Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Pro Foundation 

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Greetings Everyone 💋I know it’s been a moment since I’ve done a product review (busy Lady). I recently got an email from the Makeup For Ever Pro Program regarding them forwarding me a sampler of their latest foundation (as if I needed new foundation!! WAIT!!! YOU ALWAYS NEED NEW FOUNDATION AS A PRO MUA!!! Mostly because if you work a lot you just simply run out because your Pro Kit always needs revisions)

Anyway, sent them my mailing info and in a matter of days my package was here! I didn’t know exactly what they were going to send me nor did I make any formal requests so this was a gamble on foundation for me. And ummm that’s not something I normally do BUT because it’s coming from MUFE (aka. Makeup For Ever) I trusted their wisdom.

I am not the MUA that keeps products in their original packaging so I can’t talk to you about how the packaging works in my Pro Kit. However I do like the packaging and proportions and the actual amount of product you get.

I was sent two types of foundations:
1) Stick Foundation (Creme)
2) Liquid Foundation (Liquid)

The Invisible Ultra HD Cover Stick

The Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

Here with your gift package you are given a Press Release. It’s pretty much all there…

  1. Retailing at $43.00
  2. 40 shades with MEDIUM COVERAGE
  3. Amino Acid Coated Pigments-reflective particles that blur flaws and provide translucent, invisible coverage.
  4. Hyaluronic Spheres– hydrate and plump the skin for a longer, more comfortable wear.

Sericite– a fine grained mica that adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant and luminous effect, mimicking the vibrancy of naturally beautiful skin.   

The application of the foundation was quick and easy! Lightweight feel and slightly dewy looking on the skin.

Clearly not my color foundation but the look is very much like your own skin.

On the left is shot with the foundation on and, the right photo is without any makeup at all just primer.

I first used MUFE’s Primer (The Primer comes in the Liquid Foundations box. Unfortunately there is no Primer sampler in the Stick Foundation box). Now the sample Foundation in the Deeper tone IS NOT MY COLOR AT ALL!! In fact its 2 shades darker. In my normal use of foundation I generally do tend to use a darker foundation (1 shade above), mostly because I know I’m going to use a powder of sorts and so it usually brings it closer to my natural skin tone.

This foundation feels “cool”on the skin. Not like minty cool but there is a cool feeling to the touch. It glides right on without streaks and blends very easily. Now I didn’t use a undercover color corrector or concealer so you could see just how it looks on my skin. 

I used a dry brush and the application of the foundation was quick and easy! Like 123! It has a lightweight feel and slightly dewy look on the skin (which I think is very pretty and yes looks like what your natural skin would do). In the before pictures here I didn’t use any powder at all.

The finished Makeup look!

MUFE YOU WIN WITH THIS ONE!!! I wished we had these foundations some 20yrs ago!

The technology in the chemistry of makeup now is phenomenal! When HD film was first released in the late 90’s it was a disaster for a lot of Pro MUA’s who were doing film and TV work. Many had been fired from long standing jobs because their makeup was being compromised by this new high definition camera!!! Wow!!

And yes there were some Artists who needed to step up their game and blend and beat to a velvety picture perfect precision. That is a technique that you truly only develop by trial and error and by way of really doing photographed print work. And yes, you can only get that technique down by sitting under one of the OGGS©(Original Genius Glam Squads). And we developed those techniques from the OGGS© before us 90’s OGGS© (in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s)!

But with the levels that photoshop has taken it can make the work of some raggedy MUA look brilliant right? BUT we all know that’s called cheating! And when you see a persons makeup up close and live in live pics that’s when you can tell (these days) who’s the real deal and who are the pretenders!! (That topic is for another post though)

My overall assessment of the latest offering from MUFE is this is definitely a MUST FOR YOUR PRO KIT!!

No compromising on this one. Honestly it’s really hard to tell where your skin ends and foundation begins!!!! It’s not letting key anything I’ve ever EVER used before!!! It’s unreal honestly. Like I’m expecting the other shoes to drop or something but it doesn’t it simply delivers what it says it’s gonna deliver!! And what I like about it is that it acts like real skin would and is indeed buildable if you’re needing more coverage for a client. 5 lipstick wands from me on this one💄💄💄💄💄!

Paint On, Curl On viZionaire,



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