The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge…

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

 Where do we begin with the worlds three current obsessions 

  1. The Beauty Business 
  2. The Entertainment Business
  3. Anything that has to do with any Kardashian/Jenner

So now that I’ve set this up a bit, guess I’ll just dive right into the heart of the matter…Kylie Jenners overnight blossom and popularity for what?….her now full lips (sans plastic surgery)


The difference is so noticeable that it seems teens all over have created a new challenge…”The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”! Have you ever? A lip challenge…? Well one thing is certain…she is using her sisters Makeup Artist! Kylie’s makeup has improved by leaps and bounds!

When you have a great Makeup Artist or simply are able to do your makeup beautifully it can definitely work to your advantage. Here in the photos above you can clearly see Kylie’s makeup evolution. 


I’m sure everyone has seen several of those challenge videos but, I’m not here to give them any play on my post but the concept of the suction cup to plump the lip is the latest beauty tool for some.

It’s a quick fix and can be an enhancer but be mindful it’s only temporary. I personally am a bit tired of seeing this trend! This is a lip that most people of colour naturally have and always have had. It makes me question this whole trend just like the sun tanning trend where everyone who’s into it looks like they’ve been casted in the latest Willy Wonka pic!

These plumpers and creams are to me honestly just as dangerous as some of those surgical methods. The plumping thing can actually go wrong!


Here in these photos you see that you can actually transform the lips with makeup and have the appearance of a fuller lip without the other potentially distructive methods.



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