Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™ 

It all started long ago…at the close of the IMATS Show 2013. I was walking up that long haul walk from 12th Avenue  Pier 94 back to civilization!! You know anything/place past 8th Ave is not part of civilization as far as I’m concerned!!! Lol! Well….

Anyway I met and spoke at length with two lovely ladies who I now consider to be my friends Crystal Powder and Lady Jackie Horst maybe you’ve seen them at your local IMATS Shows in whichever state in the U.S. you are. These ladies are pure ANGELS!!! We met each other walking up that trek back to civilization. We had the most meaningful conversation ever!


Crystal went in her purse and pulled out one of her PAWPALETTE’s and gave it to me as a gift! Wow! I’d never seen anything like this product before. Ignorantly I asked “This is lovely my dove but, …what is it? How does this work?”

Such a gentle spirit she explains its purpose and function and ….WOW WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! Simple, beautiful and functional!!! I’ve been using that same palette for 3 years now and am never thrown off course by having to go back and forth to my Beauty Bar (makeup station) to mix product or apply product while I’m on set.


Now as of late I’ve had to use my lovelies a lot!!! Busy Lady!!!😉 while I was working on one of my actresses she says “Oooh, what a fun ring you have there!” I said “No my dove this is my makeup palette for on set. You know no cross contamination! Hahaha!” She had the same reaction I did when I first encountered PAWPALETTE…BRILLIANT!!!

She thanked me for being considerate in watching out for cross contamination because she’d worked with a few questionable “Makeup Artists”. I said “I know I’ve seen some pretty dodgy makeup kits and MUA’s as well! There are so many products available now that we simply didn’t have before. So there’s no real excuse for dirty, shabby or unprepared makeup kits.”


Thank you Lady Crystal for this special gift of the most useful gift to an artist besides a canvas…our palette…PAWPALETTE that is😉!! Here’s where you can now find your own they come in so many shapes, colors, designs and even customizations all by Lady Crystal. Palette Rings, Bracelettes and free standing Lady Palettes. I’m exited for the future of this brand! Go Lady Crystal!

Curl On, Paint On ViZionaire,



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