COVERGIRL Lip Lava| Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™


This may not be a new product to some but to others like myself it’s a luscious new glam find for my kit! You can never have enough glosses for your Kit!!

I happened to stumble upon them while Makeup Scouting in my local Duane Reade. Well truthfully what reeled me in was the packaging and the fact that it was on SALE!!! Lol! By one get one free…YESSSSSSSS!!

I thought look at COVERGIRL all edgy now with their packaging…about time!! Anyway I looked at the various colors they had left (because clearly some other ladies had made this discovery before me and left the shelves almost bare!)

I dunno when I saw the colors I thought Donna Summer 70’s style Disco ( I ❤️ Disco). I love the look of that era and guess what its gonna come in handy as I’m starting a new project for TV based in the 60-70’s era!! Love it! Thinking about all the looks of that 70’s era. Shiny shimmery lips were definitely in! 


These glosses are a win for me because they are highly pigmented and don’t move even though they are glossy!! That’s pretty amazing to me that they stay put!! One of the glosses reminded me just a bit of a bygone brand that I loved so much as a teen called STAGELIGHT Cosmetics. My favorite gloss was one called Blue Roses, it was a purply/blue holographic/pink gloss (nothing has even come close to this lovely offering…trust me and I have seen many glosses in my close to 30years as a Pro MUA). This gloss by COVERGIRL is reminiscent of that color although it’s a bit pinker than the STAGELIGHT brand but I love it just the same and wound up picking up 2 additionals for my kit!!

The gloss has little fine reflective glitter flecks in them which give it an even more high beam reflection when light hits it!! Totally DISCO!!! Overall I can say bravo COVERGIRL you win on this one!!



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