COVERGIRL Lip Lava| Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™


This may not be a new product to some but to others like myself it’s a luscious new glam find for my kit! You can never have enough glosses for your Kit!!

I happened to stumble upon them while Makeup Scouting in my local Duane Reade. Well truthfully what reeled me in was the packaging and the fact that it was on SALE!!! Lol! By one get one free…YESSSSSSSS!!

I thought look at COVERGIRL all edgy now with their packaging…about time!! Anyway I looked at the various colors they had left (because clearly some other ladies had made this discovery before me and left the shelves almost bare!)

I dunno when I saw the colors I thought Donna Summer 70’s style Disco ( I ❤️ Disco). I love the look of that era and guess what its gonna come in handy as I’m starting a new project for TV based in the 60-70’s era!! Love it! Thinking about all the looks of that 70’s era. Shiny shimmery lips were definitely in! 


These glosses are a win for me because they are highly pigmented and don’t move even though they are glossy!! That’s pretty amazing to me that they stay put!! One of the glosses reminded me just a bit of a bygone brand that I loved so much as a teen called STAGELIGHT Cosmetics. My favorite gloss was one called Blue Roses, it was a purply/blue holographic/pink gloss (nothing has even come close to this lovely offering…trust me and I have seen many glosses in my close to 30years as a Pro MUA). This gloss by COVERGIRL is reminiscent of that color although it’s a bit pinker than the STAGELIGHT brand but I love it just the same and wound up picking up 2 additionals for my kit!!

The gloss has little fine reflective glitter flecks in them which give it an even more high beam reflection when light hits it!! Totally DISCO!!! Overall I can say bravo COVERGIRL you win on this one!!


AUDACIOUS Mascara | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

If I had only one item in my PERSONAL MAKEUP KIT that anyone would ask me if I could not do without, the answer for me would be a swift NOT WITHOUT MY MASCARA!!! I live for mascara!!!

Yes, I can live without my foundation (thank you Lord for good clear skin) and I can even go without my lipsticks (only for a short time though) but I simply cannot do without my mascara. That’s just inhumane to me!! A personal major makeup faux pas for me. 

Whether it’s a light coat with one sweep of color from the wand or its 30coats I have to have it that’s it, that’s all. Period.

Mascara opens up the eye, defines the eyelashes and completes the whole point of wearing eye makeup in the first place! Okay I will say this,…yes as a fashion statement at times during some shoots I’ve done a NO EYEMAKEUP look or a NO MASCARA look after all I am a Makeup Artist and we often set trends and create classic signature looks.

But MACARA….Mmmm not one I usually toy with or without!

Okay so onto my take on my usual suspects of Mascaras found in my Pro Kit

  1. Kevyn Aucoin– super shiny, short bristle brush that creates so much volume and black, black BLACK, love the roll off formula! That’s just genius mascara to me. 
  2. L’Oreal “Voluminous”- This brush and Armanis brush are really fluffy so I just get super big long plush lashes, like more hair density almost!! Love them!!
  3. LANCOME (any of their “Cils”)– I dunno that whole collection extencils, difinicils…all those cils are 💣💣💣💣Lancome for years wins with this collection.
  4. Benefit “They’re Real”- I think there’s something really special about that ball on the tip that just really works for me!! ❤️
  5. GEORGIO Armani- That mascara gives me life, length & lashes!!! Also really shiny black and that fluffy multiple bristle brush really is like a magic wand.


    The 2015 Emmy Nominations for Makeup & Hair 

    Reference from & Additional Writing by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

    First let me say a SUPER CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! To all of my Local 798 Makeup Artists & Hairstylist colleagues that worked so hard on these amazing projects!! 


    A special CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend and colleague who has hired me many times to work on the amazing show Boardwalk Empire…Mrs. Michele Paris!! Go get me Mamacita with 2 Nominations this year!!!

    A special congratulations
    On July 16, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominations for the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The awards will be held Sep. 19 at the Microsoft Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles. Here are the nominations in the make-up and hairstyling categories:

    Boardwalk Empire: “What Jesus Said” (HBO)
    Michele Paris, department head makeup artist
    Joe Farulla, key makeup artist
    Game Of Thrones: “Mother’s Mercy” (HBO)

    Jane Walker, department head makeup artist
    Nicola Matthews, makeup artist
    Mad Men: “Person to Person” (AMC)

    Lana Horochowski, department head makeup artist
    Ron Pipes, key makeup artist

    Maurine Burke, makeup artist

    Jennifer Greenberg, additional makeup artist
    Sons of Anarchy: “Faith and Despondency” (FX Networks)

    Tracey Anderson, department head makeup artist
    Michelle Garbin, key makeup artist

    Sabine Roller Taylor, makeup artist

    Tami Lane, makeup artist
    The Knick: “Method and Madness” (Cinemax)

    Nicki Ledermann, department head makeup artist
    Stephanie Pasicov, key makeup artist

    Sunday Englis, key makeup artist

    Cassandra Saulter, makeup artist

    Michael Laudati, makeup artist

    LuAnn Claps, personal makeup artist
    Dancing With the Stars: “Episode 1907” (ABC)

    Zena Shteysel, department head makeup artist
    Angela Moos, key makeup artist

    Patti Ramsey-Bortoli, additional makeup artist

    Sarah Woolf, additional makeup artist

    Julie Socash, additional makeup artist

    Alison Gladieux, additional makeup artist
    Key & Peele: “Episode 406” (Comedy Central)

    Scott Wheeler, department head makeup artist
    Suzy Diaz, key makeup artist
    RuPaul’s Drag Race: “ShakesQueer” (Logo)

    Mathu Andersen, department head makeup artist

    So You Think You Can Dance: “Episode 1108” (Fox)

    Heather Cummings, department head makeup artist
    Marie DelPrete, key makeup artist

    Amy Harmon, makeup artist

    Tyson Fountaine, makeup artist

    Adam Christopher, makeup artist
    Saturday Night Live: “40th Anniversary Special” (NBC)

    Louie Zakarian, department head makeup artist
    Amy Tagliamonti, makeup artist

    Jason Milani, makeup artist

    Sara Egan, makeup artist

    Daniela Zivcovic, makeup artist

    Melanie Demitri, makeup artist

    American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX Networks)
    Eryn Krueger Mekash, department head makeup artist
    Kim Ayers, key makeup artist

    Lucy O’Reilly, makeup artist

    Michael Mekash, makeup artist

    Christopher Nelson, makeup artist

    Jillian Erickson, additional makeup artist

    Bessie (HBO)
    Debi Young, department head makeup artist
    Mi Young, key makeup artist

    Ngozi Olandu Young, makeup artist

    Noel Hernandez, makeup artist

    Sian Richards, personal makeup artist
    Houdini: “Night 1” (History)

    Gregor Eckstein co-department head makeup artist

    Olive Kitteridge (HBO)

    Christien Tinsley, department head makeup artist
    Gerald Quist, key makeup artist

    Liz Bernstrom, makeup artist
    The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Lifetime)

    Jordan Samuel, department head makeup artist
    Patricia Keighran, key makeup artist

    Susan Reilly-Lehane, personal makeup artist

    American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX Networks)
    Eryn Krueger Mekash, department head makeup artist
    Mike Mekash, key special makeup effects artist

    David L. Anderson, prosthetic designer

    Justin Raleigh, prosthetic designer

    Christopher Nelson, special makeup effects artist

    Kim Ayers, special makeup effects artist

    Luis Garcia, special makeup effects artist

    James MacKinnon, special makeup effects artist

    Boardwalk Empire: “The Good Listener” (HBO)
    Michele Paris, department head makeup artist
    Joe Farulla, key makeup artist
    Game Of Thrones: “Hardhome” (HBO)

    Jane Walker, department head makeup artist
    Barrie Gower, special makeup effects department head

    Sarah Gower, special makeup effects assistant department head
    Penny Dreadful: “Grand Guignol” (Showtime)

    Nick Dudman, special makeup effects department head
    Sarita Allison, key special makeup effects artist

    Barney Nikolic, makeup artist
    The Knick: “Crutchfield” (Cinemax)

    Justin Raleigh, special makeup effects department head
    Kevin Kirkpatrick, key special makeup effects artist

    Kelly Golden, special makeup effects artist

    Ozzy Alvarez, special makeup effects artist

    Danielle Noe, special makeup effects artist

    Bernie Eichholz, special makeup effects artist

    Michael Ezell, special makeup effects artist

    Yodai Yoshizawa, special makeup effects artist
    The Walking Dead: “Stranger” (AMC)

    Greg Nicotero, special makeup effects department head
    Jake Garber, key special makeup effects artist

    Carey Jones, prosthetic designer

    Garrett Immel, prosthetic designer

    Gino Crognale, makeup effects artist

    Kevin Wasner, makeup effects artist

    Andy Schoneberg, makeup artist

    Boardwalk Empire: “Eldorado” (HBO)
    Francesca Paris, department head hairstylist
    Lisa De Jesus, key hairstylist

    Sarah Stamp, key hairstylist
    Downton Abbey: “Episode 6” (PBS)

    Nic Collins, key hairstylist

    Game Of Thrones: “Mother’s Mercy” (HBO)

    Kevin Alexander, department head hairstylist
    Candice Banks, department head hairstylist

    Rosalia Culora, hairstylist

    Gary Machin, hairstylist

    Laura Pollock, hairstylist

    Nicola Mount, hairstylist
    Mad Men: “Person to Person” (AMC)

    Theraesa Rivers, department head hairstylist
    Arturo Rojas, key hairstylist

    Valerie Jackson, hairstylist

    Ai Nakata, hairstylist
    The Knick: “Get the Rope” (Cinemax)

    Jerry DeCarlo, department head hairstylist
    Rose Chatterton, key hairstylist

    Suzy Mazzarese Allison, personal hairstylist

    Victor De Nicola, hairstylist

    Christine Cantrell, hairstylist

    Dancing With the Stars: “Episode 1907” (ABC)
    Mary Guerrero, department head hairstylist
    Kimi Messina, key hairstylist

    Jennifer Mazursky, additional hairstylist

    Sean Smith, additional hairstylist

    Gail Ryan, additional hairstylist

    Dean Banowetz, additional hairstylist
    Key & Peele: “Aerobics Meltdown” (Comedy Central)

    Amanda Mofield, department head hairstylist
    Raissa Patton, key hairstylist
    Saturday Night Live: “Host: Martin Freeman” (NBC)

    Bettie O. Rogers, department head hairstylist
    Jodi Mancuso, key hairstylist

    Inga Thrasher, hairstylist

    Jennifer Serio Stauffer, hairstylist

    Cara Hannah Sullivan, hairstylist

    Joe Whitmeyer, hairstylist
    So You Think You Can Dance: “Episode 1115” (FOX)

    Sallie Nicole Ciganovich, department head hairstylist
    Sean Smith, key hairstylist

    Dean Banowetz, hairstylist

    Ralph Abalos, hairstylist

    Shawn Finch, hairstylist

    Melissa Jaqua, hairstylist
    The Voice: “Episode 818B” (NBC)

    Shawn Finch, department head hairstylist
    Jerilynn Stephens, key hairstylist

    Renee DiPinto-Ferruggia, additional hairstylist

    James Dunham, additional hairstylist

    Giannandrea Marongiu, additional hairstylist

    Stacy Morris, additional hairstylist
    American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX Networks)

    Monte C. Haught, department head hairstylist
    Michelle Ceglia, assistant department head hairstylist

    Daina Daigle, hairstylist

    Amy Wood, hairstylist

    Sherri B. Hamilton, additional hairstylist
    Bessie (HBO)

    Lawrence Davis, department head hairstylist
    Monty Schuth, key hairstylist

    Iasia Merriweather, hairstylist

    Victor Jones, hairstylist
    Grace of Monaco (Lifetime)

    Agathe Dupuis, department head hairstylist
    Silvine Picard, key hairstylist
    Olive Kitteridge (HBO)

    Cydney Cornell, department head hairstylist

    The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Lifetime)

    Cliona Furey, department head hairstylist
    Cathy Shibley, key hairstylist

    Jacqueline Robertson-Cull, assistant hairstylist

    Vincent Sullivan, personal hairstylist will announce the winners following the Sep. 19 ceremony. Stay tuned!
    – See more at:

    STROBING Makeup? What is “Strobing”?

    Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

    As I’ve been researching on the internet I’ve found this new term floating around “STROBING”. I’m like what the blaze is that about?!? These kids making up names for this we’d already tagged for years!!

    It made me chuckle a bit to think how everything in life really does go in cycles. Contouring is a cycle revisited in every generation and it seems so again with STROBING! Ok I’d done this look on several occasions with my Musical Celebrity Clients all throughout the 90’s only we never called it strobing.

    My Makeup look for Mary J Blige for Interview Magazine shot by David La Chappelle. Here she is strobing with NARS BODY GLO and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel.


    The look for me took me back in different eras 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 70’s Disco. One of my fave sites to see some vintage looks is you will see nothing is really new, it’s just revisited by an era that comes behind it. It’s rediscovered and in some cases redesigned but never re-invented!!

    Here’s Ms. Marilyn Monroe clearly 50’s style strobing

      I mean just look at these Legends looking glorious and just that hint of sheen and highlight in the right spots. Meanwhile the natural contours of their faces were strong to begin with.

    All Strobing is is a play on light, highlighting and a little sheen or even a high gloss for extra drama! It’s not to be confused with a dewy look. A dewy look is lightweight and pretry much consistent all over the face. Strobing is focused either in a mild way or in a dramatic way (that’s when I break out the oils, not just creams or shimmering powders) it’s really making use of the light source on your subject and reflecting that light. 


    My latest Strobing makeup work with the lovely Model Olivia. See how the light hits her face in strategic places?


    This is Rapper Charli Baltimore in a shot we did for Honey Magazine again a play on light and liquid to create this strobe look.


      Now I’m going to share with you how my creative mind worked at that time (and trust me it saved me many a day when I had countless models on set to do full face and body makeup). Believe it or not I would use a can of Isoplus Oil Sheen Spray!! 

    Yes I used a hair sheen spray, yes it worked and yes it looked good!!! No streaks just an even stream of sheen in all the right places and the formula was thick enough to stay in place yet thin enough to coat and spray and no harm was ever done to anyone’s skin!! 

    My personal technique for “Strobing” is equal parts foundation to liminzer (MAC Strobe Cream, Gorgio Armani Luminzer, or a loose shimmering powder and all other makeup are also creams) I like to use my fingers on the skin to warm it up and move the product better. Then I go in and stipple brush in circular motions to blend. And then I’d  finish off with a mist of sheen spray (well now I use Caudalie as my sheen spray).  

    I strobe on the body as well. I would use the same technique with the body and a larger brush (no sponges!). My fave body strobing options today are 

    1. Caudalie (The spray bottle and scent make this one #1 choice for numerous purposes)
    2. NARS Body Glo
    3. Body Shop Honey Bronze   

    My Makeup for Lil’ Kim in this video is “Strobing 101: For Dummies ” music video style. Check the pause at counter 3:44-3:45 you will see STROBING at its best!!

    “Soul Sista” Written & Sung by Bilal, Directed by Nzingha Stewart , Makeup Consultant by NZINGHA . Here we are STROBING to the 11th power!!!

    Right now this is my “Go-To” on set STROBING body oil by Caudalie’…WHY? Smells great, sprays (that’s the deal breaker for me) and they’ve got mini’s (also a deal breaker for me, remember I bought the mini Isoplus’ because they were mini and spray!) for my On-Set bag! 

    Had we had Caudalie’ in the 90’s I would’ve bought them by wholesale case as I prefer to have bulk of my fave Go-To products. That’s the other thing. When you’ve been at it for years you develop a signature Pro MUA style, presentation and you become set about the products that will become long term staples in your Kit.

    Right now this is mt “Go-To” on set body oil…WHY? Smells great, sprays and they’ve got mini’s for my set bag!

    Jackie Aina : Strobing

    Wayne Goss: Strobing

    Tina Young: Strobing

    Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Pro Foundation 

    Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

    Greetings Everyone 💋I know it’s been a moment since I’ve done a product review (busy Lady). I recently got an email from the Makeup For Ever Pro Program regarding them forwarding me a sampler of their latest foundation (as if I needed new foundation!! WAIT!!! YOU ALWAYS NEED NEW FOUNDATION AS A PRO MUA!!! Mostly because if you work a lot you just simply run out because your Pro Kit always needs revisions)

    Anyway, sent them my mailing info and in a matter of days my package was here! I didn’t know exactly what they were going to send me nor did I make any formal requests so this was a gamble on foundation for me. And ummm that’s not something I normally do BUT because it’s coming from MUFE (aka. Makeup For Ever) I trusted their wisdom.

    I am not the MUA that keeps products in their original packaging so I can’t talk to you about how the packaging works in my Pro Kit. However I do like the packaging and proportions and the actual amount of product you get.

    I was sent two types of foundations:
    1) Stick Foundation (Creme)
    2) Liquid Foundation (Liquid)

    The Invisible Ultra HD Cover Stick

    The Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

    Here with your gift package you are given a Press Release. It’s pretty much all there…

    1. Retailing at $43.00
    2. 40 shades with MEDIUM COVERAGE
    3. Amino Acid Coated Pigments-reflective particles that blur flaws and provide translucent, invisible coverage.
    4. Hyaluronic Spheres– hydrate and plump the skin for a longer, more comfortable wear.

    Sericite– a fine grained mica that adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant and luminous effect, mimicking the vibrancy of naturally beautiful skin.   

    The application of the foundation was quick and easy! Lightweight feel and slightly dewy looking on the skin.

    Clearly not my color foundation but the look is very much like your own skin.

    On the left is shot with the foundation on and, the right photo is without any makeup at all just primer.

    I first used MUFE’s Primer (The Primer comes in the Liquid Foundations box. Unfortunately there is no Primer sampler in the Stick Foundation box). Now the sample Foundation in the Deeper tone IS NOT MY COLOR AT ALL!! In fact its 2 shades darker. In my normal use of foundation I generally do tend to use a darker foundation (1 shade above), mostly because I know I’m going to use a powder of sorts and so it usually brings it closer to my natural skin tone.

    This foundation feels “cool”on the skin. Not like minty cool but there is a cool feeling to the touch. It glides right on without streaks and blends very easily. Now I didn’t use a undercover color corrector or concealer so you could see just how it looks on my skin. 

    I used a dry brush and the application of the foundation was quick and easy! Like 123! It has a lightweight feel and slightly dewy look on the skin (which I think is very pretty and yes looks like what your natural skin would do). In the before pictures here I didn’t use any powder at all.

    The finished Makeup look!

    MUFE YOU WIN WITH THIS ONE!!! I wished we had these foundations some 20yrs ago!

    The technology in the chemistry of makeup now is phenomenal! When HD film was first released in the late 90’s it was a disaster for a lot of Pro MUA’s who were doing film and TV work. Many had been fired from long standing jobs because their makeup was being compromised by this new high definition camera!!! Wow!!

    And yes there were some Artists who needed to step up their game and blend and beat to a velvety picture perfect precision. That is a technique that you truly only develop by trial and error and by way of really doing photographed print work. And yes, you can only get that technique down by sitting under one of the OGGS©(Original Genius Glam Squads). And we developed those techniques from the OGGS© before us 90’s OGGS© (in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s)!

    But with the levels that photoshop has taken it can make the work of some raggedy MUA look brilliant right? BUT we all know that’s called cheating! And when you see a persons makeup up close and live in live pics that’s when you can tell (these days) who’s the real deal and who are the pretenders!! (That topic is for another post though)

    My overall assessment of the latest offering from MUFE is this is definitely a MUST FOR YOUR PRO KIT!!

    No compromising on this one. Honestly it’s really hard to tell where your skin ends and foundation begins!!!! It’s not letting key anything I’ve ever EVER used before!!! It’s unreal honestly. Like I’m expecting the other shoes to drop or something but it doesn’t it simply delivers what it says it’s gonna deliver!! And what I like about it is that it acts like real skin would and is indeed buildable if you’re needing more coverage for a client. 5 lipstick wands from me on this one💄💄💄💄💄!

    Paint On, Curl On viZionaire,