Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™  
The “NEGATORS”…(smh), some people. The NEGATORS to creative people to Artists (real Artists)…You wonder where they come from and why are they in your life?! Creative people bring light, beauty and clearer perspective to the world, then why are they faced with the “negators challenge”? 

Why?? Because these people LACK VISION they don’t see YOU AS YOU ARE, they see you AS THEY ARE!!!



Here’s a mind blower…they are in your inner circle! You don’t even have to go far to find them. These individuals will grieve your spirit and throw water on the burning urgent flames of your dreams! 

They have no business in your inner circle. Withdraw from them, stay away from them even if you do have to work with them or even live with them in your home.

These individuals actually think they know your future and are the judge and jury of your life! 

And here’s something else to take note of ….they know when you are in a vulnerable position or situation and they take that opportunity (an opportunity that would not normally be there if not for circumstances/situations that leave you vulnerable and without covering) to hearl all kinds of negativity at you to break you down even further (because this gives them a sense of power, control and false authority over your life).


And know that there are people who get it and are PATRONS OF THE ART! Look, even if they’re in your face and in your ear you can TUNE THEM OUT!! You can tune them out even if they are right in your face…oh yes you can, trust me. 

Remember who you are, who you really are and don’t forget what your dreams are. Stay focused! This is were you have to have tunnel vision about your life. 

The dream that was spoken to YOUR HEART was NOT SPOKEN TO THEIRS! These are your dreams for yourself and your life! This has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!! 

So, here’s just my mini list of NEGATORS that I’ve observed and personally delay with, that may help you to sidestep if you can. And this first one is the biggest one its why I’ve chosen to elaborate a bit more on this one. Because it’s the one that can hurt the dream the most.

1) Family of Unbelievers

This one is the most hurtful because your opposition can come from the same household. They’re supposed to be on your side! However, sometimes even in your own household you will find foes that you have to move past and through. 

They don’t believe good can come from you or even should come from you. But I have news for you and them…you will be the very one they need, will call on, can help them. 


they think they know you so well they can overlooking the greatness in you and fight against your destiny. In fact they are in direct opposition to it. Mmmm it’s a head scratcher right?


they have a problem with you, but it’s really them resistance your purpose 

Small Mindedness 
This is a problem with vision and thinking outside of the boxes of entrapment and their own disappointments. Not knowing anything other than what they’re familiar with. It’s simply called ignorance.


They are impatient with your process and have put an unseen expiration date on your life, goals and accomplishments. It’s the pressure of you should’ve had it by now! Or worse comparing your life to theirs. Humph how dare they compare and be so arrogant and prideful about their lives. Life is full of examples of gravity…

False Accusations  
They will accuse you of being arrogant, arrogant for daring to pursue your dream. To speak your dreams out loud, to dare to go forward and not listen to them. They may try to actually assassinate your reputation or character in front of other family members, your friends and yes even strangers. 

They think that you should be and do whatever they say because you are their family or child. Even if they have been negative through your process they feel they are entitled to sharing in your victory and success when it happens! But all along it was never about you growing into your being but it was all about them!

2) Negative Reporters

Oh, the spies that are always silently watching, waiting for a fall in your life to happen. If you listen to them long enough they will talk you out of your dreams and purpose! Don’t you quit, give up or throw in the towel!!

They see evil, speak evil, hear evil. You can’t take these folks seriously because their perception is off!! These kinds of people always see the glass half empty!

  • Cynical/Critics
  • Negative speech
  • Negative thoughts
  • Lack of vision
  • Small minded

3) Dream Killers, Haters and Nay Sayers

This is what you may face when dealing with these types of individuals:

  • Jealousy 
  • Mocking/Teasing/Bullying 
  • Conspiring with others
  • Character Assassinations 
  • They Are Never Happy When You’re Around

4) Fear Mongers

If they are fearful they will turn their backs and walk away from you. And you know what that’s okay! Yes, it’s okay really.
Better they walk away than stay in your inner circle and do something or say something out of FEAR! Being a freelancer takes extreme COURAGE! 
Freelancers know that there will be ebbs and flows in their creative lives…this takes courage to deal with the unknown. Your mind has to be clear and focused in your goals towards creative and business success.

  • Fearful
  • Worrying 
  • Doubting 
  • Discouraging 

5) Leaders but No Real Authority 

These are individuals you may be working with. They may be your supervisor, team leader, department supervisors, keys, second in command you get the picture. Just because they are in higher positions does not mean they are higher in their thoughts, hearts and deeds.
When you are in a position where you have to take direction you must maintain yourself and be wise. You may experience negativity from them and may face these elements:

  • Setups
  • Accusations
  • Resistance 
  • Hard heartedness 

No matter what the chronically visionless think…In the end viZionaire YOU WIN! 

Paint On, Curl On viZionaire!



BOSCIA | Review pt2

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

If you’ve been following me you know at the top o the year I pronounced my love for my latest skincare find in the brand called Boscia found exclusively at Sephora and online on their website.

It’s no surprise that I love this brand but let me just inform you don’t sleep on this brand or you’ll miss it…good skin that is. This brand has no harmful parabens in it but natural ingredients. I would go so far as to say they are definitely vegan friendly!!


Boscia’s got a few new additions to the line and things I’ve not tried before in their Charcol Collection.  Brand new are the Charcol Cleansing Cloths ($15) and the Charcol Deep Pore Cleansing Stick ($28). I think their retail prices are pretty reasonable for all the product you actually receive.

So, I’m currently working on an independent film and I have a few gentlemen I’m focusing in on and thought about how their skin looks in its current state and how much better it could look with more care.

So after a long days shoot the gents come back to the makeup trailer and want to just about rip their skin off (most men do that no matter if their pros at getting their makeup/grooming done for photo shoots or film/TV appearances). 

Most men do not like girly looking packages so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and go for the Charcoal Collection by Boscia. The packaging is smart because it’s got a clean unisex look to the packaging. Can I say it went over like a hit!! YES!!! The guys loved the product, the packaging and even the improvement in their skin!!!

BOSCIA BLACK CHARCOL CLEANSING CLOTHS First things first I went in with the Makeup Breakup Oil Makeup Remover to remove their makeup. I use my fingers for this one (so I really don’t waste the product by it being on a cotton bud).

Then I used the Black Charcol Cleansing Cloths to start (they thought the cloths were cool, the fact that they were black). The cloths for my purposes are great! I carry them in my set bag just in case I need to refresh the makeup or have to reapply on clean skin. The cloths are nice and thick and DO NOT BREAKUP AT ALL!! Love it!

Now look here, you’re not going to get a lather out of this BUT if you want to you can actually use it with your cleansers. And it still won’t break apart even after adding water to it!! This one is a keeper for me for the on the go action. @Sephora or Bocia for $15


Again this was a hit with my gentlemen!! Now this was not the product I applied to them…I let them do it themselves!!! And guess what they loved it!!! The first thing my actor said was “This is great I can use it in the shower! What a cool idea!” 

The cool idea is that the cleanser is in a solid format with a twist up action much like a deodorant stick! Why didn’t I think of that first?! He loved it so much he went and ordered it right away online!! Great lather after application and using a buff puff.

Anyway after using it for a couple of days he was elated that his skins appearance had actually improved (and it did…so glad! It actually made my job easier). He had a few dark spots and to my eye they did look lighter and his skin was brighter and those blackheads, well. GENIUS BOSCIA!!! YOU WIN!!

@ Sephora or Boscia for $28


So, let me start by saying this..the hydration gel is great for an overnight treatment. The gel is rich and has a cooling sensation to it so I think that’s great when you have puffy swollen skin. You skin in the morning is super smooth and soft.

Charcol is known for its “brightening” effects on the skin. In some countries people even use it as toothpaste to brighten and whiten their teeth and I does work!

My only drawback with the product is that it’s a bit dodgy for really light skin tones in my opinion it leaves a bit of a cast. This one I’m going to have to revisit at another time because my actor and I went back and forth about it. So I didn’t get to continue using it on him at his request. Although his skin did improve!!

The package is a push down pump top and you get a really generous amount of product so try half pump on it so you don’t waste product.

@ Sephora or Boscia for $38


Some people have mixed feelings about the actual use and purpose in purchasing face blotting papers. I think  most people don’t see the purpose in it that’s what you use blotting powder for right??? WRONG!!

Let me say this for the record…no matter how you’ve gone and cleaned and prepped your skin with primers and then went in on your makeup; your natural body oils always come through! The oils always come through…that’s just a fact.

And for hygienic reasons I opt to use blotting papers first to actually to remove that excess oil (because where else is it going to go besides back into your compact and cause bacteria and oil buildup on the powders surface. Especially when using pressed powder. You can see the oil buildup on the top of the powder….GROSS)

So, I recommend blotting papers especially for touch ups. Now the blotting papers are not like they used to be they now actually have ones that can treat the skin!! And here with these by Boscia you have dual action going on oil removal and pore minimizing treatment…GENIUS!!!

@ Sephora or Boscia for $10


Again Boscia wins with the simple clear unisex packaging. This cleanser is part of the Anti Blemish Collection, it’s very lightweight, fresh scented and gives amazing lather from just one pump! Literally one pump is all you need to clean your face and neck. It’s perfect for ALL SKINTYPES. 

I used this on my female actresses use this after removing the full makeup with Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil. This cleanser is very thougrough in clearing all that remaining makeup off completely. 

This cleanser has a very light fresh clean scent and clear liquid gel. The gel is very liquid like and fluid so I suggest you use a sponge (for deeper cleaning) or in the palm of your hand like a scoop and apply it with your fingers (for lighter surface cleaning). I like this cleanser alot because a little can go a long way. 

@ Sephora or Boscia for $26


When I first tried this product I was a bit taken aback…why because I found that you must move quickly in applying this product as it dries quickly and can leave steak marks due to the spf15 factor.

This a product that I would say you can use as a primer that has a slight pink opalescent look. It definitely fills in the pores while blocking the sun. Sunblock is a good thing for all skin types.

@ Sephora or Boscia for $36


I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! And I can see during these summer months I am going to have to use this a lot on set! Especially when shooting outside.

It is what its name says COOLING! I would like to see this product evolve into a thinner formula so it can be used as a spritzer! My only drawback with this product is having to choose how and when to apply it.

If you apply it pre-makeup application that’s perfect but what about after makeup application how would you apply it on top of your makeup?

Mmmm…💡solution💡!! You mix the balm in with your foundation and apply your makeup as usual! Now look each client is different so you don’t want to have any breakouts or allergic reactions so I suggest a preliminary skin patch test (usually during your test shooting days).

 @ Sephora or Boscia for $48


Whoooo, this one right here is a keeper for sure to wake up tired eyes! You know how you can just feel the fatigue well trust me the moment you put this on your skin tingles (literally) but not in a bad way but in a revitalizing refreshing kind of way.

The pinky sized packaging is adoreable and great to fit into a stuffed Pro Kit without taking up much space. My only contention with this product is that there’s simply not enough! You only get .14oz so use this product sparingly or just when you know you really need it. But…I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

@ Sephora or Boscia for $26

SIGMA…Welcome Pro Partner!

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

Wow! What a warm welcome from SIGMA Beauty. I’m always seeing Sigma everywhere where beauty products are sold. Seems like it’s gained so much popularity that they are found in most Pro beauty supply stores  and of course online.

Mmmmm so what’s in my little welcome box? Ooooo lets see!! A lovely welcome note and look a Pro Discount card for those bulk orders!


Look a color makeup blister card featuring samples of their brand cosmetics. One card samples their eyeshadows and the other samples their face highlighters (I haven’t tried them out yet to even show you swatches but please stay tuned for future updates).


And for the final gifting is a sample of their travel size makeup brush (for those of you that are unfamiliar they are fast becoming a popular independent cosmetic brand first known for their makeup brushes) 
Thank you Sigma for your warm welcome and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Here’s one product I’ve been looking at the Cleansing Mat

The SPFX Collection 

Many thanks again Sigma!

Paint On viZionaire!