My 2015 Go-To Skincare…BOSCIA

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

So this is a New Year and a new season. I’m not the “resolutions” Lady however I have one thing I have started committing to since December 2014…that is my skincare regimen!! I AM COMMITTED TO TAKING CARE OF MY SKIN!!! NO SHORTCUTS!!

Well, to begin I had already had well over 500 SEPHORA Beauty Points and had already purchased some Boscia products. I simply will not do without my Makeup Breakeup Cooling Oil Makeup Remover. This is what I remove all my makeup with gently and efficiently and without harming my skin. It also moisturizes as is removes the makeup…even the hardcore waterproof ones.

So, I get this email from SEPHORA telling me I have the opportunity to cash in on my points so I thought okay why not this time and since one of the gifts is a trial size set of the Black Book by BOSCIA I felt it was time to cash in and get my BLACK GOLD!!! Yay!!! Gotta love SEPHORA for that!!

Well here’s my gift set and boy am I excited the timing on this couldn’t be more perfect since I’m committed to taking care of my skin all year long!


In this gift set you will find

1) Cleanser
2) Moisturizer
3) Pore Strips
4) Peel off Mask

The only thing that’s missing from this lineup is the T-zone Pore Minimizer Gel. It comes in a lovely little box and says your SEPHORA Beauty Insider Gift. The containers are max .07 oz which is fine to test out the products.

The Detox Black Cleanser
So here’s what you start your cleansing regimen with. That’s right your cleanser!!! Love to use this to cleanse after I remove my makeup with the Makeup Breakup Oil. This removes any additional residue of makeup hiding on any parts of the face you may have missed with the makeup remover.

It’s got the charcoal in it and has a clean spa scent and has moderate lather which is good because you don’t want to dry out the skin with all that active foaming going against the moisturizing, detoxing and pore minimizing properties of this product. As you apply it and start working up that lather you will feel a warming sensation. Now, just rise your face like you normally would.

The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel

The Pore Minimizing Luminizing Black Mask



Pore Purifying Black Strips


Looks like Batman’s emblem landed on my nose!


Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel


Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask




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