AUDACIOUS Mascara | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

If I had only one item in my PERSONAL MAKEUP KIT that anyone would ask me if I could not do without, the answer for me would be a swift NOT WITHOUT MY MASCARA!!! I live for mascara!!!

Yes, I can live without my foundation (thank you Lord for good clear skin) and I can even go without my lipsticks (only for a short time though) but I simply cannot do without my mascara. That’s just inhumane to me!! A personal major makeup faux pas for me. 

Whether it’s a light coat with one sweep of color from the wand or its 30coats I have to have it that’s it, that’s all. Period.

Mascara opens up the eye, defines the eyelashes and completes the whole point of wearing eye makeup in the first place! Okay I will say this,…yes as a fashion statement at times during some shoots I’ve done a NO EYEMAKEUP look or a NO MASCARA look after all I am a Makeup Artist and we often set trends and create classic signature looks.

But MACARA….Mmmm not one I usually toy with or without!

Okay so onto my take on my usual suspects of Mascaras found in my Pro Kit

  1. Kevyn Aucoin– super shiny, short bristle brush that creates so much volume and black, black BLACK, love the roll off formula! That’s just genius mascara to me. 
  2. L’Oreal “Voluminous”- This brush and Armanis brush are really fluffy so I just get super big long plush lashes, like more hair density almost!! Love them!!
  3. LANCOME (any of their “Cils”)– I dunno that whole collection extencils, difinicils…all those cils are 💣💣💣💣Lancome for years wins with this collection.
  4. Benefit “They’re Real”- I think there’s something really special about that ball on the tip that just really works for me!! ❤️
  5. GEORGIO Armani- That mascara gives me life, length & lashes!!! Also really shiny black and that fluffy multiple bristle brush really is like a magic wand.



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