BeautyBlender™ | Micro Mini Blender? C’mon…really???

BeautyBlender | Micro Mini Blender? C’mon??
Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

For those that know me well, know I’m a person of great faith, practical,artistic, structured, creative and a realist all rolled in one. However when I see something that makes me go Hhhmmmm??? I have to dig a little deeper for some answers. Rarely do I go by what I see or hear by others but, by personal trial of a product.

So, today’s post is one of those I give a side eye to. Like honey for real???!? Okay, okay, let me calm down and put the foot to the pedal. So, lets examine some logistics here. Why on earth would I need another BeautyBlender? I mean honestly,…we’ve already got 3 to choose from colorwise (Pink, Black and White). What do we need another one for? Color options? Awww c’mon!

Well, here’s the other part of me is that I’m quite honest about how I feel and if I’m wrong about some things, I will admit it apologize and move forward. I look at the package and I’m like who on earth is gonna use it, it’s just too damned small!! And for sure I like smaller makeup things always (for packing makeup kit purposes).

So in this case, for the first time I actually feel sorry for people with large hands (NOT!!! Lolol) and I’m happy for having small hands. No but seriously, I thought wait a minute…this is really kinda brilliant as I examined it closely.

IT REALLY IS BRILLIANT! YES, IT IS… I’m convinced. Okay, so look at this and fact check my reasons if you think I’m wrong.

Here’s how I think it’s brilliant:

1) Size ; for blending the delicate eye area (that should not be pulled and dragged or it will cause wrinkles or tiny fissures in the skin), for blending the tiniest contours of the angular areas on the face

2) Great ; for any smaller areas that need blending or cleaning up, not just on the face ie blending bruses, even applying and blending on tooth enamel for special effects on teeth

3) For me it fits into my small drawers in my special eye kit “Eye eye”, that’s where I keep specialty items that are for eye makeup. For example in that kit I carry disposable mascara wands, disposable individual blue eye drops, face tapes, mini tweezers, twizzors™, pencil sharpener etc., and now my micro mini BeautyBlenders (4).

Pictured on the left is a DRY BeautyBlender and on the right is a WET BeautyBlender. The blender swells double its size when damp just like the other blenders. This blender is softer than the others; I’m assuming its because it is made to work around the delicate eye area skin.

My only qualm with this blender is that it seems to take longer to dry (1 1/2 day now) and has not gone back to its original packaged micro size. Uhhh yeah so, somebody explain this “Laser Focus” portion to me? That I don’t get. Anyway it’s a product I like.

•Sculpt cheek shape
•Sculpt nose shape
•Chisel your jawline
•Contour the hollow of eyes
•Shade the outer perimeter of your face, forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw.
•Help evenly distribute and blend your contour into a natural effect.

For linear highlighting use micro mini’s pointed side to apply your highlighting product:
• Down the center ridge of the nose
• Under eyebrows
• Corners of eyes

For defused highlighting use the round, fuller bottom to create a broader, defined effect:
• Top of cheekbones
• Area between your temple and cheekbones
• Ball of chin
• Outer corners of eyes

Price $17.95 @ SEPHORA



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