My Mini Hairbobs Kit | Review


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

One thing I don’t do anymore is promote myself as a Makeup Artist/Hairstylist however, any Pro knows you should always have something for hair JUST IN CASE!! Ugh!! I’ve been on shoots and wound up touching up hair because the DP called for makeup and hair (hairstylist was in the restroom or simply just AWAL!). I never allow any element of a shoot that involves my makeup to go without flawless hair even if I have to get in there and do it myself!!! And trust me I have on occasion.

Well, recently I met this very dilemma and thank goodness a doll was prepared!!! Amazing what a few essential hair bobs, fingers and a mini butane curler from my “Mini Hairbobs Kit” can do.

I had recently went to my favourite beauty curators Kenig + Alcone to shop hair items only. I heard a still small voice say just get ready because you never know. And listening is always a good thing especially when it’s telling you to get ready. And boy was I ready!! Long ago when I first came into the industry I was booked always as a hairstylist / groomer I had mostly male clients then so I barbered as well as styled women’s hair.


I was booking left and right once they found out I could do both hair and makeup! But wait I was a quadruple threat! Because I could do hair, makeup, barbering and light SPFX makeup too!!!! I went wherever a booking was never discriminating.

Though I long since have become a specialist I put hairbrushes away and focused in on makeup brushes. But here’s a mini list of a few hair items I still manage to stow away in my MUA Pro Kit (all Hairbobs by Kenig + Alcone):

1) Kenig Hair Clips ( small duck bill electric blue rubberized)
2) Kenig Mini Blonde Bobby Pins (50)
3) Kenig Mini Light Brown Bobby Pins (50)
4) Kenig Mini Black Bobby Pins (50)
5) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Blonde (6pk)
6) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Light Brown (6pk)
7) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Black (6pk)
8) Kenig No Crease Plastic Bows Clips (10pieces)
9) Kenig No Snag Black/Clear Small (200pk)
10) Kenig Rubberized Wide Pins ( electric blue 12pk)
11) Kenig Metal Side Combs (12pk)
12) Kenig Metal Hair Boxes (2)





2 thoughts on “My Mini Hairbobs Kit | Review

    • Good Evening Sanrina,
      First, I hope you found the post informative.

      Second, If you liked the post please share it.

      Third, you may find the plastiques at Michaels Craft Supply Store.

      Best Wishes,

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