SEPHORA Cosmetics | Review


Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles™

You know the feeling of going into a Sephora store, it’s kind of a crazy high like when you buy a new pair of shoes. Sephora just has a great branding on beauty items. In fact it has become THE number one go to beauty shops online and in stores! Pretty impressive huh? I’d say so.

But dare I say I’d been guilty of actually being in the store and unconsciously passing by the Sephora Cosmetics brand makeup and accessories (and I LOVE ACCESSORIES) ?! I mean really who does that??? I’m sorry Sephora 💋💋💋let’s makeup okay? 💃💃💃💃because today is my day here on this post to talk about SEPHORA!!

I guess you can say this is a SEPHORA HAUL (though I’m not personally a user of that word “haul”, cause its sounds well, just weird like a fanatical fan frenzy type thingy).

Here are the items I’ll be reviewing:

1) Sephora Lip Balm

2) Sephora Glossy Gloss to Go

3) Sephora Things are Looking Up Eyelash Curler

4) Sephora First Look (disposable mascara wands)

5) Sephora Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder

6) Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Trio (01 Light)

7) Sephora Charcoal Blotting Papers (100 sheets)

8) Sephora Sponges : The Painter (airbrush sponge), The Perfector (airbrush sponge)

9) Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

10) Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation (Light, Fawn, Tan, Deep)

11) Sephora Primers ( Foundation & Ultra-Smoothing)

12) Sephora Smoothing & Brightening Concealer (Light 02 & 03,Medium 05,06 & 08)

13) Sephora Rouge Infusion ( Beige01, Magenta04, Fushia05, Coral06, Orange09)

14) Sephora Jumbo Liner 12hr Wear Waterproof ( Black, Dark Brown)



20141001-000824.jpgThese are truly lovely stay true colors that don’t move in fact they are lip stains for the lips. And can I tell you how much love the Beige 01!!! That one is a beautiful creamy nude (and its my favourite). These have a very light scent to them and they don’t bleed or settle in the fine lines in your lips.


20140930-154227.jpg I like this lip butter and I have seen it work instantly to moisten even the most extremely dry lips. It’s smells like malted chocolate and comes in this easy to open tin. The only drawback to this butter is that if you put too much it can get milky looking and get gummy in the corners of the mouth if you apply too much so a little goes a long way.


20140930-154239.jpgThis gloss is to me like any other gloss. Yes, it stays on long and has nice colors but truth is there’s nothing particularly special about this gloss other than its cute and portable.


20140930-163037.jpgWhen I first saw this product I did the total “side eye” on this one. But let me quickly say this…I love this product!!! It’s quick application, water resistant and the colors read well on film they also blend and are buildable. It comes in a 2.5oz can…YES CAN!!

Be sure to shake up the can first for easy spraying. Yes it does have that aerosol kind of scent coming out of the can BUT the product itself is odourless. Just like an airbrush machine can give you a light to full coverage finish so can this product and the colors are totally realistic!! Love this one and it comes in 9 shades. Two more shades on the Deeper shades and this line is total perfection!!!
PRICE : $28


20140930-225934.jpgI don’t know what to say about the concealer, contour and brow craze that’s happening all over and I certainly don’t want to add to the madness however I went and got the Sephora Brightening Concealer. And as you well know I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs’ The Remedy Concealer Pen because its just…well, GENIUS!!!

And I’m still a fan of YSL’ Touch Éclat (the original of the liquid fabulous concealers…LEGENDARY STATUS!!) but I think I might have to go on ahead and add a Bronze winner to this genre of concealer!! It’s lightweight, blends nicely and lasts all day. I mean seriously Sephora is killing it with longwear in their product line and I’m in shock that I’d not gotten into the brand sooner. BRAVO Concealer! 👏👏👏👏





Hello Kitty Makeup Brushes | Review


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ok, let start by saying this,… I am not that Hello Kitty crazed all!!! However, some things are just a practice in cuteness and this is that item for me!! Lol! This is my latest acquisition that I accidentally found at Marshall’s…Hello Kitty Makeup Brush Kit and 6 individual Hello Kitty Makeup Brushes (3 in the package).

Kitty is all shiny with her nickle plated body and the nickle plated handled individual brushes, it’s just too cute and I had to get it!! Question is now that I’ve gotten her will I use those sweet little brushes? And for sure she is on display to look at and looks kinda cool amongst all my Collectors Item Makeup kits and paraphernalia.

Ok, so for real this is a review right? Well, here’s my spin on the Hello Kitty Brushes. I probably will never use these because, they’re just too cute and I don’t want to mess them up (guess that’s why it’s a collectors item).

Never thought of myself as a limited addition collection collectors item kind of person. I’ve always been practical about makeup because its actually something I’m going to use in my kit or I usually don’t toss with it. Anyway this one caught my eye and was well priced so I took the Hello Kitty plunge!

Apparently M•A•C was on a Hello Kitty craze too. Dunno, I totally missed that one and it was about 5 years ago they put out that collection. M•A•C is pretty funny with their kitschy novelty limited addition makeup collections. So if you missed it like I did here it is…



Hello Kitty, whom many learned last week is a girl and not a cat, may be THE QUEEN of Japan’s cute characters (and yes I admit she’s cute). Created 40 years ago (40 years ago, I can’t imagine!), Hello Kitty is made up of just a few simple strokes: two dots for eyes and a tiny circle for a nose, and no mouth. In contrast to expressive American characters such as Mickey Mouse and Garfield, Hello Kitty doesn’t show emotions, and the simplicity has attracted fans from children to street fashion devotees.

An article in the Los Angeles Times last week created an Internet firestorm when it explained that the character is not a cat; many insisted she must be. Despite her cat-like ears and whiskers, she is a “cheerful girl with a gentle heart,” says the official website of her theme park, Sanrio Puroland. Born Kitty White in the suburbs of London, she weighs the same as three apples, enjoys baking cookies and dreams about becoming a poet or pianist.




My Mini Hairbobs Kit | Review


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

One thing I don’t do anymore is promote myself as a Makeup Artist/Hairstylist however, any Pro knows you should always have something for hair JUST IN CASE!! Ugh!! I’ve been on shoots and wound up touching up hair because the DP called for makeup and hair (hairstylist was in the restroom or simply just AWAL!). I never allow any element of a shoot that involves my makeup to go without flawless hair even if I have to get in there and do it myself!!! And trust me I have on occasion.

Well, recently I met this very dilemma and thank goodness a doll was prepared!!! Amazing what a few essential hair bobs, fingers and a mini butane curler from my “Mini Hairbobs Kit” can do.

I had recently went to my favourite beauty curators Kenig + Alcone to shop hair items only. I heard a still small voice say just get ready because you never know. And listening is always a good thing especially when it’s telling you to get ready. And boy was I ready!! Long ago when I first came into the industry I was booked always as a hairstylist / groomer I had mostly male clients then so I barbered as well as styled women’s hair.


I was booking left and right once they found out I could do both hair and makeup! But wait I was a quadruple threat! Because I could do hair, makeup, barbering and light SPFX makeup too!!!! I went wherever a booking was never discriminating.

Though I long since have become a specialist I put hairbrushes away and focused in on makeup brushes. But here’s a mini list of a few hair items I still manage to stow away in my MUA Pro Kit (all Hairbobs by Kenig + Alcone):

1) Kenig Hair Clips ( small duck bill electric blue rubberized)
2) Kenig Mini Blonde Bobby Pins (50)
3) Kenig Mini Light Brown Bobby Pins (50)
4) Kenig Mini Black Bobby Pins (50)
5) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Blonde (6pk)
6) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Light Brown (6pk)
7) Kenig Bungee Hook Elastic Black (6pk)
8) Kenig No Crease Plastic Bows Clips (10pieces)
9) Kenig No Snag Black/Clear Small (200pk)
10) Kenig Rubberized Wide Pins ( electric blue 12pk)
11) Kenig Metal Side Combs (12pk)
12) Kenig Metal Hair Boxes (2)




e.l.f Cosmetics Eye Refresh + Mineral Face Primer | Review


e.l.f Eye Refresh & Mineral Face Primer | Review
Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc
First let me say this for the record, the quiet giant, the recession makeup brand…DON’T SLEEP ON ELF!!!

I always get excited when I’m trying something new and I’m always excited when I feel I’ve gotten more than what I paid for. elf™ is that wonderful surprising brand! How is it that this brand has stood in the wind of designer label brands, how is it that this brand has managed to flourish build up and become a well known brand even to discriminating Pro Makeup Artists in the midst of a national recession?



Okay lets begin this review with elf’s Eye Refresh…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! Where have you been all my life?!??? And how have I worked for close to 30 years in the industry and not had this baby or something like it in my kit?? Probably because no one not even myself came up with the idea until now.

This metal rollerball and formula are genius! It’s great for swollen and puffy under eyes AND overall puffiness on the face just roll it over the swollen area. It’s tingly formula wakes up the skin…LITERALLY! I liken it to my current favorite concealer Remedy Concealer by Marc Jacobs (the cooling metal applicator tip). I use both refrigerated for best results. Trust me on this if thats your area of concern, its a must purchase! I recommend using both, elf Eye Refresh first then the Remedy Concealer by Marc Jacobs. The refresh will not change or harm any concealers you may choose to use. It’s simply lovely!

The cooling sensation of the rollerball brightens and refreshes the eye area to help alliviate under eye puffiness and dark circles.

Infused with key ingredients Pomegranate, Rosemary, Green Tea, Cucumber and Grape.

Awaken the skin throughout the day with this perfect portable on the spot “pick-me-up” treatment.

Gently roll the tip from the inner to the outer corner of the under eye area several times to dispense formula. Apply morning, night or as often as needed throughout the day under or over makeup.
Sent from my Virgin Mobile phone.

Price $3.00


• Mineral Face Primer in Brightening Lavender and Tone Adjusting Green

Don’t be afraid of these two colors! And no you will not look like The Incredible Hulk by using this green primer! Hahaaa! Surprisingly when you dispense the product from the pump top (which I love to monotor your portions in using a product) the primer is a sheer lightly tinted solution with light refracting through it to give the appearance of color toning and correcting!!

It’s GENIUS!!!

It’s a pore and line filler and skin correcting toner all rolled in one! Now to me thats a useful product. Multipurpose cosmetic products are the wave of the millennials. Thanks elf for this wonderful light formula product. This primer is light yet thick enough to not be runny or too gummy in thickness, it’s the perfect consistency.

Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

Features a new and improved air pump! For best results, you may need to pump the component several times before product dispenses.

Recommended uses:
Tone Adjusting Green is ideal for minimizing redness and correcting blotchy skin.
Brightening Lavender is ideal for uneven skin tones and to brighten dull or yellow tones.
Radiant Glow is ideal for creating a luminizing effect on dark spots and uneven skin tones.

Price $6.00

Marc Jacobs Beauty | Review

Marc Jacobs Beauty |Review
Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Can I just tell you how much I’m loving the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection!!! I was on a photo shoot yesterday and used the Marc Gele Foundation, conncealer and Gloss in both Heart Shaped and Over Protected. LOVED IT!!!

I love the overall packaging of the line. It’s pretty visually definable much like his clothing collection. The oval frosted bottles kinda remind me of Halston back in the 80’s…post disco chic!

My only 2 qualms (and this first one is major) about the line is the foundation color range…it excludes darker complexions! Are we still doing that exclusion thing really? It’s 2014 get with the program and consult some people of color about developing more colors. The second qualm I have is the names on the products are just too damned long!!! Like can we abbreviate some of those names?! C’mon already!!!

20140909-140318.jpgMarvelous Mousse Foundation

Price $55.00

I was shooting Kandace Springs (singer, songwriter, musician) for a beauty & hair book this past weekend. And I thought it would be great to introduce her to the brand as well. And yes, Kandace loved Marc’s line too!! I used the color “34 Beige Medium” (perfect on the spot!) I mixed the foundation with a little coconut oil for a really light dewy look.

TECHNIQUE: I mix a bit of the oil into the foundation on my mixing palette then used the BeautyBlender® to sponge it on.

Yes the coconut oil gives the foundation a light dew. If you want more of a slick dewy look baby oil gel will give a pure wet look.

20140909-142426.jpgGenius Gel Foundation
Price $48.00

Here’s Lady Kandace Springs and I after the shoot for celebrity photographer Hosea Johnson’s upcoming coffee table book

20140909-144651.jpgMy favourite concealers right now are ones that give good coverage yet feel light and are liquid yet dry to a beautiful creaseless finish. Here Marc has a concealer that has a similar feel to me as the Marvelous Mousse Foundation which are incredibly light feeling and can be sheer but give a good buildup if you want more coverage.

20140909-140348.jpgRe(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer
Price $32.00


Remedy Concealer Pen
Price $39.00

A model came in the salon on Saturday and was getting her hair done, I asked her to come in my chair because I wanted to try the concealer (because her eyes were puffy as if she’d been crying).

I used the “After Curfew #7”. In all actually wound up using it as her overall foundation!!!! The color was beautiful, perfect for her complexion.
Yes ladies I used the concealer as a foundation!!!

Later on that afternoon this is what happened; I also, had one in the fridge and then used it (yes chilled) on one woman’s eyes and trust me it’s anti puffiness! Why is it anti-puffiness, because of that metal tip applicator! That applicator tip is genius!!

I love the overall constriction of the Remedy Concealer Pen. Love the metal applicator tip, the clicker base, and the mini window (to see how much of the product you have left)…smart packaging! My most favourite color in the Remedy is the baby pink “Bright Idea”…great highlighter color and great for women who have those pesky blue veins under their eyes and for darker complexions that have gray/blue darkness.

20140909-140441.jpgLust For Laquer Lip Vinyl-Sheer
Price $28.00

The Vinyl Sheer Lip Glosses are great long wearing and no running glosses. The colors I chose are obviously sheer with a slight natural tint. My favourites are Clear and Heart Shaped.

Okay my final analysis of the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection is…I love it accept for that one element that needs immediate alterations deeper tones in the foundations.

Paint On viZionaire,

BeautyBlender™ | Micro Mini Blender? C’mon…really???

BeautyBlender | Micro Mini Blender? C’mon??
Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

For those that know me well, know I’m a person of great faith, practical,artistic, structured, creative and a realist all rolled in one. However when I see something that makes me go Hhhmmmm??? I have to dig a little deeper for some answers. Rarely do I go by what I see or hear by others but, by personal trial of a product.

So, today’s post is one of those I give a side eye to. Like honey for real???!? Okay, okay, let me calm down and put the foot to the pedal. So, lets examine some logistics here. Why on earth would I need another BeautyBlender? I mean honestly,…we’ve already got 3 to choose from colorwise (Pink, Black and White). What do we need another one for? Color options? Awww c’mon!

Well, here’s the other part of me is that I’m quite honest about how I feel and if I’m wrong about some things, I will admit it apologize and move forward. I look at the package and I’m like who on earth is gonna use it, it’s just too damned small!! And for sure I like smaller makeup things always (for packing makeup kit purposes).

So in this case, for the first time I actually feel sorry for people with large hands (NOT!!! Lolol) and I’m happy for having small hands. No but seriously, I thought wait a minute…this is really kinda brilliant as I examined it closely.

IT REALLY IS BRILLIANT! YES, IT IS… I’m convinced. Okay, so look at this and fact check my reasons if you think I’m wrong.

Here’s how I think it’s brilliant:

1) Size ; for blending the delicate eye area (that should not be pulled and dragged or it will cause wrinkles or tiny fissures in the skin), for blending the tiniest contours of the angular areas on the face

2) Great ; for any smaller areas that need blending or cleaning up, not just on the face ie blending bruses, even applying and blending on tooth enamel for special effects on teeth

3) For me it fits into my small drawers in my special eye kit “Eye eye”, that’s where I keep specialty items that are for eye makeup. For example in that kit I carry disposable mascara wands, disposable individual blue eye drops, face tapes, mini tweezers, twizzors™, pencil sharpener etc., and now my micro mini BeautyBlenders (4).

Pictured on the left is a DRY BeautyBlender and on the right is a WET BeautyBlender. The blender swells double its size when damp just like the other blenders. This blender is softer than the others; I’m assuming its because it is made to work around the delicate eye area skin.

My only qualm with this blender is that it seems to take longer to dry (1 1/2 day now) and has not gone back to its original packaged micro size. Uhhh yeah so, somebody explain this “Laser Focus” portion to me? That I don’t get. Anyway it’s a product I like.

•Sculpt cheek shape
•Sculpt nose shape
•Chisel your jawline
•Contour the hollow of eyes
•Shade the outer perimeter of your face, forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw.
•Help evenly distribute and blend your contour into a natural effect.

For linear highlighting use micro mini’s pointed side to apply your highlighting product:
• Down the center ridge of the nose
• Under eyebrows
• Corners of eyes

For defused highlighting use the round, fuller bottom to create a broader, defined effect:
• Top of cheekbones
• Area between your temple and cheekbones
• Ball of chin
• Outer corners of eyes

Price $17.95 @ SEPHORA


Dirty Work…SPFX Dirt Kits


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Dirty work, but somebody’s got to do it! Well, guess what not all makeup is pretty makeup!

Makeup in any communication medium is used to help tell and sell the story. I mean think about it, if everyone looked handsome or pretty all the time in an action film, horror film or just everyday occurrence films we’d say “Hey!! That’s not realistic!”or we’d simply be confused about what happened in the film.

In vintage black and white films a lot was left to the imagination but in today’s modern world people want to see the what only a generation before imagined! We now have high tech special effects and all kinds of scenarios that require a special type of makeup.

Now let me be clear here, I’m not touting my ability to do high end extensive Special Effects Makeup but, I sure do appreciate it! I’m what you’d call a LIGHT SPFX Makeup Artist. The bigger guns I just call the SPFX Specialists.

Okay now on this post I’m here to talk about light SPFX makeup….DIRT, Grime, Soot and the like. In my Day Play kit I usually carry around some of everything because you never know what you’ll be asked to do with the makeup.

In my Dirt Kit I carry the following:

1) 3-4 types of dirt POWDER(black, dark brown, tan and sometimes desert (a brick brownish red powder) LIQUID SPRAY, DIRT BAG or CREAM DIRT.

2) 3 spray pouf units (to dispense powder in layers for a more real effect and less dirt on my hands so I can continue working)

3) Glycerine (I use this for sweat and tears effects, you can always substitute it with another element i.e. sunscreen, Vaseline, baby oil, etc.)

4) Blood (liquid (light, regular and dark dried thickened), fresh scarring blood, scab blood and blood capsules.

5) Tear Maker Vaporizer (use this item with caution cause it really makes people cry because the menthol is concentrated)

6) Stippling Sponge (I use this to add layers and visual texture)

7) A makeup protector cape ( to protect your actors clothes until they are dressed in full wardrobe from the wardrobe department. We don’t want to get anyone’s day clothes dirty! Lolol)

Here’s my mini “Dirt Kit”I take this one with me when I’m Day Playing, if more is needed the department head and department key will have full sized supplies.


While I was working on Boardwalk Empire we had to prepare for a big explosion scene. This explosion was to occur on the Boardwalk with several stores, buildings and part of the actual Boardwalk being blown up. Thank goodness the professionals were there NYFD and NYPD and explosive experts.

Here I’ve applied soot & grime makeup to 2 Actors for the upcoming explosion scene for the HBO TV series Boardwalk Empire. My gentleman is in stage 1 of makeup. My lady is in complete makeup stage 1 & stage 2 of the process.

Here I’m applying soot & grime makeup to my Actress for the upcoming explosion scene for the HBO TV series Boardwalk Empire.

Here my Actress is showing off the first stages of her soot & grime hands. The second step is more dirt/soot under the nails and some blood and cuts (imagining broken glass flying and brusing of some sort)


Ve Neil on Blood and Dirt Effects

Green + Street on working Dirt Effects

Love Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, it’s usually where I get specialty items like my dirt and other hard to find supplies.

Overall, every MUA has their own technique in creating the look. No two techniques are the same but you can learn from different artists and create your own. When you’re creating a dirt look you have to really think about the context of the scene and what would actually happen in that scene. Ask yourself these questions:

1) What’s the action going on in that scene?

2) What does the script call for?

3) What does the set look like?

4) What is the wardrobe doing?

5) What level of dirt does the scene call for?

6) What type of dirt? Wet, dry, lumpy, oily, black, brown, red, tan?

7) What type of blood would be needed to complete the look or if blood is needed at all?

Okay, I’m done…hope this was useful to you. Signing out!

Paint On viZionaire!

Organizing with Label Makers & Photo Printers


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc
I am totally “Mz. Organization Keep A Clean Kit Lady”! It’s almost OCD cleanliness and organization. I should’ve had an organizing buisiness because seeing things in order actually brings me comfort. Order and structure helps you to see things clearer in general.

Many MUA’s are so creative right brain that they neglect analytical, linear left brain things. This can be detrimental to their productivity and craft. I totally use both because I’ve learned balance is the key! BALANCE IS A SKILL!!

I’ve seen so many of my MUA colleagues kits and honestly I wanted to scream and run from them!! And I wonder how someone so brilliantly gifted hasn’t figured out hygienic and orderly makeup practices?! How do you find anything in that makeup mess heap?!?!

20140903-120148.jpgMy onset Office Boxes (I have a few that house a wholesale stash of various items like my printers, Medical Supplies, Men’s Grooming supplies etc., etc.)

20140903-120204.jpgMy mini Skincare Kit (for Day Play work and for easy Set Bag carrying)

20140903-120212.jpgMy mini SPFX Makeup Kit (mostly for Day Play work and for easy Set Bag carrying)

I literally saw ages ago now, one MUA I knew fairly well had zip lock bags with all kinds of makeup in it. They were all mixed up together and then, she had the nerve to dump it all out on the makeup set up table! I was like what the hell is going on here? Pencils all smushed into lipstick cases and powder cases she had to use paper towels to clean things off before using them!! BUT…she could paint a face like nobody’s business!!!

Me on the other hand, Im Queen of the plastics and labeling. There’s nothing worse to me than looking for items and to see a chaotic makeup station! All my Assistants always knew where to find things because it was clear. And I’m one of these MUA’s that carry everything you expect and even the things you don’t! Always try to be prepared for any scenario.

So, okay now, here we have my Brother P-Touch PT-H100 label maker that I got on sale at STAPLES for $10 (normally like $30)!!! I also have a Brother Limited Edition Craftmakers labeler PT-1100SBVP(seen in the photo pale pink and celery green) can’t remember the price and it’s now a discontinued item but, it sure wasn’t $10!


Here’s my beloved portable photo printer by Cannon called the “Selphy CP910“. It’s literally like the size of the mini Apple iPad! I LOVE THIS PRINTER!!! I got my “Selphy” on sale for $99 at Best Buy!

I really adore this printer!!!! Why? Because it’s wireless!!! So I can use my phone to take pics and then (while on set) send the pics to the printer and print out pics without even having to leave set!!! Continuity issue solved! I don’t have to sit around waiting to print photos they’ll simply be waiting for me in the trailer at the close of the night!!!

No working Pro MUA should EVER be on a set as a Department Head or Key and not have a photo printer! How else would you best do your live continuity books? Of course you can always do continuity on a few available apps (I have just recently with the SyncOnSet app) but, nothing beats the handbook.


So when all is said and done the truth is with the actual makeup, it can get messy and cleaning your kit is at your personal discretion. However it always just looks really good for professional Makeup Artists to be well groomed, kits well prepared, kits well organized and simply raises the bar for us to be with our time and their money!!

We’ve always got to be on our A-game because you never know who’s watching.

Check out Alejandra (we must’ve been separated at birth…cause I thought I was the only one so organized)

M•A•C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set | Review


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

You’re probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when M•A•C introduced this new Waterproof Brow Set…NOT ANOTHER EYEBROW ANYTHING!!!

I felt like we have totally been over obsessed with eyebrows this past couple of seasons and I really don’t understand it. One brand specializes in brow products, then Instagrammers go nuts with scouring for bigger bolder even more colorful brows! What’s next on this new brow frontier?

Well, I answered my own question…not water resistant but waterproof brow set! Not a brow gel but a set (setting the natural brow hairs in place). Well, with all the work most Pro MUA’s do can find them in some unlikely situations.

1) Having to spray liquids on a makeup and not have any streaks of makeup flowing down

2) With men the focal points on men with facial hair are brows, sideburns,mustaches and beards (especially these days with men actually growing out long styled beards).

You know sometimes with character makeup you may have to completely change the appearance of a person and; surprisingly changing someone’s brows can really make a person look different!

After testing out these colors I’ve got to say I’m really LOVING THIS PRODUCT!!! All the colors are matte except for one that has a slight shimmer to it Toasted Blonde. My personal favorite is Red Chestnut. I like it for a slightly bleached brow look without actually bleaching my brows!

Where was this product in the 90’s when all of us top MUA’s were on Blonde Ambition Brow watch, buying cases of Jolene Cream Bleach?!?? No slight to Jolene, which is still the #1 selling facial hair bleaching cream!

I also love the smaller brush head. This brush helps you really navigate combing through the hair and getting each strand covered!

Okay now lets look at the available colors. There are 6 colors all together.

1)Emphatically Blonde
(light ash taupe color)

2) Toasted Blonde
(golden slightly shimmery)

3) Red Chestnut
(red brown)

4) Gentle Brunette (not pictured)

5) Bold Brunette
(chocolate brown)

6) Brown Ebony
(chocolate black)

Alright people as much as I love this brow set it does have it’s areas that need improvement. Well it’s not completely waterproof more like water-resistant and I think they should add 1 or 2 more colors like silver and a shimmery snow white (for actors playing older characters).

Overall do I love it? Emphatically…YES!!!

M•A•C’s Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set sells for $17.00

M•A•C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Highlighter | Review

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Where do I begin this post?…Mmmm maybe I could start with the fact that highlight is like the biggest deal now in makeup application. It’s become truly the highlight of the whole application process.

We now live in a makeup world where under eye brightening is a focus in makeup styling and, dare I say it but it appears to me that this is the “Millennial’s ” offering to an eras makeup styling.

So to be sure one gets the maximum effect in highlighting in my estimation is a two step process. Best scenario a highlighter pen and a wisp of some glorious shimmery pressed pot, mineral or baked powder.

Here’s my review for M•A•C’s Prep + Prime Highlighter. Now lets be perfectly clear several companies now have highlighter pens that are also designed to act as a highlighter.


Here I have 3 colors, (waiting on the 4th color, Radiant Rose) I have

Light Boost
Bright Forecast
Peach Lustre

The highlighter comes in this convenient click pen dispenser. I like how you can control the liquid product within the confines of the pen and brush with a cap top to prevent leaking spills. Only one drawback to all products that have this style of packaging is that you have to twist and click a couple of rounds before the product comes gushing out!

Once the product is out it’s perfect! Love the fact that you get so much product in this small slender pen. Please note that it’s 3.6 ml or 0.12 ounces which I think is quite ample for just a highlighter. And trust me on this one, a little goes a long way!

Another note, you’ve gotta work quickly when applying this product because it tries quickly and sets in place for extended wear!! You can use it over or under your foundation. I wouldn’t attempt to build this product up too much because its kinda opaque and may not look good with another layer added ontop.

My favorite of the 3 is Bright Forecast for sure! Okay now, all three have a shimmer to them and are quite lovely but the Bright Forecast to me has the most noticeable shimmer of the 3 and I simply adore this one. It’s like a pink/golden color, it’s a keeper! Only drawback in this color is it’s the in between color which means it may be too dark for lighter complexions and too light for darker complexions.


I also feel like these pens colors can be versitile for use as a blusher or blush transition color. You can always add more shimmer with a shimmery powder as I’d previously suggested.

This product seems to be water resistant as well. When I last used it, it stayed on for about 10 hours without retouching and was best removed by an oil based makeup remover. Overall I do like this product again for several reasons. This one will also become a staple in my Pro Kit!

M•A•C Prep + Prime Highlighter is sold for $26.00.