Theater Makeup….Makeup Broadway Style

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

I love Broadway especially the musicals. The songs, the costumes, the sets, the hair and of course the makeup! The energy of Broadway and any live theatrical performances require great timing and precision to execute an excellent performance.

In this areana timing is everything! 

Well for those of you who didn’t know how blessed I was to work on Broadway doing makeup for the play “Wicked” one of my favorite musicals right now. The current Makeup Department Head on the show is my 798 Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Union colleague Craig Jessup.

The original designer of the makeup was M•A•C Cosmetics Makeup Artist Joe Deludue II. His design has been painted on the plays main character Elphaba by many Makeup Artists including myself. 

There are two main looks for Elphaba 

1) Naïve Young Elphaba 

2) Wicked Scorned Elphaba 

The design of the the makeup has not changed over the years and when you work the tour you MUST follow the original design and NO IMPROVISATIONAL ARTWORK!!

Well, here’s my spin on the original makeup of course Caribbean Gyal like me must throw a likkle spice in dem ting chile!!! Lolol I’m just saying… But when I worked the show I did as instructed to the letter!! 😊

My interpretation of the makeup for “WICKED” 


Here’s the UK edition of Wicked the application of makeup…. Wicked the Musical – Alexia Khadime discusses makeup.

Mmmmm, I guess after doing the WICKED makeup, I was still thinking about my favorite plays on Broadway and the play CATS came to mind (wished they’d revive that one and A Chorus Line). 

I’m all in the house dancing around singing 🎶🎤🎼Angelicous Caaaat Angelicous Angelicous Caaaat🎼🎤🎶!!! I forgot how much I loved the makeup and songs for that play!!

I’ve been leaping all over the house like Mystofoleese!! Rrrraaar!!

My old dance training kicking in everyone!! It’s MASSIVE the choreography I have going on…a lil Broadway mix with a lil Beyonce dance 101 for my new character cat named by Charlotte Scott (former Hairstylist for the play CATS as well as Lion King) “SOUL BABYLICIOUS CAT” !!!! She’s rhinestone studded and her fur is a giant AFRO!!

It’s always a wonder to me that the actors and dancers for a lot of the plays that have numerous characters have to do their makeup themselves (with limited amount of time before curtain call)!! The Makeup Designer of the shows sketch out the makeup and they follow the sketch (as best they can) and paint away!!

Well here’s my rendition of my own kittie!!! Meowwwww! This took about 3 hours non stop painting. Oh and I love that Kat Von D liquid eyeliner it’s amazing goes right over the white paint as if nothing!!

My interpretation of the makeup for “CATS”


I’m always feeling Broadway show tunes and Broadway makeup!! Oh it’s not over…BECAUSE…🎶🎤🎼He Lives In Me, and He Lives In You🎶🎤🎼 (LOVE THAT SONG!!!)!!

So I’m doing my version of Rafiki…Mmmm “Zingfiki” Hahahaaa, Lolol!!! You know how West Indian people turn a Country song into a Reggae song, well this is kinda like the makeup remix!!! Lolol

Anyway for anyone who hasn’t gotten a glimpse of this Broadway show I’ll be posting clips in the comments box below! And if you’re so inclined sing along!! 

Now mind you I’ve never seen the show live and have sent my résumé to the show SEVERAL TIMES (always all crewed up) anyway one day maybe I’ll get to see the show in the orchestra seats!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

My interpretation of the makeup from “THE LION KING”


My inspired makeup of “CIRQUE DU SOLIEL”.



Wow!! It’s 2am!!! And I’m finally finished with this creation…is Mmmmm I guess a cross between Cirque Di Solei and Kabuki…. I don’t have a name for this one.

What I had in mind to do at first was celestial (I will do that one soon) but this is what my hands lead me to paint this evening….

Lipstick is “Futuristic Blue” by GlamourChicks Cosmetics and center of the Lip highlight by NYX Pigment

Makeup is the Art of Physical Facial Transformation!!!! I’m inspired….. 

They do their own makeup???? Yes, they do their own makeup….crazy right? Take a look at how it goes….


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