert over you BUT if you are in tuned you know that the time is up and so do they, it, that place, that situation, that time! 


I just recently saw on an aquaintance of mine’s Facebook page this sentiment… “I am so glad I am finally being forced to learn to sit down and go with the flow. Some battles are just not worth fighting.” Weighing what is actually battle worthy takes too much of a concerted effort on my part in certain cases. And that means, me being honest with myself. Saying if it is not beneficial to RESTORATION…IT/THEY ARE NOT WORTHY (no exceptions or pardons ANYMORE FROM ME this season, I will let God handle that and move on! #clapback)

NOW, with that said and done, I’ve got bigger fish to fry, new people, new things, new vistas, new ventures on the horizon that I’m focusing in on and they will manifest in this year 2016…no more waiting and for sure fear does not live here! 

The Queen by birth NEVER removes her crown nor is it taken from her. She may be on a temporary hiatus but watch out once she rested, refreshed and released…no prisoners!