Lupita Nyong’o in Star Wars…Jehdi or Sith?


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Okay so I’m corny and a Star Wars junkie, I could watch them all over and over again…seriously! So now you put one of my favorite actors in a Star Wars film?!? I’m done!! Lupita Nyong’o in Star Wars? Yaaaasssssss!

I loved Natalie Portman as Queen Amadala! Loved makeup and hair all day all the way on her character accept for Hayden Christianson’s hair as Anakin Skywalker that weave was a disaster (sorry I have to tell the truth)!

So anyway, not even the Hollywood Reporter has given a hint as to Lupita’s latest role but I have a guesstimate of who I think she’ll play and trust me its not a Jehdi! Some dumb report said she would be playing a Jedhi and not just a Jehdi but a supposed descendant of Obi Wan Kenobi…I think that’s just terrible!

Ok, here goes my guess: I think she’ll be playing…

Asajj Ventress

Yes, a villainess! Ok for my Star Wars junkies who can really relate and know their galaxy characters…here goes…

Asajj studied under Dooku during the Clone Wars. Although she was only a Sith apprentice, her powers quickly drew a lot of attention. A lot of which came from Palpatine who ordered Dooku to destroy his apprentice (which he failed to do). Asajj struck back at Dooku with two Nightsisters, but was unsuccessful in her assassination plot. Asajj wiped the floor with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan on more than one occasion. Before Palpatine thought she posed a threat to him, he was impressed with her lightsaber skills.
“The child’s skills with a lightsaber are most impressive. You have found a promising disciple, my apprentice. She shall serve us well.” ~Palpatine


I like the direction JJ Abrams is going in with this cast and if my guesstimating is correct he won’t have Lupita as some wimpy character with no gut. I like his quick cut film edit style that keeps you on the edge for Sci-Fi films. Yet he manages to tell a good story in the midst.

This role will not be a passive one…no sir! This one will call for some serious physical dexterity which I think Lupita is ready for. I’m sure shell have to train in combat and some martial arts and most assuredly fencing. It will be a vast difference in character from what we saw in her role as Pasty in 12Years.

Time to move away from those visuals to a new visual for her as an actress.

I could be all wrong about this one but Mmmm I dunno, I could be right. Any feedback what do you all think?

The Original beautyblender…Right or Hype?


Written by NZINGHA

Makeup sponges have been around for many years and gone through many changes believe it or not. Who knew something so small had such impact in the daily application of makeup.

As a rule most MUA’s use makeup sponges. And in truth it goes in waves how we manage to apply makeup and the tools well decide to use for that purpose. One thing for sure with me is I’m not the Lady to go for hyped beauty products, just because someone or some magazine tells me it’s the best. I have to see it feel it and use it myself to give a thumbs up in my book. And trust me I’m a hard sell with seeing myriads of products over the years (25+) that have come and gone!

If there’s one thing I will do is give credit where credit is due. I’d waited a long time before I’d ever used the beautyblender. I waited mostly because I’ve never really been a sponge kind of MUA (mostly brushes and fingers). And times where I wanted to blend what would be heavy stage makeup. I’d use them if they were given to me on sets doing extras and such and at times purchasing the traditional triangles en mass for their disposable purposes when having to do several people in one day and not just one person.

Well believe it or not I recently acquired the beautyblender in all three colors (go hard or go home) at The Makeup Show 2014, just to see for myself what all the hype was about. I’ve seen beautyblenders before at all of the manufacturers shows (all made in Asia)HBA (for years), Luxe Pack, Makeup Paris and others. So this was really not a new thing; but the right time, at the right place, with the right resources was obviously in place.

So in my blender acquisition I have made several assessments. Some good and some I have concerns with. Well the first thing that’s a plus for beautyblender is timing as I’d stated before and that signature hot pink sponge! That’s a winner because its eye catching. And truthfully will be a classic beauty item. The sponge a MUA colleague of mine ReAnn Silva has bought attention to the elegant use of the well known makeup sponge.


Now honestly I personally don’t get the hype on the white blender. It the same as the pink only white! Oh and be sure not to sit the white next to the pink because the dye in the pink comes off. I only use the white blender for moisturizers, primers and light creams other than that I do not use it for foundations or concealers.


Because black is my signature color I am always drawn to it. It’s a no brainier for me with this one (my favourite) but its main selling point no matter what color you choose to use its it’s shape that really makes the difference. It’s all about the shape of the beauty blender. Was it the first sponge if this shape…no go to any Chinese cosmetic manufacturer and ask them when they started making this particular sponge, because they’ve been making, designing and reshaping makeup sponges for decades! The difference here is about TIMING!

Will regular triangular sponges ever go out of style and not be seen as useless? I doubt it. It will always serve its original function. However beautyblender is made for an individual’s use. As an MUA I’ve not seen it retailed on a wholesale basis so it has its exclusivity there as a luxury item. This is where the traditional triangular will never go out of fashion.

My one concern in using sponges, beautyblender or any sponge was how they are made and what’s in them. I spoke with one manufacturing company I met at the Luxe Pack show and asked him some questions. Why are some sponges more dense than others (like the Beauty Blender that swells up when it’s wet)? He told me ” The “egg shaped” sponges we had at the show are made from Yukilon material, which is NBR. It is available in medium and hard densities, and in cell sizes from closed to open cell. As the sponges are buffed only in Japan, they tend to be at a high price point compared to other 3D sponges.

Yukilon is our trade name for our blend of NBR material (nitrile butadiene rubber, which is synthetic latex). The cell size refers to the pore size of the sponge; the larger the cell size, the more formula it would absorb. This NBR material will not swell like the Beautyblender because the Beautyblender is polyurethane material, which is more prone to swelling when wet.”

Well now that’s a lot of info to take in but as usual the information junkie that I am sent me on a hunt for the meaning of polyurethane which we’ve all hear of before but I wanted to know more:


Okay so sponges just got scientific and ergonomic but I was curious (Remember I’m a TK/teacher’s kid so, everything is up for question and research if I’m interested, and I was.)

Honestly I don’t like beautyblenders solid to clean their own brushes!!! How crazy is that?! I like their liquid cleanser best for the beautyblender in fact it trumps all other liquid cleaners for the blender outside of the world famous Dr. Bronner’s. I use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender, Rose or Baby Scent.

My only discrepancies with the beautyblender are:

1) Pink beautyblender fades quickly , and do not use hot water to clean it or it will fade even faster. Also do not have it near your white beautyblender or anything white that you care about not being colorstained.

2) If you are a constant user of the beautyblender you will see tears in it after a couple of washings. I think it’s just the nature of sponges that’s all, so truly no worries.

In conclusion we go back to the initial question is it right or is it hype? Ultimately not up to me to say , because only time can tell, but I’m sold on BeautyBlender. Shoot it’s in my kit if it wasn’t a thumbs up I’d’ve chucked it a while ago now.🌟🌟🌟🌟

How to Clean False Lashes :101


Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

What you’ll need:
* 2 tbsp of Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (for embellished or mink lashes, because they require delicate care. So jewels and embellishments don’t fall off or get cloudy and unshimmery)

* 2 tbsp of Isoprophyl Alchohol (for regular lashes)

* 1 clean shallow bowl or container

* Cotton Swabs

* Tissues

* Tweezers & Lash Curler

* Spooly, Fan Brush or Dual Sided Metal Lash Comb

Steps to cleaning:
1) Remove false lashes.

2) Pour Alchohol/Eye Makeup Remover in your bowl.

3) Soak lashes for 2 minutes.

4) Clean lash band by removing the glue with your fingers or tweezers (your choice) one lash at a time. Then place them back in your bowl to soak a bit more to loosen up any additional mascara left on the lashes

5) Prep tissues by folding them over to create a bed for the lashes.

6) Remove lashes from their bath and place them on the tissue bed and begin to clean all the excess mascara, glitter and any other buildup with your spooly, brow brush or mini fan brush. Brushing firmly but gently to remove debris. Be sure to clean both sides of the lashes.

7) Now, doing this with each lash one at a time you are going to lay the damp lash upside-down on the curve of you forefinger and brush the lash back into its original curve shape. We do it this way so as not to loose the curve of the lash. Here’s where you can use your lash curler to give those lashes a lil’ bump if you see they’ve gotten flat.

8) After cleaning and reshaping the first lash you will now return the lash to the original plastic box that the lashes came in. Do this one lash at a time. Allow the lashes to air dry and VOILA! they’re ready for your next wear…just like new! 💃💃💃👏👏👏👏