CONTOURversy…to Sculpt or Not to Sculpt, is the❓

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™
What is all the rage about CONTOURING???


The real CONTOURversy is ….to do it or not to and, how much is too much.

Ok let’s begin from the beginning. Where did contour makeup begin? What is contouring for? Is contouring necessary or is it okay to do makeup without it?



Once upon a time in Hollywood and Makeup Artists circles there was a secret! This secret was established long before photoshop to perfection even existed. It was the art of contouring the subject of beauty’s face. The contouring was used to create various illusions and appearances.


One could create incredible bone structure where the was none or simply give the illusion of weight loss or muscular definition with a sweep of our contour brush. This trick and a bit of great lighting helps with the illusion.

When a painter is sculpting they carve out hollows to create effects the same as a painter uses darker colors to recede and lighter colors to highlight an area on the painting.


It takes a very skilled hand to achieve a contoured look for everyday street wear!! Why because it was not initially created for everyday wear. Yet people are doing it anyway so with that said lets get some things clear about contouring…..YOU MUST BLEND!!!!! AND BLEND WELL!!! Otherwise you run the risk of the worst makeup application EVER!!

Everyone’s face shape , skin color and texture are different so each person has to figure this portion out to get the best results. 

Simply said whatever you want to hide you CONTOUR whatever you want to focus in on you HIGHLIGHT.

Cover FX Contour Kit

Annastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit

Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Kit

NARS Contour

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Kit


Paint On viZionaire,



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